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keto ice cream
keto ice cream

Looking for keto ice cream ??

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If you’ve ever tried making keto or low-carb ice cream, you may have found it difficult to achieve the creamy, melt-in-your-mouth texture that you often find in regular store-bought ice cream.

To fix this, Kristie Sullivan, host of Diet Doctor Explores, recommends using specific sweeteners and ingredients to create the soft texture you’re after. By following Kristie’s recommended steps, you’ll be able to make a low-carb, keto-friendly ice cream that’s every bit as luscious as the ones you’d ordinarily find in stores.

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22 thoughts on “How to make creamy keto and low-carb ice cream – Diet Doctor Explores”

  1. Your web site here is way too complicated and manipulative with all it adds and unwanted page opennings. So we deleted the pages we had saved and will not be returning to your site.

  2. July 2021 update: our family decided to use Allulose instead of erythritol or xylitol. We think its as good, or better than the others, and no worries about the toxicity to dogs.

  3. Why sweetener anyway? Not desirable to wake up the sweet tooth. I make ice cream without any kind of sweetener.

  4. Thanks for this Kristie – it’s really helpful. And thanks to Diet Doctor for educating us about sweeteners and their uses! 😊

  5. Saw a video where the chef used allulose and it doesn't freeze so hard. Looking forward to some cinnamon ice cream. Haven't had that in forever!

  6. I do not keep Xylitol in my home – so deadly for dogs. I tried to be careful and my dog still got into something I had made with Xylitol and she almost died. She literally had the equivalent of 1/4 tsp and she is 40lbs. We had to get her stomach pumped and her blood sugar still dropped overnight dangerously low (she stayed overnight at the vet).

  7. Icecream should be kept in around -13C and home freezers are kept in -18C or even lower. That's one big issue.

  8. This is so helpful. I have avoiding ice cream because it got too hard. I am wondering if substituting using Xylitol instead of Erthritol would it be the same amount? And do I use the powdered Xylitol or the granular? Thanks in advance

  9. I dont understand why any one would want to put eryhritol or xilotol in their body. I live by real food. these are processed chemicals and we don't need all these sweeteners. Very disappointed that these are being promoted. and no don't let your pets eat them. Really!!!! Once you stop eating added sweeteners you can taste the sweetness of real food .

  10. Im worried about those weird chemical names, we all got acclimatised to aspartine didn't we?

  11. You have to temper the egg yolks with a little bit of the hot cream, then add a little more, then add that mix to the cream, otherwise the yolks will curdle and you get scrambled eggs. If you want to give advice on ice cream this is the very least you should say and one has to wonder why you don't.

  12. So awesome! I am wanting to make my own ice cream so knowing about the sweeteners is SO helpful!!

  13. Wow i really like it too nice sharing my friend stay in touch and safe dear 👍
    I hope to see you soon 👆🔔

  14. Linda if these videos trigger you don’t watch them, some of us really want to see these recipes!

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