Greek Goes Keto – Old-fashioned Spanakopita

greek gods keto yogurt
greek gods keto yogurt

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I know that modern keto Greek Spanakopita comes wrapped in phyllo or filo dough, however, I wanted to create it in an old-fashioned way! Let’s have a tasty pie crust, creamy filling and with less preparation time required! Of course, we used only the best ingredients like extra virgin olive oil, Greek feta cheese and organic spinach and wild greens! Authentic Greek recipes by Greek Goes Keto.

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12 thoughts on “Greek Goes Keto – Old-fashioned Spanakopita”

  1. just made it and it is soooo delicious – I added some dried dill as my preference to the filling but the crust is delicious! thank you!

  2. Will make this tomorrow but will tweak the seasonings . I like to add dill and 🧅 onion to mine . Looks good

  3. I love your quick keto spanakopita recipe it always helps me get back into keto but it's taken off your site. Can you please put that recipe back up or send it to me please?

  4. It looks like you are using a tablespoon but filling it up big time, where each could be like 2+ tbs, so would it be safe to double the tbsps you are using?

  5. Omg this music just took me back to when my gia gia and papou would take me to the taverna….good memories 💞💕❤

  6. It's Orlando from Facebook. Wow! ❤️!!! I absolutely love videos like this, I learn much easier this way.

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