How to use ketone test strips & how to read the results

keto sticks nz
keto sticks nz

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Watch the full video review from the experienced user who explains in detail below.

In this video we review the Mission ketone test strips for urine. Mission Ketone test strips are available in 100 strip vials. This demonstration shows how to use ketone test strips to test a urine sample for ketones, and discusses how ketone test strips work. The video also gives directions on how to store the test strips & shows how to read the results using a ketone test strips chart . Ketone test strips can be purchased online in UK from Valuemed


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37 thoughts on “How to use ketone test strips & how to read the results”

  1. Anyone know what it means when the strip goes really dark/grey? Many thanks 😊 🇬🇧❤

  2. People always talk about getting a six pack, I just wanted a flat stomach. But the keto diet was unbearable for me. I tried the Agoge diet and so far have awesome results. Highly recommended!

  3. I tried using this for Thc and I was like damn I passed after 10 days of not smoking 😂😂

  4. why does my urine keto strip read dark purple but then one min later my blood ketones are only 0.9… confused

  5. I’m the second last to the last darkness but I do a 16 hour fast everyday and drinks tons of water. Actually I have one glass of coffee in the morning and then it’s literally just water all day. Is it okay ?

  6. So if I test me piss and it's the first after 5 days keto is that good ?? Or is the last shade good ?

  7. Basically the darker the color the more fat you are burning because you are in ketosis and if it is not the 2nd last 2 darkest colors follow the ratio for 75% fats 20%protien and 5%carbs. Eat lots of avocado because it has no taste after putting it in the fridge and boost up you physical activity level.

  8. If it’s dark, can it be dangerous? The only info it has on the instructions is that you might be dehydrated if it’s really dark… I’m to confused so which color is the one that’s good to be on?

  9. 3 going into 4 weeks on the Keto Diet, lost a few pounds nothing I hadn’t before. My urine sample didn’t change colour. So that means no ketones present? And that it needs to be darker….right? Just watched Dr Berg not in Ketosis he says a few examples yet to do “intermittent fasting” is one of them!

  10. I have the same ketone sticks and the patient information leaflet says to wait 40 secs until you check the shade, not 2 mins

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