Full Day of Eating Like Dr Berg | Dr Berg Keto Guidelines

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keto restaurants near me

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Check the full video from the proof user who explains in detail below.

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Full Day of Eating Like Dr Berg | Dr Berg Keto Guidelines
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Full Day of Eating Like Dr Berg | Dr Berg Keto Guidelines
Full Day of Eating Like Dr Berg | Dr Berg Keto Guidelines

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38 thoughts on “Full Day of Eating Like Dr Berg | Dr Berg Keto Guidelines”

  1. That was funny!! The butthole cheese!! "There's something appealing about the smell" I died laughing!!

  2. Good video….hard for me to find all organic much less afford it, but I try what I can do little by little….just ordered his nutritional yeast.

  3. At 8:19….. you guys are absolutely right 85% of the US population have No IDEA or TASTE for real and Quality food and simple healthy cooking! Great job you guys!

  4. Maca root is best for coffee replacement a great flow of extra energy and full of nutrients.

  5. My favorite flavor of Teechino is Maca Chocolate. 😋. You should get a sampler pack to experiment with a different flavors

  6. Great video. Dr Berg has a lot of great information. Thank you guys …. You are funny.

  7. With the card liver oil when he was talking about that he said that he eats half a can of actual cod liver almost every day. To get his card liver oil. He said it tasted good and wasn’t fishy. I don’t know if I believe that but I might try it if I can find it. Lol.

    I’m like you on the bacon and other ingredients. I need a bunch of eggs so I’m not going to pay $7.18 a dozen for farm fresh free range very Manilow serenaded chicken eggs. I buy cage free, they still have a thicker shell they still have the thicker membrane inside they have a nice dark yellow yolk, and it’s $2.70 a dozen.

    I haven’t been on keto that long but I don’t see how he can eat so much. Lol.

    I’ve been working up to the kale, that’s all the vegetables I can eat for the whole day. I’ve been eating kale and spinach in a dark green mix every day but I can’t eat that much. I have to throw it in a blender and then cook it with bouillon and make a soup and throw some onions and mushrooms and some cooked bacon or a little hamburger or chicken in there. Are used to love bacon but I never had it, I would buy bacon once maybe twice a year but now that I’ve started eating bacon regularly I really don’t have that craving that much I like it when I have it but I only eat two slices and I eat a One egg white with four yolks with the bacon and I used to make spinach or kale with it and just fry it in a pan, but it’s really really hard to eat that much even cooked. If he’s eating it raw a lot of spinach and kale isn’t digested unless it’s cooked so I don’t know if we need to eat that much if we cook it. I’ll eat some and a salad sometimes just to make it different but I just can’t eat that volume of it anymore. That’s kind of weird for me because I used to eat ridiculous proportions even when I was trying to eat healthy but didn’t know what I was doing I could easily eat a whole large pizza or a couple hamburgers with fries and a shake and eat full meals three or four times a day with snacks in between, but now that I’m eating right or eating good foods I can have one decent size meal and then a small dinner and that’s about all I can handle and I just don’t get hungry anymore my body kind of tells me to stop. I think exercise is a big part of it because if I don’t get some kind of exercise after my first meal there’s no way I can eat again in four or five hours.

    I think what I’m gonna do is make the bone broth like you guys do I just put a ton of kale through the blender and cook that into the bone broth, that fat from the meat in that makes it a lot easier to sort of drink it or eat it like a soup. I think one problem with not being able to eat that much now is I’m just now figuring out the whole electrolyte balance and water thing I was drinking a gallon of water every day and making kind of a light green tea with lemon in it and salt but I think I’ve been drinking way too much water because I’m always dehydrated and that was even before Keto I’ve been doing that for well over a decade. I started cutting my water way down and I was taking a magnesium supplement so I’m gonna back off on that dosage from 50% to 25% but having the bone broth and the kale as a soup with the first meal of the day is kind of getting electrolytes in with fluids instead of just drinking a bunch of water and that helps, but that’s 7 cups a day is too much and I find myself not wanting other vegetables at that point. I’ve managed to get up to about four a day and I usually include that in my first meal and then dinner I’ll have asparagus or artichoke or something else but I have no idea how he eats that much. He’s all calm and chill in his videos but all I can think is the rest of the day he runs around like a bird just racing around burning all that off. Lol

  8. How do you eat 7 to 10 cups of veggies without getting too many carbs? 🤷‍♀️

  9. Lol. You DEFINITELY do not want to chase a meal with wheatgrass juice! Drink it in the morning on an empty stomach.

  10. Yeah really!?! Ask his son what he thinks of his lunatic scientology father and mother! Dr Berg is a douchebag!!!

  11. As for the bacon, Berg is also a VERY rich man who can afford it 🙂 But honestly, eating healthy is not cheap. Eating unhealthy is cheap. Very cheap.

  12. I bought bacon the other day. It wasn't super organic top of the line bacon, but it was almost $9

  13. The $39.00 is for the week or for a day;;;if for a day I can't afore to spend that much…

  14. live without food it is no life……look the fat look the sugar..look the fruits ,,look the nuts not this no that what about if people start training walking play sports and do weight training;;;

  15. American people eating European cheese is the best! Reminds me of a chinese guy i saw once eating bread with a fork and a knife

  16. I like Dr berg he is funny. I don't want to eat that stuff though. You should look at his recipie channel he has quiche and pizza.

  17. How do you both feel about keto now 2 years later? My Fiancé has us both on it and it is torture for me. I hate all the foods. It all tastes like garbage. I hate it. She is a keto cultist. What are your thoughts on Dr. Berg now?

  18. That dr berg coffee 😂😂😂my grandmother had this type during ww2nd …no real coffee available.

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