How MCT Oils Work in the Body- What Form is BEST for You?

keto cbd organic mct oil
keto cbd organic mct oil

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How MCT Oils Work in the Body- What Form is BEST for You? – Thomas DeLauer

There as been a MCT overload as of late. There’s a ton of marketing for it in the keto world, but no real information is being given about the different kinds of MCTs. Most people just think MCTs are one in the same, when, in reality, there are a few different forms of MCTs and each work slightly differently within the body. So let’s see which form of MCTs is best! Enjoy and I’ll see you in the comments!

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43 thoughts on “How MCT Oils Work in the Body- What Form is BEST for You?”

  1. Hope this helps you find which form is the BEST for YOU!! Thanks for watching!! Don't forget to LIKE 👍🏻the the video and SUBSCRIBE to the CHANNEL, if you haven't. Drop any ideas for future videos and/or questions in the COMMENTS below👇🏻!!

  2. Hey Thomas. Is there an MCT oil brand that combines MCT with a little bit of coconut oil?

  3. Ok , so the only thing I found on my
    bottle of MCT oil was..
    LAF MCT 16 BBF 01
    Is this good or bad.
    I don't understand what the letters and numbers mean..
    Thank you for any help you
    can give me. 💚🌿💚

  4. So should I just take C8 alone? C8 along with coconut oil? And is there any benefit to taking C8 along with C10 or C12?

  5. So what happens to MCT in your body if you take orlistat 60-120 mg (Alli or Xenical)? Orlistat blocks enzymes from breaking down and absorb all kinds of oils (good and bad oils). It’s great for losing weight but It sounds pointless as I assume half or most of the mct consumed would not get absorbed and goes right through you even with food.

  6. I disagree with you, there are plenty of C8 out there by itself that are very good brands.

  7. Whats the best foods/oil combo that mixes c8 and coconut oil… also side note… i heard of catalina crunch which is keto friendly but I watched a few vids where u say to not eat gluten… my question is does catalina crunch have gluten

  8. Dear brother Thomas. D. Though you are making it easy for us to understand, yet it's difficult for some of us specially ' for us as a foreign languages, and I'm one of them,and personally myself, I have to check and dig in Dictionaries to understand some of your words and meanings , hope you consider us as foreigners language.. So if it's possible to make it easier as much as you can. Thanks and appreciate your amazing efforts… 🌹👍🏻🌿👌

  9. It's great, MCT oil. What I like about it best is that bit when you foul your trousers within about five minutes of leaving your house.

  10. I use mct oil in my gluten free keto chocolate chip cookie recipe in lieu of oil or butter. It's delicious!!!

  11. MCT Oils have 14g – 15g Saturated Fats per tablespoon which are bad for us. What makes these Saturated Fats good for us?

  12. Thomas , I have a super idea for a YouTube vid. You should review MCT oil powder. This powder gives people a slight brain 🧠 rush immediately after sub lingual absorption can pull MCT out of the powder. Now check this out: put a small amount of baking soda 🥤 in the mixture and now try that powder again. All of the sudden a slight rush is more intense. Amazing 😉! Why does this happen?

  13. I started taking Brain Octane which is C8 MCT oil, and I felt depressed and lethargic, I have no energy at all. If I don’t eat breakfast I cannot function, so doing intermittent fasting has been really hard too. Can you give me any advice? Thank you.

  14. What are the downsides of fast absorption? Is MCT getting less popular, it has been around for many years but I am not seeing anyone using it?

  15. These companies are doing a disservice to us by Not giving a 30 day supply. I won't buy it because of that

  16. Had to use amazon prime Thomas, wife said "go to Patreon, give a $10 donate per month, we're not paying $12 a can for a monthly sub!" Prime has ruined us from ever wanting shipping charges.
    Lost 12 lbs & going strong thanks to you! Blood sugars have stabilized like NEVER before in my life. Doctor is reducing meds fasst, down 1 pill week before, down another this week!
    You are teaching some powerful knowledge, rewards awaited the diligent teacher on Earth & in Heaven.

  17. I take MCT oil C8/C10 twice a week. My mother died with Alzheimer's, and I am trying to minimize my chances.

  18. Two things. Don't see a discount on the HMNV and the label isn't the same as in this video. The chocolate is 3g net carbs.

  19. Thank you for the information. Do you know if MCT is also a “carrier” type oil that would better pull nutrients into the blood 🩸 ?

  20. A bit complicated…. I'm a healthy person with a very healthy weight etc but have very high cholesterol which is hereditary – So, bad luck for someone who eats well, generally. I also have low platelets. Not sure why. Should I take MCT Oil with my bullet proof coffee in the morning as recommended by Halle Berry.

  21. Please stop panning the camera around on you, it breaks people's concentration on what you're saying.

  22. So if I use a c8 – c10 blend its that ok!? Just combine it with coconut oil to make it better!? I use mct oil from Piping Rock! I wonder if its good🤔

  23. I appreciate your videos! Your smarts as well as how you explain without talking down to your viewers! Than you!!

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