How to order Keto at California Pizza Kitchen CPK #shorts

california pizza kitchen keto
california pizza kitchen keto

Looking for california pizza kitchen keto ??

Watch the full video from the proof user who explains in detail below.

How to eat out on the Keto diet? I’ve yet to find a place where it isn’t possible to order a Keto friendly or Low Carb meal.

California Pizza Kitchen is one of those chains where you might think you can’t eat Keto or Low Carb but they have way more options than Pizza. From Zoodles with Scampi, to rich salads and my favorite: The Ribeye with Asparagus and Arugula. THE best!

Follow along to learn more about ordering and eating at California Pizza Kitchen and finding the best Keto friendly meal for you!

If you’re wondering about more Keto friendly places like restaurants, bakeries and shop, take a peek at the Keto Anywhere world map with close to 1000 recommended places

All videos and tips shared work for a Low Carb diet as well.

My aim is to share in #short bites all you need to know to get started on Keto.

Comment what questions about Low Carb or Keto you have and I’ll add to the series!

Thank you and Keto on!

About me: I’ve been eating Keto for 3+ years. Live in the suburbs of Chicago and love helping people learn more about this way of eating and help as needed in sustaining this lifestyle wherever you go and are. It can be easy to Keto anywhere!

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