Eating Keto at Restaurants and Fast Food in 2021! Our Favorite Options & Tips!

keto fast food
keto fast food

Looking for keto fast food ??

Check the whole video review from the proof user who explains in detail below.

Taco Bell and Subway on Keto? Heck yes! We love going out to eat, but since going Keto we’ve had to make some adjustments to where we go and what we order. In today’s video, we’re talking all about how we eat out at restaurant while sticking to our low carb lifestyle. We even tell you our favorite fast food options and hacks!

Keto is a part of our health journey. We are not doctors or dietitians. Just as we did, we encourage you to talk to your doctor about Keto and seek advice from trained professionals as to what works for you.

Here are a few links we have found helpful:

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37 thoughts on “Eating Keto at Restaurants and Fast Food in 2021! Our Favorite Options & Tips!”

  1. My favorite side to order is steamed broccoli and have them do it “loaded” like a baked potato! Cheese/bacon/butter and sour cream, it is so good!

  2. I have had good results trying to keep a keto lifestyle. I am looking forward to your keto restaurant suggestions. Carbs hide in so many sauces and dressings….and OH MY GOSH, you JUST said that carbs hide in everything! We are totally on the same wavelength! Oh, and if you are doing keto right you shouldn’t be hungry! High fat diet is very very filling!

  3. Firehouse Subs is a good option as well….. Same setup as Subway… Get the sandwich fillings on a salad!

  4. I am diabetic and so I don't eat bread and carbs if I can help it. Hardees is truly my favorite fast food because they are so great at using great lettuce to wrap their burgers in. Plus their patties are huge. Lol.

  5. Your faces look slimmer from early videos, keep up the good work on your fitness journey.

  6. Oh my goodness. Im hungry now! Haha!

    You’re both looking so amazing!! You’re definitely a keto success!

  7. PDQ Chicken has grilled chicken strips and sides of broccoli topped with parm. So good! Also, you can get any sub at Jersey Mike's as a salad "in a tub." I've also gotten a bacon burger at Five Guys "no bun." They always ask if it is preference or allergy which I appreciate. You can get it on lettuce wrap, but I prefer to just eat with knife/fork because I get grilled onions an grilled jalapenos.

  8. I’ve gone to Olive Garden and got the chicken or shrimp Alfredo and asked for it over broccoli and ate the salad with no bread etc

  9. So true, after 3 years I have had no problems eating out. So many easy tweaks you can do and eat almost anywhere

  10. All good tips. I think the best tip was ‘ask for what you want’ as most people in most places want to accommodate you (note-my experiences are mostly locally owned, not chains). During this pandemic I chose 3 local restaurants to support and have established a relationship with the servers and owners who are all happy to accommodate my special requests. Tipping well is almost always good advice (we all know when not to). Your server will remember you next time if you tipped well last time. If you have a local diner or cafe or restaurant that you frequent, even if it’s take out (which has been the case for over a year now), build a relationship with the people making and serving your food. By doing so, the owner of one local cafe dropped a smoothie off at my house on her way home, and I left the money under my doormat (and she further accommodated me by putting a few spinach leaves in the smoothie). I was sick at the time and she was happy to do it. One owner adds extra things I didn’t order, just for me to try. It seems that building relationships is helpful in all areas of our life.

  11. My wife and I go to Noise Goose out in palmer, most of the time we get steak. My son who is not doing keto always gets a burger and It looks so good, but I and reluctant to try it lettuce wrapped. In the past when I have tried a lettuce-wrapped burger at red robin it seems more like hamburger salad, and that is not enjoyable. BTW, new sub, my wife, and started keto in January 2018.

  12. I like Wendys baconater because its very filling and at taco bell I get the steak bowl and I like to have Quest Tortilla chips with it.

  13. Let me say first I’m not the keto police so you can read this… 😂. Let me recommend a book folks, it’s called Southern Keto. You can get plenty of recipes for some of these things they’re talking about. I know we are talking about fast food here, but this book changed the game for me. Also, Costco does carry keto bread, also available on Amazon, and there are some low carb tortillas made by mission. I will sometimes bring the tortillas if needed, or use them at home. These tortillas are about six grams of carbs, and the bread can be found in zero carb form. Take ketchup with you. We like primal kitchen ketchup. Our favorite burger place is the habit! Grilled onions are the best! Chinese food can be made. My wife does a great cauliflower fried rice with spam and eggs. I recently made pad Thai and nailed the recipe. We make store fry a bunch. Quick and easy to make. There is a line of sauces we lean on, g Hughes sauces found mostly at Walmart. It’s a ginger and orange sauce that we use a lot. I could keep writing all day! I’ve been on this diet for five years now. I’m down 100 pounds. Keep going and evolving with the diet. Good luck!!!

  14. I do low carb and Wendy does lettuce burgers and it's good. We have a hamburger place close by that make keto buns burgers or lettuce burgers really good.

  15. Fun Vlog!! But i gotta tell ya…we do not eat Mexican, or Taco Bell!!! One time, visiting good friends in San Diego, she made Mexican….and i did have to actually try! But ended up with a PB & J! I do like having my meats, without rolls! Have done this for 2 years now! Never though with our Philly Steaks!! Just not done in So East Pa! Would be sacrilege! Lol!

  16. Some of my go to fast foods are Wendy's grilled Asiago Chicken sandwich, no bun with a side salad and Smashburger, double bacon cheese, no bun with grilled brussel sprouts. I also like the Subway protein bowls. Thanks for sharing some of your favorites.

  17. I won't eat Taco bell anymore since I got food poisoning twice from the same one. But these are some great keto advice I'll have to try sometime.

  18. For some Keto recipes, I just discovered a UT channel named “headbangers kitchen”

  19. Google keto eggroll bowl! Go to prep lunches! I prep all the meat sauce stuff. Then freeze it in family size servings. Day I need fast meal, cook up the cabbage (from a bag) warm up the meat! 10 minute dinner!
    Bonus: use egg wraps from Costco

  20. It is so nice to hear that you are spending your money, your time, and emotional effort on your health, you are both so worth it! We don’t have to be perfect, but wake up every day and keep trying our darndest.

  21. Happy that you both found some great options for keto. Thanks for sharing. Hopefully, I will get the desire to at least eat a little healthier. You both are doing fantastic!

  22. I've lost 116 pounds on keto so far. The only time I will eat out is if I want steak lol. It's mostly because eating out is pricey, but also because I don't really know what they put in some things. There's a really awesome philly cheese steak skillet recipe floating around in the internet that I LOVE!

  23. I just started a liquid diet, smoothie's and broth I'm on day 3 , so far I've lost 6 lbs, it's not as bad as i thought🙏

  24. I am on a diabetic diet, haven’t went out to eat since I started a month ago…… Thank you for the information ❤️❤️❤️

  25. In a mexican restaurant I get the moxed fajita nachos with out the chips. So good. I also agree with the Mcdonalds! It was sad. I thought hot wings were a no but recently looked up the carbs and it was good to go. Aldi has a good keto bun. I know you do not have a store but pick you up a pack when you are in Florida and add to the chic fla las when you travel back. Thank you for the receipes. The meatball one is great and my kids also love it.

  26. When I did Keto, I found it extremely difficult to eat out. I also felt like there was no point, because any of the keto options they had at restaurants I thought to myself, "I can literally just make this at home, so what's the point?"

  27. When I go to McDonalds or Burger King, I get their biggest burger with everything on it and throw away the bun.

  28. A man is special who will go out of his way to get his wife a pink drink! Adam, you’re a keeper. 🏆

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