Honest Review of Factor 75 Keto Meal Delivery

keto meals delivery
keto meals delivery

Looking for keto meals delivery ??

Check the full video from the experienced user who explains in detail below.

In this video I try four Factor 75 Keto meals and give my unbiased feedback.

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2 thoughts on “Honest Review of Factor 75 Keto Meal Delivery”

  1. So I'm looking into factor 75. Here are my questions for you if you still monitor this video.
    1. Do you still get these meals?
    2. Do you think the portion size is worth the price.
    3 Portion size, is it enough for say, dinner or would you say these meals are really more of a lunch type meal?
    I have to say as a diabetic, the meals you showed even if you ate two of them at once really shouldn't hit you that hard because it appeared most of the carbs was low carb veggies.
    OK I know price is subjective. I find myself being lazy at the end of the day, I been cooking keto for 3 years with no breaks and I finally got tired of cooking and its caused me to slip into ordering doordash or whatnot several times a week and to be honest, I'm probably spending close to the same price I would by ordering these meals once you include tipping and all. The big difference though would be portion size as I get a lot more portions through say ordering doordash. It just seems like there is not many videos today talking about factor as there was a year ago which makes me wonder.

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