Eat Fruit & Stay in Ketosis (Using Allulose)

keto fruit
keto fruit

Looking for keto fruit ??

Watch the full video from the proof user who explains in detail below.

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Questions that will be answered within this video:
– what is allulose?
– how does allulose differ from other sugar substitutes?
– what’s the benefit of putting allulose on your fruit?



Ping a person interested in keto fruit and make it best freinds thank you again.

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38 thoughts on “Eat Fruit & Stay in Ketosis (Using Allulose)”

  1. And what happens with the fructose that "doesn't make it on the bus"? I feel like we are missing something here.

  2. So, I need a little more detail. So are you sprinkling it on fruit or blending it in a smoothie?

  3. Whoops just listened again he said 25 g of sugar in fruit that would actually be about 8 ounces of Berries

  4. 25 g of fruit is less than 1 ounce. Nobody eats less than 1 ounce of fruit at a setting. And you didn’t share with us how many grams of alluose you Used

  5. Perfect because if I have strawberries or blueberries I have to sweeten them or they're just to bitter

  6. Is it not bad if the fructose does not get broken down ? Love the analogies …but what happens to all those fructoses standing next to the road without a bus ?

  7. Thank you sm for confirming what I had suspected was happening with me…I had noticed I was not kicked out of keto when I had berries sweetened with allulose verses if I eat them plain.

  8. Why did the experiments stop? Couldn't you theoretically have anything with sugar and it not effect you? Why not test with sugar heavy snacks?

  9. Fruit doesn't get you out of ketosis unless you consume it in large amounts and are sedentary. Otherwise, your body burns up the calories pretty quickly. Most fruits don't spike blood sugar because they contain polyphenols and fiber.

    The biggest crime is that people are discouraged from eating fruit by diet gurus out there in pop culture. Yet, fruits are one of the healthiest things you can eat, and Americans really don't consume enough fruit. I was afraid of fruit for years and it was a mistake. I consume fruit regularly now and arthritis and fatigue have largely disappeared.

  10. I heard allulose glycates more than fructose. That's scary. Don't look at insulin and glucose levels just because they don't go up…remember, fructose does the same thing.

  11. I'm curious about the ratio you did. I know everyone is different but I just want to be sure.

  12. So, including allulose to allow you to eat fruit may work as some workaround. Sounds a little bit suspect if it’ll work as expected. However, if you ferment your fruit it will remove the sugars. You’ll get the benefits of the fruits nutrients AND it’s now a probiotic. Much better solution. You can also ferment coconut water to remove the sugar and you get a great hydrating drink with electrolytes and probiotics. Just saying.

  13. People should stop promoting the keto diet, it is not a diet anyone should adhere to without doctor supervision. Everyone should eat a diverse diet and that includes carbohydrates. For me, the Agoge diet plan worked wonders, I no longer have visible cellulite and lost significant amounts of fat.

  14. I find most of these diets hard to stick with, including the ketogenic diet. What worked best for me is the Agoge Diet plan. You get to eat nutritionally rich foods without starving.

  15. My only regret is not trying the Agoge diet sooner, very good results. Keto really ruined me for a couple of weeks before that.

  16. I use Al-u-lose Honey-flavored sweetener (you can find it on amazon). It's pure allulose and it tastes amazing in smoothies. Use it for your chocolate/berry/avacado smoothies!

  17. newbie keto dieter here, today i cheated (unplanned) with a cup of juicy fresh watermelon.( its blistering hot here in portugal..i have no equipment..and still slowly buying all the support stuff i need to make this diet (rather expensive one) work. sitting here wondering about being in ketosis or not..ho least I have not cheated yet with a burger or such..does 3 lays count as a cheat meal? 🙂 :p

  18. Okay, did an experiment yesterday. I consumed 2T of allulose in my acv tonic and headed out to hike and eat wild black raspberries. Got home and immediately measured my glucose. Scary! 245!. Half an hour later… 98 with 1.7 ketone. Hour later 78 with 1.7 ketones. What does it all mean, hahaha!
    I burned 500 calories on my hike and ate raspberries until I was satiety, probably less than 2 cups…like a bear.
    I also "fasted " on raspberries for 5 days by eating them on a hike once a day in a 2 hour hiking/eating window. I didn't bring any home. Still got insanely deep into ketosis, as deep as previous 5 day fasts, though my glucose was briefly elevated. Breaking the fast was very pleasant and easy.

  19. The lower glucose response thing is cool and all, but what about the whole cephalic phase insulin response?

    Im also concerned because isn’t it kind of the same with Sucralose? Glucose doesn’t rise but you get a huge insulin spike with it.

    What happens if insulin goes up with nothing to store? Will it break down muscle to store SOMETHING?

    Is it one thing to consume allulose in a drink with no other calories and another thing entirely to consume allulose with a possible cpir with other macros such as fat and protein?

    You covered allulose with the carbs here, but will fat get stored if allulose is consumed with a fat and insulin rises? Genuinely 🧐 curious!!!!

  20. I heard that allulose can cause weight gain cause it will cause water weight so thomas can you look in to that

  21. Thank you Thomas for all you do for us. I do have a question tho….. if allulose can prevent the cell from absorbing a good portion of the fruit, is this going to prevent you from absorbing any percentage of what we WANT to absorb from the fruit (I.e. antioxidants, phytonutrients, etc., etc.) while doing keto? Thanks very much, brother.

  22. What happens then with the fructose and glucose that don't make it into the cells? Do they just leave the body through urine?

  23. I get this that the cells won't take the fructose and glucose. But does this mean that the antioxidants benefits too will be prevented.

  24. Here is a snippet from the Wikipedia page for allulose:

    As of 2018, most commercially available allulose was produced from corn. Alluose is also produced from beet sugar.

    If it's made from corn, then it's probably GMO corn, sprayed with glyphosate.

    They do make non-GMO allulose, but you have to search for it.

  25. Isn't all that undigested unabsorbed glucose and fructose going to be a food for bacteria and create enormous bloating :(( ?

  26. My gf wants to know if semen will kick her out of ketosis (does it depend on the amount?)

  27. I was skeptical at first, but it really works. Allulose has been blood glucose level after meals much lower than usual.

  28. Much appreciated Tom. If this works for me its a game changer, I miss fruit sooo much.

  29. Yea so only fruit sugars? Natural occuring sugars? Stick tothe under 50 grams of carbs still?

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