Is Keto Diet Safe for Kids?

What Is The Keto Diet
What Is The Keto Diet

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Some parents have been putting their kids on the popular keto diet.

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26 thoughts on “Is Keto Diet Safe for Kids?”

  1. the keto diet was originated in the 1920s to treat epilepsy. it has nothing to do with losing weight. HOWEVER, now people saw it reverses insulin resistance and beta cell failure, and helps lose weight.

    I would never take dietary advice from western medicine. they have 1 day of nutrition in med school, and their entire business plan is to prescribe drug to only reduce symptoms.

    In this case, I think it's criminal to even suggest keto diet could be unsafe for children. It was created for children.

  2. Foots I ate on keto. Broccoli, kale, spinach, Brussels sprouts, zucchini and yellow squash, cauliflower. Eat these along with fruits like blueberries and avacados. It’s not all about bacon and eggs

  3. Keto works. But it’s a long term lifestyle. You can have cheat meals on occasion. You’ll need to get creative to keep things interesting. Because as soon as you decide to switch back to carbs you’ll put on about 10 pounds of water weight and the fat will eventually come back.

  4. Comparing bacon to avocado is just dumb. "Guess which one I prefer you eat?" Uuuuh…avocado??? Sounds like he's saying that the plant based element of keto is fine but the meat/animal fat part is not. Not true. They have two different nutritional profiles, but he's just repeating the outdated rhetoric that bacon is somehow 'bad for you.' Time to put Dr. Keys's slanted "research" to bed once and for all.

  5. The moment she said "our brain functions carbohydrates and we need it" I knew she's one of those who are a bit ignorant.

  6. people don't need "snacks" spiking insulin level all day leads to chronic disease. Chronic eating=chronic inflamation.

  7. the logic of these "DOCTORS" is mindblowing…"Kids need 60% of their diet from carbs, the brain needs sugars"…" but I do agree we need to eliminate the amount of carbs we eat" Then what do we feed them? Ridiculous

  8. Keto should not be followed by healthy people, and there must be medical supervision. If you want to get rid of fat or cellulite then definitely try the Agoge diet, it worked wonders for me..

  9. My two boys are on healthy keto and they’re loving it. These are conventional doctors and of course they would think so. The brain prefer ketones instead of glucose. Lol. Our brain is made mostly of fats. Ketones are a cleaner fuel than glucose. Why not teach our kids to put the right food in the body to prevent diseases. You wonder why we have high epidemic of obesity in the United States. Healthy keto is not just bacon. These doctors need to really educate themselves more.

  10. Keto has been shown to be unhealthy in numerous studies, especially without doctor supervision. The Agoge diet was the only diet that helped me get rid of that stubborn fat without punishing my body.

  11. It's so hard to listen to this utter non-sense. By cutting carbohydrates you put the kids under risk of vitamin deficiencies!? Fiber deficiencies!?

    There's no need to eliminate carbohydrates, because there's no need to include them in first place. Homo sapiens and all other species in its lineage have evolved on high amounts of animal-sourced foods for million of years.
    Humans have introduced carbohydrates very recently in evolutionary terms and since then we witness a surge in metabolic diseases.

  12. I started Keto and even thou I’m not making my kids do it they just naturally end up doing it with me. They are actually gaining weight while I’m loosing. I do the interment to fasting where I only eat between 10am-6pm, so we wake up around 7-8 and they eat breakfast (usually cereal or something they can make themselves)while I do my morning exercises, when they are done with breakfast they normally join me, at 10 I make my breakfast, I make enough for everyone, and they will eat again with me, I make our lunch which is normally some sort of meat and veggies, we eat whole fruit as a snack (strawberries, blueberries, cherries, etc.) they have yogurt always in the fridge that they can eat as a snack, then I make a healthy Keto dinner for everyone. I’m a busy parent I don’t have the time to make 2 separate lunches and 2 separate dinners so my kids just eat whatever I make and can snack and around when they are hungry. All my kids are making their weight milestones and exceeding their developmental milestones.

  13. People on keto eat fiber. Low carb vegetables. As far your body needing sugar your body makes glucose. AKA sugar. If they are eating enough protein you don't need to consume the carbs.

  14. Actually whole grain anything is bad for kids because it blocks zinc which is essential for brain development.

  15. Shame on you Cracker Jack box doctors. Pediatricians are a joke and spend hardly any time studying nutrition. It is a known FACT that your body creates the glycogen it needs.

  16. "Almond butter on whole wheat is an amazing snack for children and adults!"

    Unless you have…
    – type 1 diabetes
    – type 2 diabetes
    – prediabetic
    – celiac disease
    – metabolic syndrome
    – autism
    – hypoglycemia

    …or any of the other growing prediagnosed conditions which are growing rapidly in childhood from the SAD diet.

  17. I’m 15 i weigh like 170 and I’m 6’0 do you think it’s a bad idea to start keto?

  18. There are important Fatty acids and Protein Chains but no important Carbohydrates

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