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Keto For Beginners
Keto For Beginners

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Here are the 3 most important things newbies need to know about keto and fat burning. 
0:26 What should you say first? 
1:15 Having the correct information 
2:11 3 things you need to know about fat burning 

Today we’re going to cover keto and fat burning, and how you might go about introducing someone to keto when you don’t have a lot of time. 

First off, you might want to say something like, “there’s an easier and faster way to lose fat, do you want to know about it?” 

People usually tell you to eat less and exercise more, but that doesn’t seem to work for most people. To be successful at something, you have to have the correct information. There are three powerful things that people rarely know much about that really affect fat burning.  

3 things you need to know about fat burning:

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1. Hormones control fat
Hormones control the storage of fat and the burning of fat

2. Fat burning requires a certain enzyme—hormone-sensitive lipase 
This is triggered by decreased insulin 

3. Ways to lower insulin 
• Don’t go low fat
• Don’t do healthy snacks (cut out all snacks)
• Don’t do “healthy grains” (turns into sugar)

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Thanks for watching! I hope this video helps you better understand keto and fat burning as well as how to help others with these concepts.


Inform a loved one interested in Keto For Beginners and make it best freinds thank you again.

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  1. I watched a documentary called Fat Fiction and they said the exact same thing. It makes perfect sense.

  2. Amazing info!
    We must also share the gospel with others so they can be saved.
    Acts 2:38
    Peter said unto them, Repent, and be Baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the Remission of sins and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost

  3. Dr Berg I started the keto diet on Jan 20th and I’ve lost 82 lbs. thank you for your information and help. I was 346 pounds when I started and I’m currently 264. I want to lose 50 more. I’ve been posting my progress on Facebook and have had several friends reach out for information. I wish I knew about keto a long time ago.

  4. Hi doc, just about to start this keto diet and I need your help, and I am a female in my 44 years of age and looking forward to my golden age, can you help me doc

  5. question what will happen if i eat chocolates milk tea cup cakes ( like a cheat day) after my keto flu? i experienced the signs of ketosis (just realized now) but i had my cheat day. do i need to start all over again? will i lose my state of ketosis?

  6. So my insulin goes up when I drink a protein shake between meals? I'm doing keto and to hit my protein macro daily, drinking a protein shake is the best solution I got. I only eat 2 meals so I dont want to overload on my protein in both meals.

  7. It means i dont have to eat chiken breasts ? Which is lean protein ! But my dietitian says eat chiken ! What should i do doc ?

  8. Keep the great Info coming Doc! I jumped into the Keto diet and so far no cravings with 5lbs of water weight lost.

  9. WAO !!! Dr Berg,you said the truth about American Diabetes Association and American heart Association very straight . Hope some other Drs joint to you and expose the misleading/lie information that the drug industry give to us. Thank you.

  10. GUYS!, At all cost! We must keep Dr Berg safe! I don’t want to hear 👂🏾 elites killed him off! Or he died of ‘heart attack’ 😭

  11. You are looking a little frail Dr. Berg. Try a little carb cycling and weights. 🙂

  12. I love the angle of the background. It's not flat the natural light coming from the back is easy on the eyes. Much like the doc LOL true story

  13. In addition to my questions, my age is 56, female and this would be homopathic based HGH. Thank you.

  14. Hi Dr. Berg, Have been following you for about 8 months now, great videos, thank you. I have a questions: What do you think about Human Growth Hormones? Can they help with strength with Keto. If you know about HGH, gel or under the tongue? Thank you for your time.

  15. do DASH diet really work before I purchase I'm trying to lose weight around my waist waist line before I buy out of the store I'll let you know for all other people out there don't take it do the really work before I purchase it

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