Educational Keto Grocery Haul at Whole Foods (with Scientific Explanation)

keto shopping list
keto shopping list

Looking for keto shopping list ??

Watch the whole video review from the proof user who explains in detail below.

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Educational Keto Grocery Haul at Whole Foods (with Scientific Explanation) – Thomas DeLauer

You can find some pretty awesome Keto items at Whole Foods, and while some people will say Whole Foods is too expensive – and it can be – I’m going to show you that you can get in and out, for a family of 3 or 4, for under $200. You can use this grocery haul video as a guide for your next trip to Whole Foods. Staying on/under budget and getting quality Keto options at the same time. It’s a long one so, sit back, relax, and thanks for watching!

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35 thoughts on “Educational Keto Grocery Haul at Whole Foods (with Scientific Explanation)”

  1. Thank you so much!
    I just start keto, so yours videos number one helping thing. I live in Canada now, and English my sechond lang., so it take me time to understand all this small latters on products facts. But I so much study from you just in few days. You have no idia how much I appritiate!
    I wish you and your famally all the best, be happy good man!

  2. Whole milk yogurt, whole milk dairy, grass fed if you can find it. I do drink grass fed (100%) milk because it is low on the glycemic value and it is high quality fat for a budget friendly price. Remember milk is a complete meal in and of itself never consume milk with a meal, because you're actually consuming 2 meals at once. I will have a glass of milk with 4 eggs for breakfest, and I get a 4 to 6 hour sation from the combination.

    Although I am not counting ketones, I aim for fat adaption. Keep in mind to drink milk warm as cold milk is very hard on the stomach.

  3. My advice is that when you get home confirm that their cost/ounce numbers are correct. In other words do your own math. I've caught Amazon not computing the correct cost/ounce on quite a few products on the Amazon website over the years. We know that Amazon owns Whole foods Market so whether it is intentional or not we'll never know. But always double-check the math.

  4. Hey Thomas, this is an old vid, so I don't know if you even check the comments anymore, but I am moving to my own place soonish and am going to eat high protein (80g/day)vegan keto (160g)with an emphasis on omega-3s . I will be on disability, since I'm in a wheelchair. So, are you a man who likes a challenge? Interested in making a high protein high w-3 vegan keto groc haul video?
    I'm being a bully. sorry. I'm going to buy seeds and oils in major bulk online and freeze them. You couldn't possibly shop for my diet at any store. ;-))

  5. Great video and very helpful! What's your opinion on Hemp Milk? (I'm at the 19:55 mark). I'm 3 days into a OMAD – Keto Diet and working on healthy and nutritional eating habits and routines within my hour window.

  6. A lot of the products described in this video can be found at Grocery Outlet regularly.
    I purchase the grass-fed ground beef there, the raw walnuts, etc etc etc, and it's INCREDIBLY cheaper!

  7. If monk fruit is anti bacterial won’t it kill the probiotics in the yogurt? If you’re making the pudding you mentioned? I like the sardines..and smoked oysters, but probably smoked oysters may not be so great. I make my own almond milk and tomato sauce..I freeze extra sauce. Thanks very much for your helpful market tour!

  8. I like to save the refrigerated/frozen stuff for the end so it dont get warm or thaw

  9. I like the fact that u order it worst to first so i can screenshot it for my reference

  10. I understand more or less what i need to eat and the ratio of the macros ( as far as the percentages but not the grams that i need)…but my thing is as far as ratio of the meal is where I need help to figure out

  11. The whole foods market is the only place I buy seafood and poultry. They taste totally different than any other places. Like chicken organic and airchilled at whole foods market is ways better than traders joe. No comparison for seafood. But organic mushrooms are overpriced to compare with trader joe's and sprouts. I love the wild sample mushrooms pack that I find same brand at sprouts for 2 dollar less. Ice cream and milk, yogurt don't need to be bought at whole foods market. Too expensive than anywhere else. Seafood and poultry are worthy the price

  12. There are so many rules, tips, and tricks… its going to take me forever to unlearn the "whatever is the cheapest" mindset that I adopted growing up. Mom always told me organic was just a price mark up for rich people. Now I'm obese with health problems trying to get better.

  13. Def would like to see u cook ur meals as well. And do a grocery haul without a budget the way u normally do

  14. I take the red lakanto and use the magic bullet to pulverized it. Then I'll take hot water and make a syrup. No grittiness at all and perfect for making ice cream 😁

  15. Almonds have a shell that is removed after it's been picked up from the ground. So the almonds themsleves shouldn't have any pesticides on them, am I right?

  16. Your grocery hauls are so helpful. i went to Aldi's today and got some items for my gut week plan.

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