Full day Keto Diet Plan | Lose 10 Kgs in 5 Days | Indian Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss in Hindi

keto diet plan
keto diet plan

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Full Day Keto Diet Plan, Lose 10 Kgs In 5 Days, Indian Ketogenic Diet Plan For Weight Loss,
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  1. Keto is very difficult for Women as compared to male, this is due to their hormonal changes and mostly Nutritionists don't try to differentiate between Male & Female Ketogenic diet, they impose same diet plan on women that is meant for males. Female transformation is tough if Women follow male Keto diet plans. For Female Keto, nutritionists should give women according to their hormonal changes, by doing this it will be very easy for women to adopt Keto diet as well as they will not have problems like facial hairs, Hair lose & acne which is due to increased androgen (a male hormone) which is naturally increased when male do keto their testosterone level boost up. I Come across videos about Keto for women.

    I am following Keto diet since one year, during this process I reversed my diabetes which was (HBA1C 6.8) to HBA1c 5.3 and lost 14 Kg weight (no more room to reduce as I am already at 22 BMI which is ideal weight for my body). I observed many advantages of Keto diet. It can totally eliminate PCOs, reduce problems in menopause, Bp issue, Facial hair problem, Acne, infertility, ED for men, nephropathy, Nephropathy, numbness, Kidney problems & many many more. This is the diet of today & future

  2. Doctor bolte hai kito diet one month se jayada dangerous hai… Liver ko damage kr sakta

  3. Please don't follow such illiterate fools and start anything based on a video of a poor cooking show masquerading as a health expert.

    Consult a practicing dietician who will guide you better..they are called "doctors" for a reason.

  4. I lost3.5 kgs in 2 weeks, a younger friend lost 5.5 kgs in 10 days….but 10 kgs in 5 days is a useless promise.

  5. So channels name is let's go healthy…and video title is loose 5 kg in 10 days…..it couldn't be more ironical! Please stop misleading your viewers and try to present actual healthy methods.

  6. My experience suggests that the keto diet is over-hyped. A good diet shoould be easy to follow and be healthy. Agoge diet is a great option, I lost a lot of belly fat.

  7. Jitna kg loss aap bta rhe ho, Yeh kuch jada hi bol diya h aapne. Jhuth bhi tab acha lagta hai jo jayez ho. Itna bda wala Jhuth jo bolte ho na aap log k the days me 10 kg loss hoga uspe gusa or hassi aati h bas

  8. Plz bata dyna can i skip cheese or mushrooms plz bata dyna keto atta na mily to kia use kry iske jaga

  9. The Agoge diet works great and you feel good, contrary to the keto diet. Keto isn't supposed to be adhered to by healthy people and without medical supervision.

  10. Assalamualikum dear sister I am online quran teaching tajveed 6Qalma 40 msnon doua namaz for kids ND female contact me start kids age 4 years you learn your kids quran with me

  11. vegetarians keto is one kind of low carb diet.actual keto takes protein and fat in very high amount which pulse and even egg cannot supply

  12. Keto food kyu use karna hai? After delivery I loose my weight with these normal food n that is healthy also for us

  13. One of the simplest way to burn fat is
    1)More water
    2)Chew more
    3)More fibre
    4)No sugar
    5)More protein

  14. White chana black chana have lots of carbs , you can’t take it on keto Guys. You can take keto friendly veggies or chicken or goat curry.

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