It's the TYPE of Carbs on Keto That Matter

how many carbs on keto
how many carbs on keto

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It’s not just the quantity of carbs you have on keto that matters. It’s also the quality of the carbs that matter. In this video, I’m going to cover in detail the types of carbs that you should and shouldn’t have on keto. It’s important to not only consider the amount of sugar in foods but also the carbs and starch.

A few things to keep in mind:
• Fiber will buffer starches and sugar to a certain degree.

• It’s important to consider the amounts of starch in foods and whether or not it’s heated. You don’t want to consume starch that has been heated or processed.

• The more you cook a starch, the higher it is on the glycemic index. For example, a raw potato would be fine. But, cooked potatoes are not keto-friendly.

• Even though you could typically have 50g of carbs per day on keto, you want to consume low-glycemic carbs. You don’t want to consume 50g of actual sugar because it will spike your blood sugar.

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A few examples:

Kale — (keto-friendly)
Amount: 1 cup
Total carb: 4g
Fiber: 2g
Net carb: 2g
Sugar: 0g

Soda — (not keto-friendly)
Amount: 1 can
Total carb: 39g
Fiber: 0g
Net carb: 39g
Sugar: 39g

Potato fries — (not keto-friendly)
Amount: 3 oz.
Total carb: 19g
Fiber: 2g
Net carb: 17g
Sugar: 0g

Strawberries — (fine in small amounts)
Amount: 1/2 cup
Total carb: 7g
Fiber: 2g
Net carb: 5g
Sugar: 3g

Carrots — (fine in small amounts)
Amount: 2/3 cup
Total carb: 7g
Fiber: 2g
Net carb: 5g
Sugar: 4g

Bread — (not keto-friendly)
Amount: 1 slice
Total carb: 15g
Fiber: 0.8g
Net carb: 14.2g
Sugar: 1.5g

Pasta — (not keto-friendly)
Amount: 2 oz.
Total carb: 42g
Fiber: 3g
Net carb: 39g
Sugar: 1g

Rice — (not keto-friendly)
Amount: 1 cup
Total carb: 45g
Fiber: 0.6g
Net carb: 44.4g
Sugar: 0.1g


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  1. Sounds complicated to me, I'll keep chewing on my cooked rice with some chicken breast .

  2. Do total carbs matter? Some zero net carb keto products are available, can we eat them freely? Like aldi bread is zero net carb but 9g total carb per slice. Can I eat 10 slices?

  3. Hey, nobody has come to the conclusion that red fruits are low glicemic because they are plenty of seed in them

  4. lol who bakes fries? Aren't they called fries for a reason? lmao… just alternate feeling good and discipline and you'll be fine in your diet.

  5. Once you hit the target weight that you want to maintain on Keto. Do you add more fat or carbs in you Keto recipes in order to maintain a healthy weight?

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  7. No wonder Kellogs paid so much money advertising breakfast is important. They get you in a cycle of being hungry every day in the morning with carbs. Genius.

  8. Are baked potatoes coated in extra virgin olive oil and seasoned with sea salt stuffed with two tbl.spoons of grass fed butter and eaten maybe once a week or once every two weeks considered keto friendly?

  9. Then if i eat a ball of rice with a big mix ball of vegetables that is carbs +fibers then it is gonna be ok bc it turns out zero sugar and less carbs!

  10. Wondering if you can address carbs within athletes. Im keto but also a runner. I often wonder how many carbs i should consume to help me with my distance running, but still stay in a keto/low carb lifestyle

  11. Keto diet is simple. Eat complex carbohydrates and reduce calories. Doesn't matter what you eat…. if you eat more calories then you burn, you'll gain weight.

  12. Thank you, Dr. Berg. I can see I'm going to have to rethink my whole diet! Are brown rice and 100% whole wheat pasta, okay? Why do carrots have relatively high sugar content, while other vegetables, like kale, have none?

  13. I know someone who passed away of cancer… she always blamed raw rice that she ate often for causing damage and leading to stomach cancer.

  14. It would be more helpful to use metric measuring in food. Grams and millilitres is much easier to see how much carbs one gets. A can of coke is usually 330 ml. 1/2 cup of this and that with so much space between the chuckns is not accutate. Whereas weight in grams is. Since we are using grams to measure carbs, fat and protein , the food should correspond the same way.

  15. Are black beans and other beans good for you they have a lot of carbs but a lot of fiber to

  16. What about breads and pastas that are marketed as low carb or keto friendly? For example they will say it has 17 grams of carbs and 10 grams of fiber. Is that a better alternative or is that a sneaky way of tricking us into thinking we are eating something healthier?

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