How to Start a KETO Diet for Weight Loss (Full Plan)

keto diet plan
keto diet plan

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Learn how to do A KETOGENIC DIET for Weight Loss with this FULL MEAL PLAN. This guide will teach you exactly how to use keto to lose weight. You’ll learn how to get into ketosis faster, mistakes to avoid, how to do the diet correctly, and how to select the best high fat, low carb foods for meal prep. Enjoy the video!

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Benefits of Keto 1:33
Standard Keto Diet 2:29
Avoid These Foods 3:19
Vegetables 3:59
Protein 4:30
Fats 4:45
You’ll Feel These Changes 5:25
Speed Up Ketosis 6:29
Signs of Ketosis 7:33
Variations of the Keto Diet 8:47
Sticking to the Diet Long Term 10:44
Alcohol 12:04
Supplements 12:42
Is this Diet Ideal for You? 14:06

While the ketogenic diet may be growing in popularity there are a lot of people jumping into it without knowing what they’re doing. And even though keto can help you lose weight and burn fat, it’ll only help you do that if you do it right. So I want to give you guys a step by step guide that’ll allow you to properly set up your own ketogenic diet from scratch. I’m gonna give you everything you need including what foods to eat, how much to eat based on your individual body, how to get into ketosis faster, what supplements to take, as well as the benefits, side effects and much much more. First let’s start with the basics. A ketogenic diet is high fat, moderate protein, low carb diet. And the goal is to get you into a state known as ketosis. Normally your body uses glucose or carbohydrates as it’s primary source of energy, but ketosis is a state where your body doesn’t have enough glucose to use for energy so it switches over to primarily using fats for fuel instead. As your body becomes more fat adapted it becomes more efficient at using the dietary fat that you get from the food you eat and it becomes more efficient at breaking down stored body fat for energy as well. This is what helps many people lose a lot of weight on the ketogenic diet. Besides losing weight other benefits include reduced blood sugar, improved insulin sensitivity, improved blood triglyceride levels, higher levels of hdl cholesterol or the good kind of cholesterol, lower levels of ldl or the “bad’ cholesterol, less acne, and many people report experiencing less hunger than they would on a typical calorie restricted diet plan. Now even though a keto diet can help provide all of these benefits, many people mess it up from the beginning because they have no targets for the day. Instead they just avoid carbs, and eat as much protein and fatty foods as they want, assuming that as long as they keep their carbs low they’ll burn fat. Even though low carb diets, will usually automatically restrict your calories and lower your insulin levels, (2) if you over eat protein and fat you can gain weight the same way you would by overeating carbs. So to start the ketogenic diet the first thing you’ll want to do is figure out about how much protein, carbs, and fats you should be having everyday based on your particular body. A standard keto diet will have only about 5 percent of your daily calories coming from carbs, 75 percent of your daily calories coming from fat, and only 20 percent of your calories coming from protein. The easiest way to figure out exactly what this means for you and how much you should be eating is by using my free fat loss calculator that can be found by clicking the link in the description below. After you input your stats like your height and your weight your macro results will load. Once they load, just select the ketogenic dieting option to find your daily protein, fat, and carb targets. Keep in mind you don’t have to track your macros forever, but it’s a good idea to do it for at least a few days so you can make sure that you’re not eating too much or too little. Something that you’ll notice right away is that your carbs are very low, so it’s important…

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1. Keto diets help reduce appetite:

2. Low Carb diets result in more weight loss without calorie restrictions:

3. Leucine can help with ketosis

4. Exogenous ketones may inhibit ketogenesis


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  1. Love love love your content but just a heads up some good feedback if you would like it – viewers like short get to the point videos – under 5 minutes…and under 3 is super affective. We do not like or need a lot of introduction or chitchat or fluff – just being honest. Of course some topics take more content but we like it when it is broken up into different videos. I watched a few of yours but the ones but didn't finish most of them. I usually don't watch people videos that long because we're on here viewing several things so someone who can deliver information quickly and concisely is very important hopefully you will take this information and feedback because I do want to continue watching your content and we'll check back periodically to see if you do have some shorter videos.

  2. I'm not a quitter but I couldn't go through with the keto diet because it made me feel awful. Then I tried the Agoge diet and I lost so much fat, and most importantly no more cellulite.

  3. In my opinion the Agoge diet is the best diet available, you lose fat fast and feel energetic.

  4. I did keto and lost 40 lbs but I'm ready to go back to carbs, do you have a video on how to come off keto and to not gain weight back

  5. I thought drinking period on a kept diet could be near fatal. Since your liver is already working overtime to produce the sugar your brain needs. The liver produces the sugar from your protein correct. Or does it produce the sugar needed from the fat stores in your body.

  6. Yeah, but be realistic, what kind of meal can you eat everyday that contains 20% protein and 75% fat? 1 chicken breast and 6 sticks of butter?

  7. The calculator doesn’t work for me, never shows results after I type my name and email, anything advice?

  8. What about amino acid work out drink ? Can I take it while I’m working out during ketogenic diet ? Also , I’m doing military diet , my baby is 7 months old. In 14 days I lost only 6 pounds . How can I improve ? Please reply me

  9. Max, once again very informative and helpful. You cover the ketogenic diet very well. I was hoping to hear more from you about the relationship between carbs and insulin production. Especially how a carb-free diet allows for very low insulin levels thereby allowing adipose cells to release plenty of ketone bodies for the muscles during a workout. You touched on it briefly in the intro. I've also learned a lot from your videos on bulking or cutting. It would seem that a ketogenic diet can allow a bodybuilder to do a clean bulking phase and lose body fat at the same time. Thus no need to alternate between bulking and cutting phases. Your thoughts?

  10. This is literally the best, most conclusive, informative, yet short in length video that I've seen on how to get started on keto! I have been looking for a video that answers straight forward: "how in the world do I start keto?!" Now I finally feel like I have direction! Thank you so much!

  11. Salt?????? And how for someone who has high blood pressure. Its not ok to intake too much of it. Like my self.

  12. I have actually been reading that ketosis are very beneficial to endurance sports, I know personally of iron man triathletes benefitting from ketones…

  13. What happens if you don’t eat enough fats but still meeting your protein and carb goals

  14. Why is it assumed that if you're eating Keto you're trying to lose fat.
    Keto is a life saving diet, however I wish to gain weight.
    How do you do it on Keto?

  15. 'If you're pregnant it might not be for you'

    What do Maasai, Inuits and Nenets eat whilst theyre pregnant then? I'm assuming its still beef, whale, seal, reindeer, fish etc

  16. Okay so the one thing that wasnt mentioned was the amount of calories i should eat , i burn around 1800calories doing nothing (went through a machine to get this information) and at the end of all my workouts (i workout monday-friday) i do Stairmaster until it says i burned 400calories with manual settings on such as entering your body weight etc.. so thats a total of 2200 calories plus my job at a warehouse but idk how much im burning doing that but lets just say i burn 2400total how much calories should i intake?

  17. No don't do keto, keto dragged me to hospital, now I had stones in my stomach, doctors said me that was keto effect don't do! Say no to keto

  18. im not munch of cooker can i eat the same breakfast lunch and dinner everyday or is that an issue

  19. I used the website to get a recommended keto plan but I’m not understanding if I should take 120 carbs a day or is that a weekly amount?

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