Edy’s Ice Cream Rocky Road Collection: Cookie Cobblestone & Brownie Brick Road Review

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cobblestone bakery keto cookies

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Watch the full video review from the proof user who explains in detail below.

This is a taste test/review of Edy’s Ice Cream Rocky Road Collection Cookie Cobblestone and Brownie Brick Road. They were $2.99 each at Jungle Jim’s International Market.
* Cookie Cobblestone 2/3 cup (87g) = 220 calories

* Brownie Brick Road 2/3 cup (89g) = 230 calories

Music Credit: “Fearless First” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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15 thoughts on “Edy’s Ice Cream Rocky Road Collection: Cookie Cobblestone & Brownie Brick Road Review”

  1. Interesting. I would have gone with the Brownie Brick Road to avoid a chocolate overload.

  2. Sad that you won't buy unsealed ice cream – you're missing out on so many delicious flavors! Never paid it any mind and I'm still standing!

  3. That ice cream looks fantastic. The first one, sitting on the sofa drooling🤤. Thanks for the review.

  4. OOOOO my tummy did flip flops when you talked about that sludge at the bottom of a Nestle Quik glass. As a kid it grossed me out so much I couldn't drink it anymore so was so happy when Mom started buying Strawberry Quik. I'm just not a chocolate ice cream fan so I would pass on both of these.

  5. Another great review.I doubt we`ll see this one over here ,but i just love watching your reviews…especially anything icecream! Happy Easter to you and your family.Xx

  6. i like ben and jerry ice cream they seal theirs but they are five pounds a tub that’s the only thing they ain’t cheap lol

  7. Maybe the firm part that Kevin got was the crispy edge brownie piece. I know the new flavors in this line up all sound appealing to me, especially the Salted Caramel Pretzel Path, which is sadly not available in small pint form. For us, we still buy the full containers.

  8. I've noticed that Edy's is a very lightweight ice cream too. Must have a lot of overrun (air whipped into it). I don't hate the brand though, I love their mint chocolate chip.

  9. And, you would think Blue Bell would put a seal on there’s since, everyone loves there ice cream and, that’s the ice brand those ice cream bandits go for. $2.99 for Eddy’s is a steal, at Kroger’s they got Eddy’s priced pretty high.

  10. Ummm not to be rude but… Blue Bell here in Florida is definitely sealed.. Edy's also.. those are the only 2 brands my family eats

  11. Thank you for sharing these with us. Sounds and looks like fun dessert to have and enjoy.
    Have a great Saturday and enjoy tomorrow with family and the grandchildren. I’m sure the bunny will be hopping by and leaving some goodies for them, lol…

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