Eating under 20 net carbs on KETO / What I eat in a day + How to track net carbs!

how many carbs a day on keto
how many carbs a day on keto

Looking for how many carbs a day on keto ??

Check the full video from the proof user who explains in detail below.

This is what eating under 20 net carbs looks like when eating Keto and how to track the net carbs vs total carbs. Check out 👉🏾 Built Bar use code “JIA20”

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47 thoughts on “Eating under 20 net carbs on KETO / What I eat in a day + How to track net carbs!”

  1. Where did you get idea that most carbs should be eaten in the morning? All of the advice I've heard says the opposite.

  2. I lost so much fat with the Agoge diet after struggling with weakness from the ketogenic diet. You may find the Agoge diet on Google if you want to try it out.

  3. Hey I have not watched your videos 😅 in a few months and your keto diet is working. You look amazing

  4. So glad I found your channel! I have been doing Keto for a year now and never knew about the Built bars. All your meals looked great!

  5. I have been following Jia and doing the keto diet since October 2020……I've lost 46 pounds since then!! I usually eat around 10 to 18 net carbs daily with 18:6 intermittent fasting…..tracking my intake with the Carb Manager and Hero IF apps.. I try not to eat a lot of keto foods, but if I do just 1 for the entire day (i.e. 1 slice of sola bread or 1 choc zero bar). I eat berries, leafy greens, avocados, and either poultry or fish. I drink water……or either Zetia/Gatorade Zero when I wanna drink something sweet. At get-togethers, tequila or vodka which has zero carbs. Happy losing everyone!! 🤗

  6. Built bars are terrible folks, save your $$$ and buy something healthy or tasty as these are neither👀🤦🏼‍♀️

  7. I've been trying to stay under 50g now that I have added crossfit to my daily life. Before I was aiming for 20-25g.

  8. I loveeee these types of videos doing 20 carbs bc that is kind of where I struggle!! Love your page girl 💕

  9. Hi I tried keto. My blood work came back with higher cholesterol and higher blood pressure. How much sodium do u eat? That's another factor to consider

  10. Thank you so much for giving me the carb manager app idea I really struggled to find an app that was easy to use to court carbs.

  11. You metioned you take electrolytes in a video. I cannot find it can you tell me the video or what you take again for supplements?

  12. Thanks for the video…Trying once again to get back to some form of tracking. The great thing about keto is the fact its easy to come back to. Strict keto can take a bit more thought like others have said, but not impossible❗🙌

  13. I stay at 20 and under. It seems to work, started at 25 carbs a day, I've lost 18 lbs but you need to adjust your macros as you lose weight💙 I eat keto bread from Costco that has 0 net carbs, so good!

  14. I used to use the app but now I just track 20 carbs a day and don't bother with the calories, fat and protein tracking. Still seem to be keeping the weight off ☺️

  15. I use carb manager sometimes it calculate the wrong macros so you just have to put in the right macros it has the option to change it

  16. I rebooted my Keto lifestyle 9/21/2020. You were part of my inspiration on getting back on track when you restarted last July. Super motivating. My goal has been staying under 20 net carbs and I’m going to stick with it until this September as my 1 year mark. Down 28 lbs. I just want to lose 5 more lbs and that’s it. Thank you for your content.

  17. Under 20 TOTAL carbs is not that difficult if consuming real food. All these convenient products are holding you guys back. You are what you eat. Best of luck to everyone on the grind🤙

  18. I'm trying the Built Bars. I love the texture of Pure Protein but there's a lot of carbs in them. I do try to stay under 20, at least during the week. Sunday carbs don't count since those are the Lord's carbs and he wants us to be happy.

  19. When using Carb Manager, you can scroll down and see the edits. You can choose one of the edits or you can also change them.

    Did you know you can scan the barcodes? Make sure you save it.

    I’m curious why my carb manager looks different than yours. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤔

  20. Yes, I stay under 20 net carbs a day and I also make sure I’m in a calorie deficit. That’s helped with keeping that scale moving down! I’ve upped my protein and lowered my fat so my body burns the fat that’s on my body and my lean muscle mass is maintained.

  21. I try to stay around 15 net carbs. It's not easy but when you figure out what you can eat on carb manager it makes things a whole lot better. Also I read you are supposed to stay away from Maltodextrin. It can kick you out of ketosis.

  22. I was told to eat carbs at night. I'm confused… So do I suppose to eat carbs in the morning???

  23. Girl…you just made me wish I like blue cheese dressing…😢 I just dont…ugh.

  24. You have a beautiful spirit. I pray for you and your family everyday. Keep winning!!

  25. Watching your videos all the time I’m always curious how many calories you actually eat . And I’ve learned from this video that you were only eating around 1000 cal which is what I figured. Fat and carbs are great but you need to. Eat more then 1000 calories a day , at least 1500 …. there were more calories in the bar then your breakfast.

  26. Some apps don’t account for the sugar alcohols in foods so it scans differently

  27. Anyone on keto in need of a good choc chip cookie recipe check out Carnal Kitchen's chewy brown butter choc chip cookie recipe …sooooo good.

  28. Between you and All Things Khem I am reinvigorated with my keto journey this week. 🙂 I've been using carbmanager for like two years now and it is perfection especially the scanning option.

  29. You should have read out the ingredients in the built bar ! Of course you can’t because you know the ingredients are garbage.
    Just a paid promotion.

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