Full Women's Keto Meal Plan – What You Should Eat in a Day

Keto Meal Plan
Keto Meal Plan

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What Women Should Eat in a Day on Keto – Thomas DeLauer

Low carb and keto can be slightly different for women. Not a whole lot different, but different enough that it warrants its own video with its own meal plan. So what I’ve done in this video is I’ve broken down the scientific data, and from that I’ve compiled what I would say is a very ideal female keto plan. So I’ve taken the scientific data plus things that my wife does with her diet, and I’ve put them all together and said, “Okay, this will be a great video to explain what the female ketogenic diet should look like.” Now, this is not everything, right? There’s a lot of information, and I put so much content out, so much in my videos, that you could see eventually things are going to cross and conflict. But I figured this is a great place for people to start if you don’t know where to start or if you just want some good entertainment to share with your friends and family that are learning about keto.

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So the women keto plan. So here’s what you’re going to do. First, I want you to start your day with apple cider vinegar and lemon water. Okay? You can put a little stevia in if you need to. What this is going to do is this upregulates something known as AMPK, okay. AMP protein kinase. Okay. What this does is this signals the body to start pulling energy from its stored tissues and then it downregulates this in the brain. So what that means is that it tells the brain that you’re full, but it tells the body that you’re hungry. So the body starts to pull tissue like fat for energy. So it’s a great way to start the day, whether you’re keto or not, to be completely honest.

Okay, so meal number one, we’re keeping the fats the highest in the morning. This seems weird because it seems like it’d be hard to digest, but there’s a study that was published in BMC Genomics that actually found, believe it or not, that we have less likelihood of storing fat in the morning than in the evening, which means we can get away with consuming more fat in the morning. Therefore we generate more ketones and have more energy. And it’s all because the fuel accumulation genes, basically what allows us to accumulate fuel as fat, are working in our favor in this case. So here’s what I recommend. One whole cage-free pasture raised egg plus two yolks. And I talk about this for men too. Very, very important.

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Now, I don’t want you to munch on a single thing for three hours, okay? Three hours later you can have a little snack, but here’s what it is, all about thyroid support with this snack. This is a thyroid power punch meal, okay? We’re talking a little bit of seaweed snacks. If you can handle them, you don’t have to have them. Seaweed snacks, I think are delicious, and just a few Brazil nuts, seaweed snacks [inaudible 00:04:47] iodine.

Then at least a couple hours later. So this is at say maybe 7:00 AM-ish, 8:00 AM-ish, and then you’re having this around 10:00 or 11:00 and then here maybe have like 1:00 o’clock, something like that. Within that ballpark. This is your lunch option. Okay. And I gave you two options here and I’ll explain why. Okay. First off, we have grass-fed grass-finished meat. Okay, go for a good quality red meat that’s grass-fed, grass-finished, and do a burger. If you have to go to a restaurant, ask them if it’s grass-fed, grass-finished. It’s probably not, but one or two times isn’t going to kill you. Okay? So normally you want to have good quality stuff at home.

Now let’s move into dinner. Now I know you’re going to see fish here and some of you might be thinking, “I don’t like fish,” okay? I have some alternatives for you. It’s okay, but this is ideal. Lean fish. We’re talking like a Pacific Cod or we’re talking like even a halibut would be perfect. A lean fish. And then either that or a shellfish. I prefer scallops, okay. Or mussels. The nice thing about scallops and mussels, high levels of zinc, talking about the thyroid again to you ladies.

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So as always, please keep it locked in on my channel. Hit that subscribe button and I’ll see you in the next video.


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  1. I think women should listen to woman since she is a female and you in other hand dont know jak sit about it , try to pup out rugby ball in the morning then come back and talk , thats all i am saying

  2. Thank you so much for this guide. Can you give an egg free suggestion for breakfast? I’m allergic to eggs.

  3. Your idea of cheap and mine are not the same lol. I Can get cheaper in store. Not the quality but on limited income store bought is it.

  4. Do I have to have a snack? I usually do not. I only eat 2-3 meals a day and that is difficult to do most days as I do not feel hungry.

  5. I don't drink coffee. Is there anything I could substitute for that? That would give me the same benefits?

  6. I'm asian and 5 yrs here in the states I grow bigger each year.. I stopped eating my breakfast and snacks too.. way where I came from we eat every time even 6x aday but I'm not fat, when I arrived here every year I gained weight like 5-10 lbs.. I'm short so I look like a drum almost! My question is, since I was a baby I grow up eating rice (with or without viand)..and now everytime I tried keto it gives me headache and hallucination, even depression.. I really want to loose weight and be back to 90lbs.. I hope you will reply to my concern..thank you!

  7. The ghee I've seen here in Australia comes from milk fat … bummer as I have to avoid dairy 😑

  8. Too bad no keto food tastes good 🙁 I''ve been on keto for 3 years now and lost a ton of weight, but I do fully cheat when I'm on vacation because if I stick to keto I don't enjoy my life fully and I go back to keto no problem when I'm at home. I feel happy and alive on vacation eating what I want and go back on my 'punishment' repetitious keto food at home….. I've tried every recipe under the sun for every keto meal there is… always disappointed…there's literally nothing as good as regular pizza, bread, corn, cane sugar, rice, etc.
    I'm sad that going out and enjoying a communal meal or a nice date night is gone….a huge part of our lives is around food and drink and when you are so limited it does feel like a punishment……yes, I've lost a ton of weight but my social life is dead because I can't deal with temptation….or feel missing out. I stopped keto for a while to try the Mediterranean diet with very little bread….didn't really gain too much but definitely didn't lose any weight. Every day is a struggle for me honestly. I just did a 5 day water fast and lost NOT even 1 pound. It's like my body doesn't lose weight anymore.

  9. I want to try this but I don’t like those types of fish maybe scallops..but I was wondering can i still have salmon for dinner? Even if I take it for breakfast?

  10. So what's the substitution for dinner for those of is who don't/can't eat fish? Scallops are still seafood..

  11. i've got a question. if you are a coffee drinker..when do you drink your coffee? after the lemon water ? or after breakfast? because the coffee with coconut is quite heavy ..at least for me ,i just drink black one with a bit of soya milk,but just a bit ,otherwise if i combine the breakfast with the coconut coffeee, i feel myself gagging over the day ..so i avoid coconut cream and almond milk in general.

  12. Thomas, you talk about low thyroid, but the pop up says Hyperthyroidism ( which is too high thyroid).

  13. I'm really enjoying your channel. Could you please recommend a replacement for eggs? Especially for breakfast.I'm allergic to them and they are used a lot on the keto diet. Thank you

  14. Can I eat canned tuna instead? I really don't like fish. Tuna is about it. Thank you!!

  15. I use devotion nutrition protein. The best whey on the market. She now has D3&K2 supp.

  16. So frustrated as not sure what I'm doing wrong have been doing Keto for last three weeks
    and intimate fasting 16-8 every second day.
    Havnt weight myself this time as I know I'm not going to be happy with the scares as I am the heaviest I've ever been. I need to do something as I'm not happy with my body but have been taking measurements every Sunday,
    just measurement my self and have put more centimetres on ( I would have thought I would be losing it know cm by now )
    I'm watching my Macros and eating really good . Any suggestions would be amazing I'm not in ketosis yet just doing a 24hr fast today to try and kick start my body as it as my body take a long to get into ketosis.

  17. Hi Thomas and thanks for your video – love that it's geared specifically toward women. I found you about 2 years ago when I was going to start keto but then didn't when my doctor said it wasn't a healthy diet! Two years have gone by, I'm still overweight (Obese per the BMI), and spinning my wheels with other diets. Recognizing obesity isn't healthy either, I'm back to keto after being inspired by a friend who between her and her cousin lost 200 lbs! I'm turning 60 in November and want to lose the 40-50 lbs I need to become healthier. This video is so helpful since it focuses on the clean foods to eat, not the hot dogs, sausages and deli meats. Thanks for keeping it real!

  18. Love your channel. Thank you for all your knowledge and study that you share with us!!

  19. What are the amounts for the cobb salad??? On some you say portion sizes and others you don't 🥴. For a beginner that's super confusing.

  20. Love your channel! I stumbled across you later and fell in love. I am currently in the military and struggle with my weight and someone suggested you and your channel. I am currently doing the 16:8 fast wrong! Changing my habits ASAP! Can u please do a vegetarian/pescatarian meal plan? Will I miss out if I leave out the bacon on the salad? Is there a vitamin d3+ k3 blend that u recommend? Love love your channel! Women in the military look up to u in a major way! You are heaven sent!

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