Eating like KYLIE JENNER for 24 hours..i got skinny wow great success

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kylie jenner keto diet pills

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40 thoughts on “Eating like KYLIE JENNER for 24 hours..i got skinny wow great success”

  1. Does Kylie LOOK like she has any muscle? No. Look at someone who actually works out and tell me what a fit body is

  2. Kylie doesn't gain weight because she's a billionaire and can get as much lipo as she wants lmfao

  3. my parents did that with my meals, i wasnt allowed to leave the table until my plate was empty :/

  4. Yeah I always want to finish the whole meal and I was always forced to finish the whole meal when I was a child. Now I’m overweight and just can’t control my appetite

  5. I know I'm commenting on an old video but I recently found out that my boyfriend of almost 2 1/2 years was cheating on me with a woman twice his age and this video was the first time I have laughed since I found out. So thank you for that 😭❤

  6. When you said ‘taking my best friend Ariel out for dinner’, I thought you were third-personing yourself because of the wig😂 But Ariel has red hair, I’m so dumb. (You and Nick are so cute together by the way, that’s what I want when I grow up)

  7. An hourglass figure is definitely achievable naturally, but she’s (Kylie) definitely had work done to make herself more perfect. There’s nothing wrong with that though, she’s so fire 🔥

  8. And I'm the same way with food … I was convinced throwing out food was a bad thing.. when in fact your health is probably more important. Brittany spears had said the same thing too actually! Lol and I liked her when I was young so it further conditioned me to finish food on my plate and if I cant I'll save it for later lol

  9. I swear you make me laugh more than any youtuber and your wetsock man.. fn hilarious! I need a friend like you to make me laugh everyday!!!!!

  10. I dont think you can call her "self made" seeing she was born into fame and fortune and everyone in her family likely on both sides are millionaires

  11. Yaassss I grew up having to finish everything on my plate and now even tho im full i have to. But i see my friends throwing away food when they are full and I just think nooooooo u need to finish it. All those poor ppl

  12. When he tried to slide the wig cap over the back of your head and grunted slightly at the effort required… Basically me 😂🤣

  13. I really enjoy watching your vids. However what kinda gets me annoyed is that every tittle that has to do with coping how someone eats is always in connection with the word skinny or losing a large amount of wait as if that's what you want to accomplish or as if that's should be a goal. Like in this tittle you are saying that it's a success that you lost wait although you look "healthy" to me. Meaning you don't even have to lose any weight. Maybe you are not doing this intentionally but it does come across that way 🤷🏼‍♀️

  14. the fact that so many celebrities’ “diets” and eating habits reminds me of when I had an eating disorder is ~concerning~

  15. Finishing your plate or finishing later/an other day is a must. Some people don't have food

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