How to Introduce Carbs & Come off Keto

What To Eat On Keto Diet
What To Eat On Keto Diet

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How to Introduce Carbs & Come off Keto – Thomas DeLauer

There is nothing wrong with going on the keto diet and coming off the keto diet… but there are certain things you need to be cognizant of in order to avoid rebounding, or regaining back the weight you lost. Knowing how to properly come off keto is very important, and, as such, in this video I provide you with a simple strategy to prevent this from happening…

Special Thanks to my team and Nicholas Norwitz – Oxford Ketone PhD Researcher and Harvard Med Student – for working diligently on research as well!

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Nicholas Norwitz – Oxford Ketone PhD Researcher and Harvard Med Student:



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31 thoughts on “How to Introduce Carbs & Come off Keto”

  1. Lol 😂 I have been on keto for a year and I hit a plateau went on vacation ate like a heathen for a week and a half 👀 but I did NOT weigh myself NOPE I refuse to acknowledge the damage I probably did. Got back into ketosis now and I’m feeling good again . I will weigh myself in a week from now .

  2. Thanks for all this information on the video. i dont know if i am on a strict Keto diet or not, but I am on 2 meals a day eating just Whole foods and portions are moderate. No snacks. I do fast from 6pm-8am and eat just a small byte of something at 8am. My weight is coming down 1 pound every 2-3 days and about 2 pounds from my first target weight goal. Summer is coming and should be even more active to lose weight.

  3. Do you have a video on pausing keto? Like when I go on vacation or a holiday weekend. Thank you

  4. I had no idea how bad I would feel after doing Keto for so long (I would not say strictly keto) and after a few slip ups I just felt guilty and then start binging. I’m now back on the wagon, and if I have a not so healthy treat I am mindful that it’s okay and carry on the rest of the day on keto. Now a lifestyle.

  5. I’ve done this for a few days. I’m done, in pain, feel like shit, going back keto!

  6. I got thrombosis… Because of keto… normal my body even I have lots of oil and stuff I don't gained weight weight.. but now…. Because of This …. My vains are too stretchy and… My muscles inflating… is there a cure…. I think I did kito thing for two months and and it toxicating my original body
    I have
    1.dark chocolate Glucose (Glucose)
    3.lemon or vitamin C tablets

    What diet should I go
    Wloud it be ok rice?
    Please help me out out I think I am losing blood And my heart pump lots than usual

  7. I don’t know if I will ever really want to come off keto. This is the first time in my life I have been able to efficiently lose weight. In 6 months I have lost 103 pounds.

  8. This probably won't get replied to but how do you get off keto whilst type 1 diabetic? Still higher protein and low fat? If I do this then will I get really hungry whilst doing staggered fasting?

  9. I will stay on keto for awhile then probably transition back depending on how I feel I might do permanent or cycle it to prevent insulin resistance and metabolic disorders. Thanks for the help 🙂

  10. So many people complicate this. Its really simple. If you have fat to lose, or have inflammation or a fatty liver then by all means do keto. Keto will reduce those markers significantly and lower insulin, which is one of the biggest factors that makes it harder to lose fat, cause damage and inflammation. Keto will reduce the amount of fluid you are holding and that alone will drop inflammation. Once your insulin is lowered and you reduced your bodyfat % and got rid of your fatty liver then you can certainly eat some carbs. Even white rice and sugar. But secret to eating carbs is CHECK THE CALORIES. You cannot overeat carbs (or fats when combined with carbs). Thats the same thing that put yout into the hole in the first place. In the beginning stages of keto you could eat higher calories. But when you are already in Keto or you introduce carbs slowly later YOU HAVE TO COUNT CALORIES. Its that simple. Excess calories is your biggest enemy. Again I am not saying its calories in vs calories out because Keto is an excellent tool and you can eat more calories in fat in the beginning and adapt to fat as fuel. But once adapted or if you decide to eat carbs later its absolutely calories in vs calories out at that stage. Your body is geared for survival. Under no circumstances (except what I mentioned earlier when one starts with Keto) your body HATES discarding calories and will store them. Whether you eat excess fat, protein or carbs. That excess will be stored and will cause fatty liver and will cause insulin resistance and will cause damage and inflammation. Calories accounted for, if one chooses to stay in keto all the time there is some benefits with Keto. You are not carrying a lot of fluid as well as you are eating good fats (hopefully) so those alone can make you less inflamed and he is right a little more calmer due to excess GABA. Keto is a great tool. But overeating more than you burn is your biggest enemy whether you are on keto or carb rich diet. A good target is start keto, reduce inflammation, reduce fat get insulin sensitive then go back to a low carb diet and check calories when you do so.

  11. Quick Question, in your video your talking about fasting and eating the next day normally, what do you mean “normal eatting” is that just eatting carbs and food you would like to eat but without going over board?

  12. Please make a video on a week’s meal plan to come off keto.

    Should I immediately get back to meals like: 10% fat, 30-50% protein, 40-60% carbs?
    Or should I slowly replace my fats with carbs and protein? So my first meal would be 30% fat, 30% carbs, 40% protein?

    (I am trying to be on calorie deficit- lose fat and build/ maintain muscle).

  13. My own experience suggests that the ketogenic diet is over-hyped. A good diet is supposed to be easy to stick with and be healthy. Agoge diet is a great option, I lost a lot of belly fat.

  14. Hey thomas, during the Alternate Fasting, do you eat keto normally or eat carbohydrates as usual?

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