EASY Keto Sangria | Keto Alcoholic Drink | Keto Wine | Keto Friendly Sangria

keto wines
keto wines

Looking for keto wines ??

Check the whole video from the proof user who explains in detail below.

Are you looking for a keto wine? Or more specifically, a keto sangria? Well, you’ve come to right place if you’re looking for a keto alcoholic drink. This video will show you how to make a keto friendly sangria. Yes, a keto sangria is possible, so do read/watch on.

Keto wine is sometimes thought of as not a thing. Well, in moderation keto wine can be a keto alcoholic drink. You must choose the right keto wine to make it a keto alcoholic drink. To make the keto wine even more keto friendly, you can make keto sangria which dilutes the keto wine, meaning you can drink more of it without the added carbs. This sangria keto friendly is such a winner for parties.

Start out with your keto wine, then add in some keto friendly lightly falvoured club soda (soda water / sparkling water). Cut up some keto fruit into your keto wine and you’re drinking a keto sangria! With the dilution of the keto wine, you’re only drinking only about 2.75g of carbs per 5oz pour of this keto sangria! What a perfect keto alcoholic drink. Keto Sangria for the win!

This keto sangria is the perfect keto alcohol / keto alcoholic drink to have when enetertaining guests or just hanging out. You can make this keto sangria for non-keto friends and they will love it! I do this all the time and don’t even them it is a keto friendly sangria. That way, I keep things keto and low carb, while still being able to enjoy a keto alcoholic drink and drink keto wine in the form of a keto sangria!
And this keto sangria couldn’t be easier to make. Keto wine, flavoured club soda and keto fruit and you have keto sangria. One of my favourite keto alcohol drinks other than hard tac like Scotch.

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So yes, you can drink alcohol on a keto diet. Keto and alcohol can be done but you need to execise some cautions. Check out my video on what alcohol you can drink on keto diet for a full in depth look and keto alcohol. But for an easy, delicious keto alcoholic drink, look no further than this keto sangria. If you love keto wine, you’ll love this keto sangria.
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Ingredients & Quantities for this Keto Sangria:
Keto Wine – any dry red wine such as a cabernet sauvignon: 1 bottle
1 can of lightly flavoured club soda (sparkling water, soda water)
Low Carb Fruit (higher carb fruit can be used if not eaten)

Macros for keto sangria:
Calories: 122 cal (approximately)
Carbs:2.3g carbs per 5oz of Keto Sangria (approximately)
How did I work that out? An average dry red has about 3.5g of carbs per 5oz pour. That means approx. 17.5g carbs in a bottle of wine as you’ll get 5 x 5 oz pours out of a bottle of wine. When you add the can of club soda, it makes about 1100ml (750ml wine bottle + 350ml can of club soad). So in that 1100ml, there is still only 17.5g of carbs. If you make 5oz pours, you’ll get approximately 7.3 pours of 5oz of the keto sangria. That mean, there is only 2.3g of carbs per 5oz pout of the keto sangria (17.5g / 7.3 pours of 5oz)

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  1. U can add zucchini instead of the apples or oranges and when u eat it, it will taste like fruit. I flavor and bake my zucchini for cobblers the same… double apple and peaches and cream. Add flavor drops to similar skinny syrups and Just marinade over night or longer. Top with Brown sugar Splenda added to your Carbquick mix.

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