How to Get Rid of Man Boobs: 4 Key Points You Need to Understand


“Boobs” is a thought-provoking word. It ignites the power of imagination, especially when attached to a quite the attractive woman. Imagine it on a straight guy’s body though and the effect is the exact opposite. It’s not as attractive, is it?

The thing with man boobs is that nobody likes it. Guys don’t; girls especially DON’T. It can be quite unsightly and it especially looks uncomfortable. To a girl’s point of perspective – “how dare you – you of the male species – have bigger boobs than me?!”

Yes, it is a problem.

Fortunately, there is a way to get rid of it and no, there is no shortcut to it. A guy who wants to get rid of his boobies must be disciplined and be motivated enough in order to transform those humps into something more fitting to a man’s body. Yes, you got it right – pecs.

Pectoral muscles are what should be in your chest – not boobs. So to you dear reader who happened to chance on this article, this is your lucky day. God is smiling on you, buddy, so don’t fret. The quest to get rid of man boobs starts today.

How to Lose Man Boobs

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Learning how to lose man boobs starts with the dreaded word… workout. Yes, there is no special trick to it. You merely have to exercise and your target body part would be your chest. Although you are putting emphasis on your chest, it doesn’t mean that you can just forget of your remaining body parts. Of course, we have to make sure that your whole body is on proportion. You don’t wanna be looking like Johnny Bravo, right?

The whole point of exercising into getting rid of man boobs is to be able to have a body that is lean, fit, proportioned, and of course, healthy.

  1. Understand that Man Boobies are Excess Fats

Let’s set those itsy bitsy flabby fats ablaze then, shall we? We’ll spare your body from the flame of course. Kidding aside, we’re not talking of fire hazards here. We’re not burning you down, only your fats.

There is substantial need for us to burn unnecessary fats through weight reduction, body molding, profile enhancing or some head-banging routines for social purposes. Trim that butt, squander that cellulite, smoothen those cushy layers, bust that gut; all it needs is some diet and healthy exercise plus a secret. Do you want to know what that secret is? Well, simple- it is living a healthy and happy life.

You will see precisely how fat burning routines can be imbedded in our lifestyles and how to get the best out of your activity programs. Nevertheless, this will teach you the basic flab-slicers and techniques that you’ll soon be begging for a healthy, slender body. Being the next sexiest model in town? It is not impossible if you believe in it and if you let it happen now.

  1. Understand How the Body Works

While the body gets rid of harmful excesses of sugar, it absorbs in the glucose for body enhancement. More so with fat, the body naturally rejects but sustains the fuel substances in it. So, what’s the deal about these fats and sugars? These components are the constant intakes we can have in a daily meal. Hence, almost everything we eat has either one of those.

Now, it doesn’t necessarily mean that sugar and fat are bad. What you have to be conscious about is the amount of sugar fat you consume in very meal. You will have to be mindful of it if you want to start burning you fats. Eventually, the amount of calories your body can take depends on the level of your metabolism. How do you know such? Well, even without the medical intervention, you are immediately the first one to feel it.

Weight training is truly the key in targeting 6 pack lumps on your abdominal muscle. Lifting and training serves to build your muscular strength size, shape, tone and quality, giving it a more amazing set of six pack abs.

That, as well as other exercises quickens the fat burning process. Once the fats are burned, the muscles preferably oblige to take in expansive calorie portions for further enhancements. So weight preparing serves to tone muscle as well as to eliminate fat in the meantime, helping you to get a six pack speedier.

  1. Understand the Concept of Exercise

Some of the basic exercises that can help are the following:

  • The Link Crunch
  • The Woodchoppers
  • Hanging Leg Raises


More Options for You: Cardio or HIIT Training

In case you’re not doing normal cardio or HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) in your workouts, then you’re passing up a major opportunity to super-charge your fat-burning metabolism.

By performing cardio or HIIT exercises after a workout, you will be specifically triggering muscle capacity to stretch out and expand in intensive ways. One of those ways includes the after-burn or the excessive elimination of necessary fast. We wouldn’t that to happen. So, as much as you are doing calorie-sipping exercises, maintain your diet, so as to comply with the metabolism’s needs.

On the other side of these intensive activities are regular motion-related workouts for faster development of 6 packs. These include:

  • Running
  • Sprinting
  • Bouncing rope
  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Turning (for HIIT)

Once more, the best way to get genuinely noteworthy six pack abs is by joining a robust activity project routine. To further enhance, tone, and fortify your muscular strength, consume a relative amount of protein and fiber to accurately decrease your general fat ratio to muscle.

  1. Understand the Power of Healthy Diet

Acquiring a healthy eating attitude has never been that difficult. The point is- you don’t have to be so drastic, especially in limiting your daily sugar intake. Do not punish yourself, mate. After all, this is not a contest.

Eventually, you may need to haul in all nutrition types for the rest of the diet period. You will need to be h3 and full for the rest of the undertaking.

In like manner, dodging or altogether lessening your liquor admission is prompted, since the body views liquor as a poison and expunges it through the liver. In the time being, your liver is not ready to process fats and so they send out all the way substances that are not familiar to their system.

Beer, on the other hand can be a good supplement for fiber and protein diet. But that would have to be under the condition that you are only maintaining one glass a day.

A perfect eating regimen to get a six pack quick and easy includes:

  • Low-GI food types that contain complex carbs like oats, white potatoes and yams
  • Food sources of protein like eggs (just the whites) and lean chicken or turkey breast- the protein will serve to tone and solidify your muscle as crucial in getting a powerful six pack

Absorbing a lot of fiber in the system like wheat oats and green sinewy vegetables really adds another block of the muscle. The complex structure of the sugar needs more time before it gets to be totally broken down. If you wonder why at certain times, you never get full; sugar is very much responsible for it.

Understanding Metabolism Further

Do you feel tired all the time? Do you feel that even a very simple 1-2-3 exercise routine can already make your tongue lie out from your mouth gasping for air (forgive what the image resembles closely)? Then, you must have a very slow metabolism rate.

Now, by the chance you will suddenly feel frustrated about your flabs so that you decide to starve yourself up. Well, Darling, all I can say is, “stop it.” You are only hurting yourself more when you self-starve. The immediate effect when you starve you body is that you develop physical-consumption.

Meaning, you can actually end up having a heart attack through it because it is so drastic. Burning your fats takes time. You may have to sit over the corner for a while and prepare your tights and leotards. Relax. You don’t have to be pressured. Make the exercises your happy way of life.

Contingent upon your family history are your hereditary qualities. This is also a major concern in deducing the fact why your body always tends to bloat out even with small food consumption. When we are speaking of hereditary factors, the best solution is regular and uninterrupted exercises.

To get rid of man boobs that have unwanted fat and sugar in your body, you can start mastering the following exercises that burn fat:

  • Conditioned breathing- Practice the proper inhalation and exhalation process. Try this for many times until you begin to feel a searing sensation in your tummy.
  • Curl-ups and Push-ups- Tone your tummy muscles by the two common routines (they are very familiar indeed that I don’t find necessary to explain them). Now, to improvise- try applying wiggling movements of your hips while doing curl-ups. Your hips will guide your middle torsos for a sound movement in the belly portion. Repeat the routines in alternating speed like fast, faster, slow, slower, fast, faster, and again. Thus, this is so far the best exercise to lose weight.
  • Visit healthy links online and you can find a page-filled site of losing fat and other health-related issues.
  • Stroll on a treadmill for 30 minutes so you can have 180 calories utilized and 108 calories of fat eliminated.
  • Run on a treadmill for 30 minutes so you can have 400 calories utilized and 120 calories of fat eliminated.

Unfortunately, because of your desperate attempt to get back in shape again, you resort to desperation and you might end up binging and throwing up so you feel satisfied and empty all at the same time.

Fortunately, there are far better ways to lose man boobs. But not the same “fast” concept as you think. When you lose weight fast the right way, this means you lose weight as according in the right time and program as what is required and need for your body.

  1. Maintain an active lifestyle

Whatever you do, as long as you feel the need to lose weight instantly, one has to always move and work. Don’t let those lazy bones become couch potatoes and let your body continually move. Exercise and brisk walking are the basic physical activity that you can enjoy to ensure a fast losing weight for your body. In this way, you burn your fats and calories the right way.

  1. Replenish with water.

Once you have maintained an active lifestyle, it is best to couple it with water, which is your best replenishment against dehydration. Of course, when you keep on moving, you not only burn calories, you also lose that significant water in your body. Thus, the best thing to do is to rehydrate your body and at the same time ensure that no calories or fats will be added to your body.

  1. Maintain your meals three times a day.

As much as you think it may add to your stubborn fat, the best way to ensure the fast losing of weight is to never starve yourself. The tendency when you starve yourself is that you prepare your body for that ultimate trigger to get ready for heavy eating. In fact, if you even starve yourself, you will be having an irregular routine of eating. Your digestive body should be resting during night-time and yet if you starve yourself throughout the day and decide to eat in the evening, you are in it for a lot of weight gain trouble as this is the worst time for you to eat due your body’s slow metabolism in this state.

Just Go for It

You can see from this illustration that money cannot entirely answer to the responsibility of maintaining a sound and slender body. Thus, the organic and physical methods for burning your fats are utterly priceless. So, do you think that you are now ready to swag off and romp up the runway? Why don’t we give it a try? Ready?

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