How to make keto hot and sour soup | Keto vegan

keto soups
keto soups

Looking for keto soups ??

Check the full video from the proof user who explains in detail below.

I truly believe soups can heal. And this keto vegan hot and sour soup is definitely one of the best healing soups in my book!

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3-4 Shiitake mushrooms
1-2 small carrot
Black fungus (a small handful, dried)
Some tofu
Spring onions
White pepper (ground)
3-4 tbsp black or rice vinegar
1-2 tbsp Soy sauce
Toasted sesame oil
4-5 cups of hot water
1 tsp konjac powder

liquid/thickener ratio
For 1-2 cups of liquid:
1/8 tsp Xanthan Gum (sprinkle directly)
1/4 tsp Konjac powder (mix in cold water before use)
1/4 tsp Psyllium husk powder (mix in cold water before use)

1. Soak the dried black fungus in warm water for about 10-15mins.

2. Cut the vegetable and tofu in thin strips (bar the spring onions, chop them in fine pieces).

3. Saute the vegetables, black fungus and tofu in a frying pan with olive oil and toasted sesame oil for a few minutes. Pour in 4-5 cups of hot water, bring it to a boil and allow to simmer.

4. Season with white pepper, soy sauce and salt (adjust to your taste). Mix 1 tsp of konjac powder in some cold water and mix well.


5. Reduce the heat and add the konjac powder mixture in the soup and stir well. Pour in the vinegar and allow to simmer. (if you’re using silken tofu, add it now)

6. Before finishing, add in half the amount of chopped spring onions, turn off the heat, and drizzle some toasted sesame oil.

Serve with a sprinkle of chopped spring onions (or coriander) and a drizzle of toasted sesame oil. Enjoy!



Ping a loved one interested in keto soups and make it people thank you again.

27 thoughts on “How to make keto hot and sour soup | Keto vegan”

  1. I am so excited, we have a lot of wood ear mushrooms here and i love them. We have a wild variety of enoki mushrooms too. I want to make this soup so badly

  2. My husband LOVES hot & sour soup. I can't wait to make some for him !!! Thank you <3

  3. My mouth is melting whilst watching this recipe 😋 … Lucky I have all the ingredients and so I'm going to make this tomorrow 😃😊

  4. Hmm, Tofoo! Can’t beat it 💙 I can’t wait to try this. I’ve been vegan for 5 years and my weight has been stuck at 17 stone for 3 years. I hope keto gets my weight off. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and recipes!

  5. This turned out soooooo delicious! Thank you so much for the recipe 🤗. I used tamari instead of soy.

  6. Great recipe as usual, thought I would just let you into the next big craze, Lupins..yes I know we have all read about the flour…but now it’s Lupin flakes..thanks to Steve at Serious Keto…but wait…fanfare..announcing Lupin beans, let’s just keep this between the 2 of us..😍

  7. Please could you make kway teoh with wide flat konjac noodles when you create your 'homemade noodle' video? I really miss that dish and it would be the main reason for making my own noodles.

  8. Fabulous. Just made this. Didn't have the specialist mushrooms in the house, so used chestnut mushrooms instead and it was still delicious. Also used chicken broth. Managed to find some white pepper at the back of the cupboard which works wonderously well. Thank you so much for this recipe which I will add to my repertoire for a cold day such as this when a bowl of hot, sour soup just hits the spot!

  9. Looks delicious, I saw black fungus in Asian grocery and never knew how to use it. Oh and your finger is healing nicely… but what a scar! Such a bad cut, I’m glad you’re back in action.

  10. Thanks so much. Looks delicious. I appreciate learning to make things I typically only get to enjoy in restaurants. Much better to make at home where i know what is in it.
    Extra bonus another use for my excessive supply of konjac 😉

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