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crack keto biscuits nutrition facts

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This Keto Chicken Alfredo Sauce Recipe takes only 5 minutes to make! And this low carb alfredo sauce is not just quick and easy to make, it’s delicious too. And this sauce is so rich and creamy you’d never know each serving has LESS THAN 1 CARB! So, if you want to make yourself the best keto chicken alfredo ever, you’ve got to make this sauce!

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30 thoughts on “KETO Alfredo Sauce MADE IN 5 MINUTES & LESS THAN 1 CARB!”

  1. The cool thing about this recipe is it taste better than any other way I've ever tried to make Alfredo sauce, and even though I'm not fully keto anymore I use this sauce as my go-to to avoid unnecessary carbs, also I add ground lamb cooked to the sauce and then add it to my pasta of choice, regular or low carb pasta. I found buffalo meat also is good anything that is outside of the norm. On a side note I was wondering if you could ever review bread and cereal options that are so-called keto and whether there are any keto options for those two by brand and which ones to avoid because they're not really keto. Thank you for your channel.

  2. I wonder if this can also be used as a base for keto sausage gravy or would that be a different recipe?

  3. Where is the keto chicken nuggets recipe? I can’t find your recipe and they look amazing 😍 Subbed!

  4. I use Cream cheese & KAROUN brand Labne (Mediterranean kefir cheese Live & Active Yogurt & Probiotic Cultures S.Thermophilus, L.Bulgaricus, L.Lactis, L.Casei, L.Acidophilus & Bifidobacterium ). Looks & tastes like sour cream . I use it to make healthy breads too 😃😇

  5. New sub here. Let me say that I don't comment on things much and I read through the comments before I try a recipe. This IS by far the best alfredo I have ever tasted. I did add a little old bay seasoning though. I won't be making alfredo any other way. THANK YOU!

  6. this sounds great and I'd like to try it but worried these things are more costly. My health is more important though how I can fund the weight loss I don't know as dont get much on a age pension

  7. Love your recipes! Simple, no 5 minutes of waffling on just to the point! Even adjusted them a little bit and all i can is brilliant!

  8. Yoooooooo!!!! I just made this and it’s sooooooooooo good!!! Must try! It’s so easy and quick. You’re the man dude!

  9. Joe Duff talks like Dave Rubin. Over-emphasizes certain consonants and mouth positions while restraining vocal force/volume as a way to emulate an idea of a proper speaking voice.

  10. I made this for dinner tonight and mixed it with Spaghetti squash and baked it with cheese sooooo freaking good, even my picky eaters loved it. So creamy and delicious.

  11. Oh my goodness❤made this evening with fresh spinach & wild caught shrimp– added a pinch of nutmeg– this is my go to alfredo sauce from now on for any recipe😋😁😀

  12. I love your videos-short (under 5 min) simple ingredients I have in hand! However all the dishes used gives me anxiety 😅

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