I took a Keto Supplement for a week and couldn't believe what happened! 😮

ketokor new formula
ketokor new formula

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What can I say? We all have our slip-ups. I went on vacation for a week and gained quite a lot of weight! When I got home I was determined to lose the weight! I did just that with the help of on keto supplement.

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I use PatchMD multivitamin. I eat one meal a day. My meal is low carb (keto/carnivore). I don’t always feel like I am eating enough or getting enough essential vitamins and minerals. This is an excellent vitamin. Buy yours here:

The detox I used was Pro Detox

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This video is about I took a Keto Supplement for a week and couldn’t believe what happened!


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  2. First thing first you look great and I’m glad this works for you, I have gained 67 lbs for some reason, I weighed 185 my adult life now I swelled up to 147 and just went on this for a week and it seems to be working

  3. I am researching Ketones, but have to say that the carnivore diet seems unhealthy to me. I don't know a ton about it but just off the top, I'm kinda hesitant. You look amazing!

  4. The carnivore diet also is the only thing I’ve had a little success with but I just started!!

  5. Does it make a difference starting the Keto before 6 supplement while being on my period? I ask because while being on my period I become bloated and retain more water. Will I see any difference on weight loss? Or should I wait until my period is over?

  6. Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you!! You are so inspiring!! I’m definitely gonna try this out! Just had baby #3 (got pregnant about 5 months after baby #2) so I need to shed some pounds!! Wish me luck!!! I will come back to update!! Thank you 😁😁 question.. what did you eat or snack on until dinner time ? ❤️

  7. Has anyone else tried this product? I’m going to try again but so far no results😕 maybe because I wasn’t doing the carnivore diet

  8. Talk to your doctor first before trying any of these produce, every body is different…

  9. Wow. Amazing result. I have been doing keto for 3 weeks and I have only lost 7 pounds😪

  10. I love how you showed yourself in the SAME outfit and your meals were SO simple. Can’t wait to do this tomorrow!!! Thank you!

  11. Does this have caffeine in it? I’ve tried a different supplement that apparently had huge amounts pf caffeine and felt like my heart was gonna explode so jw

  12. I've lost 90lbs on my own just by changing my food calorie/carb intake over the last 11 months and now I'm near my goal weight of 154 so I needed this advice and encouragement because the closer I get to my goal weight the more my weight slows….I'm ready for a supplement..👏👏🙌👍

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