I Lost Over 20lbs Drinking THIS SHAKE Almost Everyday For 12 Weeks

keto meal replacement - double chocolate milkshake
keto meal replacement – double chocolate milkshake

Looking for keto meal replacement – double chocolate milkshake ??

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This is my go-to weight loss shake and weight loss smoothie recipe! I’ve had this drink almost every day for the past 12 weeks and lost over 20 pounds in that amount of time. With that said, there’s nothing “special” about this recipe, that will make you lose weight any faster than drinking any other kind of shake or smoothie, but there are a few reasons why I think this drink works so well for me and can work well for you too. I’ll tell you all about those reasons, and more in this recipe! Hope you enjoy it.

WRITTEN RECIPE (printable):

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Things I used to make the shake:

Almond Milk:

Black Cocoa Powder:

Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup:

PEScience Vanilla Protein Powder:

Vanilla Pudding Mix:

1 cup milk of choice (240ml)
1 small/medium banana (100g)
3 Tbsps sugar free chocolate milk (45g)
3 tbsps (15g) black cocoa powder
1 scoop prescience vanilla
2-3 cups of ice defending if using frozen bananas

No banana option

Just use 1/4 packet 10g SF Vanilla pudding mix
Use cows milk for recipe…i like fairlife.
3 cups ice


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29 thoughts on “I Lost Over 20lbs Drinking THIS SHAKE Almost Everyday For 12 Weeks”

  1. Hope ya'll love the shake…if you make a 50oz like I like to do definitely tag me on IG!

  2. News flash!! You could have a mcdonald's shake and lose wieght! Its all about a calorie deficit people!

  3. Can I use frozen mango chunks instead of the frozen banana and Lactose free milk instead of almond milk? Thanks and keep up the great work 👍

  4. It just hit me that most of the stereotypical stupid jocks probably know the imperial system better than the average American..

  5. A fat creamy shake might be just what the doctor ordered for a guy in the morning 👍

  6. Im confused.. You said "PACKED" with protein and it keeps you satiated.. But it's only 25 grams… That's not a lot at all, especially for a guy that's only like 15%… But it looks good! For your first protein meal

  7. you do not lose weight by eating something. you lose weight by not eating something. I know that might be obvious but believe me despite the description some people simply do not understand.

  8. What are the total calories in the entire 50oz. shake? How many carbs? Did you eat dinner or ONLY drink this during your weight loss? No way could I be happy on just a shake a day? I'm not into just liquid diets.

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