Joe Rogan – Keto Isn't For Everybody

What Is The Keto Diet
What Is The Keto Diet

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Check the whole video from the proof user who explains in detail below.

Joe Rogan and Zach Bitter on keto diet vs. high carb diet.


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22 thoughts on “Joe Rogan – Keto Isn't For Everybody”

  1. It's evolution, think about it…civilisations that have lived for generations on a diet that is high on carbs, won't have issues..they don't need to switch out carbs..same goes to keto diet, if generations have fed mostly on meat, vegetables and zero carbs, their generations would be adapted to that diet. This explains why say…..Chinese have such a high % of lactose intolerant population

  2. Dude is ignorant of keto…
    It takes at least three days to get into ketosis once you stop using sugar and carbs you can't go in and out of ketosis in a single day unless you did keto before for at least 3 days…you cannt reach day 3 w 300 fing grams of sugar or carbs or both in a day!! Omg stupid…don't listen to this guy Joe he knows shit about keto!

  3. it actually makes sense that professional athletes need to eat a high carb diet, since carbs are good at giving u short bursts of energy

  4. Keto reversed my pre-diabetes. Im in better health now than I ever been, I also never get frequent stomache aches or pains anymore and people have commented my skin looks young and healthy.. But I realize some people can't do it. It's just changed my life. I think I always have had a carb/sugar sensitivity even eating "healthy" ones.

  5. Keto is just a tool but the calorie deficit is the key, keto works because you eat less food. I have made the mistake of ignoring the calories and started eating a bunch of butter, nuts and steaks and gained weight.

  6. LOVE THIS. Love the discussion of different ideas and letting people decide for themselves.

    I have tried lots of stuff but have found pescatarian keto works for me most of the week, I'll be lenient with it because life is short and having carbs with my family on a Friday is fine. I find I run better in keto and feel like I can function and focus better (I am a software developer and focus matters with this job).

    It's all about taking in the information available and deciding what works for you.

  7. Follow dietitians, they know this stuff, your body uses fats as energy in a keto diet but the issue with that is that ur body releases ketones which will make your blood like poison, it why you feel fatigue. Your blood ph gets more acidic, your lungs don’t function well, it why it’s really not recommended

  8. I really tried sticking with the the keto diet, but I just felt awful and it is also really difficult to stick with. I then tried the Agoge diet and it was life changing, I highly recommend it to everyone.

  9. Obsessing over your health like this is definitely not healthy. Also he looks like Christian bale in the machinist

  10. The Agoge diet works great and you feel good, contrary to keto. Keto isn't supposed to be adhered to by healthy people and without medical supervision.

  11. I find most of these diets hard to stick with, including the ketogenic diet. What worked best for me is the Agoge Diet plan. You get to eat nutritionally rich foods without starving.

  12. What about the cliffhanger in the end? Exogenous ketones are they good or bad can they help does he use them?

  13. Keto is not for the vast majority. Epileptics, obese people and those with severe autoimmune disease seem to benefit from this abnormal diet. Keto, like chemotherapy or insulin injections, is only for certain patients.

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