The Ultimate Guide To High Protein Diet (Including 4 Must Try High Protein Snacks!)


Have you ever wondered how famous body builders and athletes were able to achieve the perfect body that they have for their respective expertise? Or maybe have dreamt of having a body that is extremely perfect to your desired field of interest or if you prefer a Way of living or Do? If your answer to this question is yes then you are lucky to have stumbled upon this article for we are going to help you out in creating your own custom fit high protein which help you develop your skeletal and your body’s important muscles in order for you to achieve the perfect body that you are looking for, together with special sets of effective physical activities.

In this article we aim to enlighten you with the wonders that a simple focused diet can give you as soon as you regularly follow it. Just like what they always say “…you are what you eat” so no matter how much you deny it food has a big role in forming you up so it is important that if you are setting your goal towards something that you eat the right food that matches the virtues of your goal.

So with no further ado let us go ahead and tell you all the thing that you need to do about creating a high protein diet as well as its several benefits in your body.

What Is A High Protein Diet?

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For a type of eating behavior or diet to be considered as a High Protein diet it must first pass several criteria. Firstly, the diet itself should be consisted of food choices that are in high amounts of essential amino acids that your body needs in order to form protein that is responsible for healing and replacing damaged cells in the body (and of course protein is the macro nutrient that is responsible for growth in all its form in the body).

Second, a diet in order to be considered a High Protein diet it must contain other nutrients that can support protein absorption or at least provide added protein rich source. And lastly the diet although has a higher density of protein in it, the diet should still remained balanced.

An excellent High Protein diet must be versatile with other essential micro and macro nutrients. It must satisfy all your body’s nutrient cravings aside from the added need for protein. After all muscle production and proper synthesizes of energy sources or calories as well as with other essential nutrients is important in building up and forming up your body according to your standards.

In order to make sure a hundred percent success rate in what you are aiming for physically there must be a sound harmony between all your physical efforts and with the essential support of your good quality intake of food nothing is impossible.

Is High Protein Diet Safe?

In general, for most people who are healthy it is not harmful to administer high protein diet especially if you are planning to use it until you have toned down your body and starting to adjust your body to the new life style that you are going to have as soon as you are already fit enough to go to the next level. What is going to happen in your body, is that since majority of the nutrients that you are receiving are mostly protein, your metabolistic functions shall synthesize all your of your body’s stored carbohydrates, adipose tissues, and unwanted excess of fatty acids and cholesterol top become your body’s primary source of energy.

These kind physiological phenomena will trigger a huge drop of excess calories of your body and focus more in developing your muscle growth in every area in your body. Especially if you are planning to alter your ordinary body into something that you feel more formidable, this kind of diet is the safest one to try on as your transitional diet since it will provide you with compact concentration of protein and other energy sources that will benefit you in the long haul.

But there are several pointers that you should consider before employing this kind of diet in to your regular eating habit. After all just like any diet there are only specific kinds of health condition will this work or allowed by physicians. Remember when you are taking a nutrient focused diet there is an indication that there might be some macro nutrients or micro nutrients that may be discouraged in your diet and that can pose some threat to the health of some people.

People with heart disease or condition must be cautious before having a high protein diet since some of the foods that are rich protein source that may be required for you to consume are red meats as well as whole fat milk which are also high in fatty acids that may jeopardize their health condition. Those individuals that have kidney problems are not advisable to hastily administer high protein diet for the risk of worsening the current status of their kidney functionalities, since most of the byproducts of protein metabolism are being sifted by the kidney through urine.

However there is no need for you to be worried for as we have been emphasizing and establishing from the prior facts that this kind of diet is safe. As long as you consult a health professional or a physician that is either knowledgeable in this field of health or at least someone who is knowledgeable about your body’s physiological condition before taking this diet up for yourself.

Nothing beats proper knowledge and preparation. As much as you can research about this diet aside from all the concise yet comprehensive facts that you will encounter in this article before contemplating your next move in your diet change. Your biggest enemy in this kind of dietary approach is malnutrition of certain essential nutrients in your body regardless if they macro nutrients or micro nutrients.

If you are really serious in following a high protein diet then here are some tips of your ideal food choices: soy products especially soy milk and soy protein, legumes, beans, nuts, lean beef, poultry that are skinless, fish, high fiber carbohydrates with substantial amounts of nutrients, Vegetables, Fruits, and whole grains. And lastly yet definitely not the least you must avoid food sources that are processed although having high protein. The fresher, more natural, and less processed the food source or choice is the better results you will receive. In this kind of diet quality is more valued over quantity.

Different High-Protein Foods

By this moment you have already considerable amount of knowledge about protein as a nutrient and the possible positive effects of protein in your body. We know how much all of us love protein rich foods whether it is red meat, white meat, legumes, beans, lentils, or nuts. Since all of this protein rich sources are very flavorful and undeniably contain lots of life force and active essential calories that we need in order to survive.

So in order for you to plan perfectly your own high protein diet, here are some different variants of protein sources that you should include into your diet. We assure you that you definitely enjoy eating each one of them and that you will the most of their macro and micro nutrients. Here are the quick list and descriptions of each high protein food sources:

  • Greek Yogurt. This type of yogurt just as its name suggested comes from the Mediterranean and believed to be the mother of western civilization – Greece. Greek yogurt is made through straining away it excess liquid content. Yogurt style of this kind is so thick and flavorful that it contains higher concentration of protein and is twice the amount of protein as compared to other types of yogurt. Its protein content is twenty three grams as per eight ounces serving portion.
  • Eggs have six grams of protein per one large egg and are considered to be a perfect food for muscle building. Compared to other products in the grocery or market for that matter, the biological value or protein content of eggs is way greater than those available there. The biological value of a single egg checks out almost all the essential protein requirements of the human body.
  • Cottage Cheese. This type of cheese contains a biological value of fourteen grams as per one half cup serving portion. Judging by the numbers presented by this cheese product filled with casein protein is indeed a proof of how dense is its protein content. More over the kind of protein found in this cheese is a type of complex protein which is responsible for growing muscles through a regular supply of amino acids that are important for building. Although it has a potential of carrying high sodium contents, you may still check other cottage cheeses in the market and choose the one that has the lowest amount of sodium.
  • Swiss Cheese. This kind of cheese is considered to possess the highest amount of biological value as compared to the other cheese varieties and assortment that are sold in the market. Swiss cheese has exactly a protein content which amounts to eight grams of protein as per an ounce serving portion, making it the best option of cheese if you are planning to have a hearty meal with it.
  • It is a type of whole grain that is considered to be an excellent source of protein, it has a biological value or protein power that is amounting to eight grams of protein in generous cup serving portion. The most famous type of quinoa are the ones that are found in the southern area of the American continent for they are the variety of quinoa that contains all the essential amino acids needed by the body. Because of its unique nutritional content, quinoa is now considered one of the world’s super foods. If you want to make the most of its unique flavor, you must try to dry roast it in a pan or skillet prior to simmering it in hot water.
  • Whey Protein. This protein contains a biological value of twenty four grams of protein per average scoop. According to studies this kind of protein rich source is the cleanest and easiest to digest. Whey protein is now being used as an excellent supplement to any forms of diet that any person is currently having especially if their function is to gain muscle mass or if their goal is to loose excess fatty acids in the body (adipose tissues). This kind of protein source is highly anabolic in nature and is excellent support in building up muscles.
  • Dried lentils. This protein source has a biological value of over thirteen grams of protein as per one fourth cup serving size. This type of protein source is cheaper yet more protein dense compared to other protein rich foods. Not only that, dried lentils are also excellent source of dietary fibers and lots of essential micro nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. This high protein rich food is mostly eaten by pregnant women and those people who are eating high frequency diet.

4 High Protein Snacks

If you can’t get enough of high protein rich food sources, here are some more food options to choose from that are especially perfect for morning, afternoon, and even midnight high protein snacks:

  • Mixed Nuts and/or Trail Mix. A fun and assorted selections of delectable protein rich snack that you can eat anytime and anywhere.
  • Pumpkin Seeds. This high protein snack is a very versatile plant based snack that is filled with fiber and zinc which promotes sound immunity system.
  • Deli Rollups. Rolls of wholegrain flat breads that is packed with vegetables, yogurt, and richly flavored red meat or white meat sources. This snack contains almost a complete meal worth of protein.
  • Tuna Crackers And Cheese Platter. This kind of high protein snack is best serve when you are entertaining guests, served as appetizer, wine tasting partner, super bowl snack, and even a quick fix high protein movie fixin.

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