How to cancel an app subscription on your iPhone

how to cancel keto order
how to cancel keto order

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Check the whole video review from the experienced user who explains in detail below.

Apple used to make you delve into depths of the Settings app that you probably never even knew existed when you wanted to cancel an Apple Music or App Store subscription. Fortunately, a recent update greatly simplifies this process. You can still do it either way, though, and in this video, Macworld’s Leif Johnson shows you how.

We’ve also got a text-based walkthrough on the main Macworld site:

Shot on a Canon C100 Mark 2:

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31 thoughts on “How to cancel an app subscription on your iPhone”

  1. I wish I had checked this first, not after half an hour of messing around on my iPhone. Thank you sir; you are officially better than anything else I've seen.

  2. Love this vid. Most other vids just babble on and go through multiple other pages just to get to a cancel subscription

  3. Just a question, if there is no option to cancel the subscription anymore, that means that it is already cancelled right

  4. Thanks! Quick and to the point. For me, It didn’t work because it’s a yearly subscription, it only shows when it will be renewed and the only option is to resubscribe. I have tried thru their app “Lightleap” with no success either. So upsetting.

  5. MY iphone 12 pro doesnt have the option when I get to the subscription it only says resubscribe its set up to take money when 1yr is up ''should I delete the app first???
    Its called Lifesum

  6. I had to do it then coz it said I had 8 viruses so I got a free trial on an app got rid of the viruses and I cancelled it but it still says active is that right

  7. My card had 0 usd when the monthly notifications come to me. Now i cancelled subscription. And now if i transfer money to my card they will take old money that comes as notification from my card?

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