it works keto coffee pods salted caramel
it works keto coffee pods salted caramel

Looking for it works keto coffee pods salted caramel ??

Watch the whole video review from the experienced user who explains in detail below.

IT WORKS KETO COFFEE REVIEW: This is a review of the it works coffee packets. Watch to see if they are worth it or not!

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IT WORKS keto coffee:

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  1. Girl I had the same reaction as you, wasn't for me either but I don't wanna waste it for the price…Had to mix with my own coffee lol Was totally Disappointed too🙄Love watching ur vids

  2. Invader coffee has some of the best coffee I’ve ever had! I love how the original invader blend is air roasted, preventing the beans from being too acidic or burnt, but my favorite coffee that they offer is the mexican chocolate. It is the smoothest best flavored coffee blend that I have ever had!! Another good blend that I’ve tried is the Whiskey blend which is my third favorite. No bitterness yet deep flavor, it is to die for!! Finally I love how the company is run by a vertern and how the website is super user friendly and delivery is fast and on time. I highly, highly, highly suggest you get yourself some invader coffee.

  3. Thank you for your honest review about the It Works coffee. I'm gonna stick with Cafe Bustello lol

  4. I see it as it doesn’t really matter whether it tastes good or not, just as long as it helps with weight loss 🙂

  5. I had the same felling you had , was so disappointed, I’m going to just mix it with my own coffee. What do you think ?! I’m just not a fan but not wanting to go to waste 😬

  6. I have never tried drinking coffee from a straw,. putting the keto coffee in a shaker glass and shaking it up good and pouring it into a coffee cup works for me.

  7. I usually put heavy whipping cream & stevia to make it creamy and a bit sweet. I didn’t like it by itself

  8. Well…. I’m about to find out what mine taste like either today or tomorrow. First time. I love coffee as well. Thanks for the review

  9. Thank you for an honest review!! I made a video reviewing the ItWorks Keto Coffee on my channel as well! ps. you are stunning!

  10. You look marvelous👍👍👍 ,but you look in pain drinking that product.I’m sure you will inform us of a worthy alternative. Keep the videos coming. How about some holiday Keto friendly treats!

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