How to make keto vegan walnut “rye” bread | Keto Vegan Gluten-free

keto bread recipes
keto bread recipes

Looking for keto bread recipes ??

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This wholesome keto vegan walnut bread has the beautiful earthy quality of the dark rye bread and is packed with all the nutrients and goodness. No yeast, no proofing, not resting time. This is probably one of the easiest bread recipes on the planet.

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2 cups ground flaxseed
2 cups hemp flour
2 tbsp baking powder
¼ – ½ tbsp salt (adjust to your taste)
2 cups cold water
1 cup walnuts (or seeds/nuts of your choice)

1. Add all ingredients (other than nuts and water) in a mixing bowl. GIve it a quick mix.

2. Pour in the cold water and mix all ingredients together till it forms a dough ball.

3. Form the dough into the desired shape (round loaf, long loaf or buns). Place the dough on a greased baking tray. Score the bread with a sharp knife. Sprinkle some sea salt on top (optional).

4. Bake the bread dough in a 180C/350F preheated oven for 60-70 minutes. Leave to rest for 20-30 minutes before slicing.

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28 thoughts on “How to make keto vegan walnut “rye” bread | Keto Vegan Gluten-free”

  1. Just tried the recipe, the bread came out amazingly appetizing. I don't have hemp flour, grounded some hemp seeds instead. Oh boy, it worked out nicely. Thank you so much for the wonderful recipe, it's so flexible and forgiving. Looking forward to seeing more of your simple yet delicious and satisfying creations😁❤🤗

  2. I should have tried this bread a long time ago. This is by far, the best keto bread I’ve ever tried. I became disgusted by all the other almond and eggs recipes, so this is a life saviour.
    Sure, there’s a slight bitter aftertaste, but the crunchiness totally makes up for it.
    I added two tbsp of erythritol and a cup of raisins to mine, it was perfect.

  3. Hi Fan, I am one of those rare people who is allergic to hemp in all forms. What can I use as a replacement please?

  4. Just made this bread. I was sceptical because I hate hemp flour. But it was delicious and the rest of the family polished it off in 15 minutes so I guess I’ll be making more

  5. Hello there
    Thanks for sharing all these great recipes 🥰 I have a request kimchi … could you please share that ?
    I trust you can 💚 thank you 🙏

  6. I tried this and it tastes wonderful but I find it still super wet. I baked it for 85 minutes and it’s still got a wet center. I don’t think I used too much water, my dough looked just like yours. Any ideas?

  7. Thank you for making this awesome easy quick keto bread recipe. I will definitely be making this bread. 😊

  8. This looks absolutely incredible. I’ve been Vegan for 9 years and thought it would be impossible to eat Keto as well. You have shown me otherwise. I will give it a go, using you as my inspiration of course. 🌸

  9. Just made this bread. It is DANGEROUS!! i sliced it and tasted it and it was yummy. Then I keep going back for me!!! Soooo good!

  10. I tried the bread, but could not find hemp flour! it's gone missing of the face of the earth. I used a replacement of hemp protein, tasted good but was very dense..any suggestions for a keto flour replacement

  11. Glad I found you will definitely be making this bread xxx thankyou for the recipe

  12. I love your g/f bread recipes. I must try this one later. I love the way you clearly enjoy tasting the results of your baking !

  13. Oh my, how this looks so yummy. I find your channel is becoming one that I’m taking to, to cook. You do some so delicious, mouth watering Keto recipes. I’ve been struggling a while to do a variety of recipes that are Keto friendly and you’ve given hope. Thank you very much. As much as hemp won’t get one high, your recipes have made me very high as I’m excited to try them out!

  14. What can I substitute for Hemp flour!!! $35 – $45 is what I would have to pay? Shipping cost..

  15. Ive been binging on your channel .
    Im definitely going to make a lot of your recipes.
    They sound so earthy and delicious.

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