How to Start Keto – The Ultimate Beginners Guide, Watch This!

Keto For Beginners
Keto For Beginners

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In this video I explain how to start the keto (ketogenic) diet! This is the ultimate beginners guide! You will learn how to calculate a net carb, what macros are and the best way to start! as well as important tips to help you succeed with keto and intermittent fasting! You will also see my keto before and after! This video was recorded a couple years ago, to watch the most updated version:

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29 thoughts on “How to Start Keto – The Ultimate Beginners Guide, Watch This!”

  1. I dropped 26 lbs in 48 days on lazy keto. I didn't focus on high fat, but I did cut carbs.
    So, no red meat, dairy, sugars, carbs, garbage foods, grazing in between meals…chicken and eggs are ok.
    Here's what really did it,
    Intermittent fasting!
    Skipping breakfast and having a healthy-low carb meal at 1 or 2 pm then again at 6pm.
    No eating in between.
    It was hard at first but after a week things became easier.
    Now I'm in maintenance mode.
    I'll even enjoy an occasional keto pizza, or keto chocolate cake.
    If I can do it, anyone can.

  2. You are exactly right!!! All the diet information is for the food manufacturers industry to feed us like farm animals

  3. This is the actual human diet. Been on it for 2 years and will never change. Mainly carnivore now but I eat keto 3 times a week.

  4. I’m just so confused on HOW MUCH TO EAT. Not what to eat but how much ? No one talks about that when u start. I get what foods to eat n not to eat. I just need to know how to calculate how much????

  5. This was a good video and you covered it all . I was full on keto for a 1 1/2 years and last November I fell off and now 7 months later of I’m restarting keto with my daughter. I’m ready to feel good again. Keto is great and it’s fun to come up with Alternatives like flavored coffee creamers and using 2 tablespoons of heavy whipping cream and sugar free to Toronto syrup instead.

  6. U should explain macros and net carbs before talking about tracking them. I have no idea wthtr.

  7. I'm new at this,. I just came across to your channel,. Don't know to much about keto diet,. I got to lose 72 pounds… 😁😊👍🤗☺️

  8. When it comes to food and the American diet it’s really quite simple. We’ve been sold an addiction based upon a Marketing Goals

  9. everytime I start I give up…How to stick with the diet …is my problem …I am addicted to sugar 😢

  10. Think about it….years ago they didn't have processed foods…it was meat, vegetables…..some carbs but very low. Fat full breakfast……large fat full lunch then a light dinner. We have way to much processed foods now..full of useless carbs that's why we are so fat now. I lost 40 lbs On keto and feel more energetic. I cheat on occasion but then get back to it.

  11. I started keto since 2 weeks ans was happy but last week I'm rona+. Now I stopped and eating normal. I'm ok. Only tired issue from rona. When should I restart or shouldn't I stoped?

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