How To make Aqua soil | First In YouTube Now make ur own Aquasoil After Watching This video #diy

keto soil
keto soil

Looking for keto soil ??

Check the full video from the experienced user who explains in detail below.

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How to make diy aquasoil| Make your own aquasoil| Diy Aquarium soil
In this video I have shown How to Make Aquasoil like brands…(Round granule type soil) Brands use granulator machines to make soil round n smooth…
All u need is time n patience to make this soil…
I’ll be testing this soil in one of my tank setup and show u how this soil help grow plants…

NOTE: #Guys do stir the soil while baking.
stay tuned guys…
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Don’t miss this Frequently asked Questions about making of diy aquasoil for aquarium:


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Soil: Home made compost soil from
kitchen waste n etc.,

Clay: Natural clay soil we can get it from
banks of lakes or from local
If,u don’t get clay from any of the
above source try making ur own
clay from normal soil (garden soil)
U can see in utube how to make
clay from garden soil…

First I take soil (compost soil) dry the soil and n once the soil fully gets dried
u can powder the soil (as shown in vid)
and then filter/sieve the soil..

Clay:The same above said method applies for clay also…
once u get clay just dry the clay nonce it gets dried u have to powder it n then filter/sieve the clay powder n use as shown in vid..


How to make diy clay:

Updated(6th May 2021)
Testing of this Aquasoil:

Fast Granulation Method :

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  1. The time it takes to roll all those soil I would be rather buy than DIY.
    If there was any less time consuming method I'd definitely make my own.

  2. Thank goodness for the fast forwarding button, made this video a short 3 minutes instead of freaking 13 minutes of pure eye rolling boredom

  3. Your the smartest human alive I ordered aqua soil and it was a tiny bag and I couldn’t fill the bottom of my 10 gallon after I watched this video I had enough aqua soil and it took me hours lol

  4. I think it a person is a dropout he would have enough time to make a cup of aqua soil😂😂😂🤮🤮🤮🤮

  5. Bruh . Aqueon plant and shrimp aqua soil at petco is $15. You can make $15 an hour at most jobs. This took more than an hour. But good effort and this is good for those who can’t work for money 💰

  6. This is really great stuff!! I follow Father Fish who teaches a dirt substrate method!! You would love his channel too and I know he would love yours!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. can we directly use if like aqua soil as if we put water and use pump it might make the water cloudy…. so just wanted to know if this will make the water cloudy as it starts melting

  8. Would cow manure compost soil be safe for fish or do I need to be careful on what soil I use?

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