Is a keto diet sustainable?

What Is Keto Diet
What Is Keto Diet

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Have you heard that a keto or very low carb diet is difficult to stick with and not sustainable in the long run? We have too. But we disagree. We have hundreds of inspirational stories on our site that show it is sustainable, and now Virta Health published 3.5 year data showing compliance that it is as good as or better than most other dietary studies. Don’t believe the information. Keto is sustainable for many.

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21 thoughts on “Is a keto diet sustainable?”

  1. I can't get full…. I always want to eat carb… Specifically bread pasta pizza…. I'm dying….

  2. All I hear is weight loss. I'm disgusted by overweight bodies. I'm trying to gain weight but also suffering from years of stomach problems. Practically all diets can help you lose weight. What's the true benefits of keeping your body in constant keto? I know questioning anyone's diet is the same as questioning their faith

  3. All low carb dieters need to think the late Dr Atkins he was scorned for recommending low carb lifestyle but he has been proven right

  4. People ask me, “Isn’t keto expensive?” but I’ve found living on fast food, sodas & sweets all day, everyday was a lot more expensive than eating grass fed, wild caught & organic once or twice a day. For me keto is financially sustainable, as well. Approaching year 4!

  5. I’m more curious about the environmental sustainability and impact of a high red meat/cheese/egg etc diet ?

  6. A better way of life would be to buy good quality food in the first place, not garbage that kills your body.
    Oh, I forgot America is a junkfood and GMO paradise. Mind me not! >__<

  7. Im actually on my Keto Diet journey with strictly Fast Food Restaurants on my youtube channel. This video was awesome! Wish me luck!

  8. I think that keto is sustainable, especially if you have a work-from-home job & a house where your dietary choices have no outside influences. People who work in an office have birthday cake or donuts in the breakroom or conferences where "refreshments" are served or have business dinners at Italian restaurants, etc. You also have people on welfare who have bread delivered to their apartment buildings and may have to go to food banks where bread, pasta, peanut butter, etc is very available because those are cheap foods so people on welfare have enormous influence to eat carbs to get through the month. My particular church synod has food like cookies at just about every Bible study, particularly between Sunday services (when there are two tables of carb-filled food which is basically the same if I join them for a meal like after a Vespers service).

  9. Of course it is sustainable. The only way to find out is to try it like I am now. You won't know unless you try.

  10. I've been on keto for 6 months and am doing very well, plus there are so many delicious recipes online now, one can't miss carbs that much. And I'm not having much fat. Just no carbs and no sugar.

  11. Such awesome information! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! This is great for KETO diet to be seen as a great lifestyle. Since eating Ketogenic, I've lost over 25 pounds so far and my arthritis pain cut in half and my sugar levels are more stable… KETO ROCKS!

  12. It's not because most idiots eat nuts and walnuts thinking those are fats. You need 80% saturated animal fat. Brains too since animal brains are mostly fat. You guys literally know nothing about ketosis. All humans in nature are in ketosis eating raw meat and fat. This is a joke. Even babies at the start are in ketosis. All animals are in ketosis. Herbivores ferment the grass they eat and digest it into saturated fat. And hormones are made from fat so go figure why bulls are muscular and you morons eating nuts and sugar have way lower testosterone than your ancestors. Peace from the smartest person in this comment section.

  13. So right , Dr Scher. " Think you can or think you can't, either way, you're right." So many people don't want to put in any effort or thought. They just want a pill and to be able to continue doing what made them sick or fat.

  14. I do two days of keto eating, followed by a carb load day. I do this all the time. Twice a year I do a two day fast of water, black coffee, tea.

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