How to Get Rid of Blackheads


Blackheads: Human skin has few layers that perform different jobs and the acne has been famous for prevention of many kinds of injuries to internal body parts. Secondly, the skin is also a main part to decorate human’s personality and grace. Do you know that what is a blackheads? Yes, these are worst types of the filled pores in black or dark color to make the skin ugly.

Anyway, small bumps or blackheads are the sum of dead cells of skin and sebum (oil produced by sebaceous glands) that further make these bumps make such combination harder and produce the clogs. So, color of these clogs become blackish and dark which can easily be viewed. Small bumps are also of two types, whiteheads and blackheads. However, the color of both these bumps does not match to natural; shade of your skin.

How to Get Rid of Blackheads

Causes of Blackheads:

You have read about blackheads and their forms which is a trapped clog on the skin. Sure, these clogs in black shade will be unpleasant on your glowing skin. So, the needs to remove and prevent in future are compulsory for everyone. But, you should view the facts that what causes a blackheads before to go for a right tactic or treatment to remove such small blackish bumps from your nose and face.

Sebaceous oil naturally produces the oil for skin protection and its smoothness, but if this production exceeds from a required level, then puberty happens that will surely cause of bumps or comedone. These bumps are much common among the teenagers and it is not typical to remove these blackheads. However, cares and cautions are more valuable than the treatments to get rid of such small blackish bumps.

Who Develops It?

Who develops blackheads means to know the factors that promote happening of these bumps and grow them faster on whole face. There are many open hair follicles on skin and each of follicle has a hair with separate sebaceous gland that generates oil for skin softness. When this oil moves to the dead cells of skin, then there will be clog inside the pores and this is known as comedone or blackheads. Use of excessive fried and oily foods can cause comedones. Further, the oil production by sebaceous glands is also a factor that promotes these bumps on skin. Dust and pollution are also big factors that develop these blackheads.

How to Prevent Blackheads?

Blackheads can ruin your face beauty and look. So, everyone having this problem should try to get rid of blackheads and once he or she gets succeeded in it, then he or she must prevent them happening again. If you are interested in going through how to prevent blackhead, then you must read following cautions that will definitely help you to prevent such bumps on your face.

  1. First of all, everyone should wash the face regularly, especially those who have oily skin, because such skins will get blackheads soon. When you return home, then try to remove the dust from your face and then go for a deep wash with some safe soaps or other products.
  2. Sebaceous glands produces enough oil that is called sebum and it always causes blackheads. You must consume the oil free foods that may harm your skin.
  3. There are many skin glowing creams and face washing scrubs that can prevent the bumps happening to your nose. These products must be safe for skin.

Best Creams to Cure Blackheads:

If you have whiteheads or blackheads and want getting rid of these bumps, then you must search for which are the best creams to treat blackheads. Basically, pharmaceutical products, injections, some surgeries and liquids are the best to remove blackheads, but most people rely upon the herbal remedies which can easily be made at home.

Every cream having suitable quantity of Vitamin A will be the best remedy to cure blackheads and prevent them happening again. However, Tretinoin, Adapalene and Tazarotene are well known cream products that are considered fast reaction and good to remove blackheads. While, many homemade natural creams and lotions can also help you to get rid of blackish bumps.

Permanent Solutions to Get Rid of Blackheads:

Now, this is bit compulsory to check permanent methods that how to get rid of blackheads. But, everyone should pay much attention to the permanent solutions as well as absolutely safe treatments. Sometime, people use fast reaction medicines, lotions, creams and other products for a quick result, but most of such remedies leave many side effects. Burning skin, black circles, allergy, reddish skin and rough outer skin are major effects that are more possible to occur.

Here, the best 15 treatments to get rid of blackheads have been discussed which you can read and pick the easier one for yourself.

10) Clay Time to Heal:

Bentonite clay is the one which is rich with healing properties and natural mineral. This substance has been using people since the 14th century, because it is known as the best product for skin injuries and it heals them faster than other remedies. Molecules of clay gets electrically charged when they are made wet and they do a great job to cure the wounds as well as clogged pores on skin. These molecules will definitely dry the pores where sebum exists in much quantity. Directions of applying Bentonite Clay to face are;

  1. Extract 1 tablespoon of the clay
  2. Arrange distilled water or ACV
  3. Prepare a paste by mixing both of these elements and then wash the face with fresh water
  4. Now, place this paste to face, especially on pores
  5. Layer of the mask must be thinner
  6. Sit and let the mask on face for 25 minutes
  7. After this time you should wash the face lukewarm water and dry the face with softer cloth.

9) Mask of Egg White:

Egg white is the best natural product that full with growth vitamins and calcium. So, you can use the egg whites as the face mask for skin glow, smoothness, softness, removal of face hair and pores that mostly become blackheads. Nutrients in the egg whites are excellent skin protectors and these can also keep skin free of sebum. While, steps needed to follow in this method are;

  1. A clean towel for drying face
  2. 1 bowl
  3. Facial tissue papers
  4. Egg whites
  5. Rinse the face with fresh water and then dry it
  6. Get egg white and separate it from yolk
  7. Put the egg white smoothly on your skin
  8. Try to make a thin layer and confirm that pores are covered by white solution
  9. After drying first layer, now apply the second and wait until it becomes fully dry
  10. It is time to develop a third layer of white and let it dry
  11. When you feel stretchiness at your face, then apply gentle tissues to remove it
  12. Further, wash the face with fresh water and dry it by patting soft towel.

8) Honey Strips and Cinnamon:

Mixture of cinnamon and honey is known as the delicious way to treat blackheads, because this final strip can easily make the skin oil free and fill up pores. It is also good one for treatment of dead cells. While, the mixture also brings many of skin health features and benefits. Asian and African women use this trick to keep their skin glowing and smooth. If you do this practice at home once a week, then more probably your skin will be free of bacteria and other acne infections. Anyway, the directions for this treatment will be;

  1. Pure honey
  2. Cinnamon powder
  3. Strips of pure cotton
  4. Mix both these ingredients very nicely, until these become a final paste
  5. Apply this paste to pores and blackheads
  6. Make the layer of mask thin and let it for 5 minutes
  7. Wash the face with fresh water and apply moisturizer to make it soft

7) Rinsing with Fresh Water:

Fresh water is naturally safe for internal and external body parts of human body. In these days, most people use various medicines, lotions, skin softening commodities that make their skin rough instead of softer and smoother. But, if you follow some kinds of special instructions, then you can easily prevent blackheads. First you must make it your habit to wash your face when you return to home and several times a day just with fresh water. After washing face, you should also use fluffy towel to dry face and then apply best moisturizer to keep skin soft and shiny. If you do this daily several times and make it a fundamental habit, then you will never experience whiteheads and blackheads.

6) Milk Pore Strips and Honey:

Honey and milk both are excellent natural products that are rich with vitamins and nutrients to shine the skin. If both these natural substances are mixed with each other and apply to pores for a while, then it will surely remove blackheads and prevent them in next life. The process you need to follow for this method is;

  1. Natural raw honey 1 tablespoon
  2. Milk 1 teaspoon
  3. Cotton strips to wipe the face
  4. Prepare a mixture of both things
  5. Do it microwave just for 10 seconds maximum
  6. Blend it completely and start pasting it on pores
  7. Now, wait for 20 minutes and let it dry completely
  8. Apply cotton strips to remove and wash face with water
  9. Apply moisturizer to keep skin gentle and shiny

5) Minter Toner and Apple Cider Vinegar:

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Mint leaves are well known for keeping skin smoother and free of bacteria, While, the apple cider vinegar that can remove pores and blackheads very gently without leaving any bad effect. However, you must include ACV or fresh water to make this mixture more effective and useful to face. Prepared paste can react inversely if there is swelling around pores or blackheads. So, you use menthol if you fee swelling. Further procedure will include following essential steps.

  1. Mint leaves crushed and chopped up to 3 tablespoon
  2. Apple cider vinegar 3 tablespoon
  3. Fresh water 8 ounces
  4. Mix apple cider vinegar and mint thoroughly and insert it in a bottle which you have to put in darkness for 1 week
  5. When it is cool, then mix water to make it little thin and fluid
  6. Now, place the final mixture in freezer to cool everything
  7. Apply the mixture as a mask to face and cover all pores fully
  8. Leave it over night or some hours for complete absorption
  9. Wash the face and pat to dry it.

4) Water and Baking Soda Mixture:

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Fresh water and baking soda mixture will be a fast reaction product that can remove pores quickly and prevent happening blackheads. But, you should use this on skin with carefully. However, first you must follow given instructions.

  1. Extract baking soda
  2. Pure and fresh water
  3. Mix them well
  4. Prepare a paste for mask
  5. Wash the face and apply mask
  6. Leave it for few minutes
  7. Use lukewarm water to wash the face
  8. Apply moisturizer to keep the skin soft

3) Steam Application:

Pores and blackheads on face can easily be treated forever with steam. For this, there are many machines and appliances that can directly produce sufficient amount of steam and you have to put your face on the steam. There are some necessary things you may need during as well as right after taking steam. First, you should arrange for fluffy towel to dry the face. When you have managed the steam machine, then you must set it and put the water in it for steaming.

In next, you have to bend you body and keep the face before steam nozzle or bowl. Every user must try to take maximum amount of steam to pores and area of swelling. If you do this twice a day and continue for few weeks, then you can completely get rid of pores and blackheads,.

2) Let Sweat to Face:

Health science has proved that sweat can be a best remedy to treat pores and blackheads. Basically, sweat carries salt and other liquids produced naturally by glands. This combination of sweat salt and other substances can remove oil from skin and pores. Finally, the sweat will never let clogs happen and as a result of it you will not experience the blackheads. Most women do not tolerate sweat and they go to washing the face at once. If they have blackheads, then they should let sweat for a while at their faces.

1) Lemon Juice as a Toner:

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Lemon juice is the best healer in the world that is found naturally. You can apply lemon juice as skin toner and the best remover of blackheads. Usually, when you extract lemon juices from fresh balls, then you should use fluffy cotton to soak and apply liquid to pores and over blackheads. Users should let the juice on face for few minutes for quick and deep reaction. If you do this several times a week, then you will get your skin glowing, smooth, soft and free of acne issues.

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