IS FRUIT KETO? Answers to questions about fruit allowed on the keto diet

keto fruit
keto fruit

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Answering a common question on the keto diet – Is fruit Keto??? I get asked this a lot and the answer is mostly yes, but a little bit of no – it depends on the fruit. There are lots of fruits that are keto friendly – any fruit that is low in net carbs and sugar is technically keto friendly. From berries to pumpkin there are many keto approved fruits that are allowed on a low carb diet.



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00:00 Intro
00:22 Is Fruit Keto?
01:44 Strawberries
02:14 Care/of Sponsor
03:49 Raspberries
04:17 Blackberries
04:53 Blueberries
05:19 Keto Fruit Salad
06:28 Avocados
07:08 Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Avocados
08:26 Tomatoes
09:42 Keto Pizza Sauce
11:28 Cucumber
11:57 Cucumber Salmon Bites
12:50 Coconut
14:49 Peppers
15:52 Pumpkin & Squash
16:56 Olives
17:23 Green Olive & Garlic Alfredo
18:39 Green Beans
18:57 Bacon & Green Beans

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44 thoughts on “IS FRUIT KETO? Answers to questions about fruit allowed on the keto diet”

  1. I've struggled with this for a while now. Thanks so much for the help. 🍓🥑🍇🥥
    I so miss my bananas and apples. 🍏🍎🍌🥰

  2. I once had to get many stiches in my head ,my Dr. Told me to take bone meal tablets,it really made my hair grow really fast!!!

  3. Throw a meatball, ricotta, a pepperoni slice or two, a tiny spoon of sauce and mozzarella in a pepper (Red in particular), bake that 😋😋😋😋

  4. Thank you for the great information. I love berries and have to pace myself not to overeat. Awesome tips and info.

  5. This is one of your best videos. The information is so crucial for healthy eating and Keto diet. Thank you for taking the time and for the recipes.

  6. The buffalo chicken and avocado recipe looked delicious- UNTIL it was mentioned that the avocado goes into the oven. I find cooked avocados to be not so tasty. I much prefer them raw.

  7. Super, super useful information.
    Thank you very much 🥰🥰🥰
    I am on a Keto for 2 months now, I keep watching your videos for recipes, follow them 100%, and i am very happy 💖💖💖
    Thank you for your hard work to put all of your ideas into videos.
    You have a such charming personality and I love watching you 🥰🥰
    Your recipes are just GREAT 🤗🤗🤗
    Thank you

  8. I nearly died back on February this year with diabetic problem. My numbers were nearing 700 and l was connected to plasma, saline, high alert insulin, and another bottle on my right arm anti-coagulant to keep all the fluids flowing. The doctors told me dodged a bullet. They told me l would be on insulin for the rest of my life. I have been a role model according to my doctor who has told me know longer need insulin. However he has kept me on gila monster venom aka Victoza. My numbers stay around 75 to 125 now and l almost never use insulin anymore and l still wear a glucose sensor just to stay safe. I never leave the green square on my app hardly, and when l do it's just barley there for 10 minutes or so before it goes back in to the green zone again. My diet is all keto now except the occasional soda or cookie. Life has returned to normal.

  9. Love your videos! Use your recipes all the time. I don’t see the link for the vanilla syrup. Thanks again 😊

  10. ANYTHING is Keto if you measure the total and net Carbs and keep them in the range. You could choose to put a teaspoon of sugar in your breakfast coffee (4.2 carbs) and as long as you had only 2-4 other carbs with that meal and kept the other 2 meals around 6 carbs, you're still under 30 carbs/day and so you're Keto. It's not about something "being" or "not being" Keto… it's about measuring carbs.

  11. Whenever I have tomatoes that are in danger of being "past their use-by" I put them in the freezer whole. Then once in a while when I have a reasonable amount of them, I take them out of the freezer, run under cold water tap for half a minute, and then the skin just comes off so easy!

  12. I wish you wouldn't talk about "cups" as a measurement. It is SO inaccurate, as it depends on whether the thing being measured is small or large (eg, sliced strawberries versus whole) and also, the size of a measuring cup is different depending on where you live! What's so difficult about grams or ounces? Even worse is to refer to a "serve". Totally meaningless!!

  13. Just eat the whole container of berries!!Or youll end up tgrowing out tge whoke thing when there's mold 2 days later!!

  14. There was a video where they opened the blackberries on the bush there were white little worms inside. I havent eaten a blackberry since!!

  15. I could absolutely eat more than a cup of berries in one sitting. I've stopped doing it, but I have many times pre-keto and it would be easy to again 🙁

  16. The cucumber bites sound delicious. I might add some capers!

    Thanks for the great recipes. I didn’t know most of these were fruits!

    Pretty blouse

  17. “There’s no way you are gonna eat a cup of blueberries!” Oh you really don’t know me 🤦🏻‍♂️
    Awesome video, always very interesting!

  18. Changing to a keto lifestyle was sustainable for me because I included berries. It helps me so much. Thank you for your ideas. Xxx

  19. I normally have my fruit in smoothies usually a cup and a half of mixed berries with 1 cup nut milk some chocolate protein powder some cinnamon and maybe canned coconut cream or heavy cream for a more cream texture I will sometimes add some avocado I do low carb I tried keto but found it unsustainable for me I got good results but was unhappy with the limited food Choices trying to stay under 50 carbs so i moved up to low carb between 80 to 95 carbs per day and have found a better balance and happy lifestyle using keto recipes but getting to eat more of it and having wiggle room with fruit

  20. Great information. Thanks for helping set us down a good and yummy road

  21. Will definitely be making the fruit salad!

    I actually still eat watermelon because you can still have some of almost every fruit as long as you look up nutritional info to know how much carbs are in fruit, and actually all food, are in each gram. I am good with 40-45g of watermelon every so often to satisfy my craving. That's less than 4g carbs (2.8g of NATURE'S natural sugar).

  22. I love your top 👍 and I have CD and IBS, lactose and nightshade intolerance and kiwi,pineapple and anything vimto, I enjoy watching your videos

  23. I do not see a jalopeno as a fruit it a veggie to me lol and does not found watermelon has seeds and come from plant and keto say I can not have that that is fruit

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