How to Test for Ketones

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Testing for ketones is relevant for people with type 1 diabetes.

In type 1 diabetes, a lack of insulin can lead to higher levels of ketones which in turn could lead to a dangerous state called ketoacidosis.

Diabetes UK recommends people with type 1 diabetes test for ketones if blood glucose levels become high –usually above 15 mmol/L.

Testing for ketones in this way can help you to get advice and treatment before the level of ketones becomes dangerous.

Testing for ketones:


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  1. I came here to see how actually should you do it, how to dip the stick in urine and how to read results. Theory I can read in the product ambalage.

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  4. Furthermore using urine to measure ketones works for 2-3 days maximum and your body says “oh Shit” let’s hold up on pissing that energy away and they stop showing up in urine. Blood tests for home use are the way to go. Our modern medicine is not good for dietary advice, if it was we wouldn’t have an overweight lady talking to us about “sugar”

  5. This information is sketchy at best. First of all listening to an overweight person regarding health is never a good idea. I have been practising ketosis for a while and if you have ketones in your blood it means a few things. 1 – you are not fat adapted, your body is pissing them out and this stops pretty quickly when following a keto type diet. Number 2. To be in ketosis your blood sugar must be low. You are either burning fat or glucose. Your body won’t do both. As for type One diabetics you need to talk with a doctor who understands and supports a low carb diet. Autophagy is what some of us aim for, which is therapeutic healing of its self. In short getting rid of proteins it doesn’t need that are damaged.

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  12. why does my urine keto strip read dark purple 4.0+ but then one min later my blood ketones are only 0.9… confused

  13. I am a hormone doctor and have an active educational channel. The urine tests for acetoacetate. The blood tests for hydroxybutyrate. If ketone is more than 3, the more at risk of developing DKA! Remember, you can still have ketoacidosis in type 2 diabetics – especially if you take SGLT-2 medication (e.g. -glifozin)

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  15. Ketones, ketones, ketones… the word may make you want to run a mile but it is important to know what they are and how to test for them!

    The presence of high levels of ketones in the bloodstream is a common… 

  16. Hi I start the Atkins diet am in week one in day two and I am trying morning test after wake up but it shows negative always how long should I weight to see result please help thanks

  17. Does this not apply to Type two diabetics on insulin and / or other medication? I'm type two and my doctor prescribes these for me.

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