Interpretation of the Urinalysis (Part 2) – The Dipstick

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Check the whole video from the experienced user who explains in detail below.

An overview of the urine dipstick, including both how to check it as well as interpret the various possible findings.


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50 thoughts on “Interpretation of the Urinalysis (Part 2) – The Dipstick”

  1. I'm still not clear on this, do you pee in a container then put the dipstick in that, or do you slide it directly into the "main tank"?

  2. since pH of 5 or lower means low excretion of H+, and pH or 7 to 8 is higher H+ excretion, what about pH of 6?

  3. I stumbled here after searching all over for hours. i was trying to understand the fixed SG for AKI patient. I am so grateful. God bless you.

  4. Have you heard of Turmeric powder and or ginger powder causes urine to be slightly very very pale fluorescent green ?

    I only thought asparagus did this 😊

  5. What if the color of a particular result on the strip doesn’t remotely match any of the test result colors displayed on the box?

  6. I have had large leucocytes in my urine for last 6 urine tests .Urine ph is 5 for 8months and well as micro blood. Gravity hangs around 1.010 my Urination go to frequent to hardly any .. slight stomache pain and weight loss. doctor does not want to address this. He says I am woman and blood is normal in urine and to just eat more sleep more.. is this normal? should I go elsewhere for help Thank you

  7. I find this too technical. I’d like to be able to know do I have a bladder infection? Which one do I look at, what is a normal reading, what is a high reading indicating a bladder infection.

  8. Hi, I know this is an old video but hopefully you will still see this. I haven't been well for a few years with ME/fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism and hypothalamic dysfunction. I have had very little thirst for years and can go all day without drinking or urinating so I thought it might be a good idea to keep an eye on my kidneys as far as I could. Plus I have very dark, cloudy urine a lot of the time. I bought some strips; when you have so many complaints you really don't want to bother doctors with every symptom or concern. I have been using them properly and have a photographic record.
    No leukocytes or nitrites. Small traces of protein.
    But this is the thing that puzzled me and I can't find any help in analysing it; 4 tests over 3 days in a row, my PH varied from right at the top of the scale to almost the bottom and back again, covering that range in one day.
    Day 1 (17:30) – PH 8.5, Day 2 (13:55) – PH 5.5, Also Day 2 (22:19) – PH 8.5 , Day 3 (12:02) – PH 5.5.
    Day 2, low PH coincided with blood at +25
    Both low PH results coincided with high SG.
    I have done 2 tests at each time just to double check and because I have plenty of strips anyway.
    If you can help explain what this might mean that would be fantastic. Let's say you've helped already as I now have this all typed out if I have to take to a doctor. 😊
    I would really rather avoid that if it's not necessary, just to avoid that look on their face as soon as you start talking about taking medical matters into your own hands.

  9. Wow thank you so much for this video. I don't know why I was struggling reading a urine test strip, now I know how to use it correctly.

  10. I know of one other cause of a false positive heme test in urine. That is menstruation. Of course, if you are getting a urinalysis from a patient with a catheter, it isn't an issue. But if it is from your average female patient and she happens to be on her period when you get the urinalysis, then contamination with menstrual fluid will likely occur to the point that the urine looks red and turbid and thus any test for blood will be positive because the urine got contaminated by uterine bleeding.


  12. Thank you for the videos… These are so well designed that anybody can understand and evaluate one's UA report.
    I have still a question … I had a UTI 1 month ago and hospitalised due to repeated fever, severe sweating and fall in sodium level..also due to the Hydrochloro thyazine component in my hypertension medication…. Now I am quite Okay ..but my recent UA report shows that I have Plenty of pus cells along with bacteria ( with double positive sign in bracket)… Culture report is still to come,,, No symptom … Taking L-cin as prescribed by the doctor. Why it is still present ???? please demonstrate ..

  13. I have the urinalysis test strips. My question is do i need to do this first thing in the morning after i wake up ?

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