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What Is Keto Diet

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It might be logical to think that a ketogenic diet, which is high in fat, must be high in bad cholesterol. But in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Plenty of modern scientific and nutritional research shows that high-fat, low-carb diets can optimize cholesterol levels and improve your heart health.

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45 thoughts on “Keto and Cholesterol”

  1. There is Clean keto bs Dirty keto, and would love to learn how much plaque buildup one has after 2, 5, 10 years on both???? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  2. 你不仅讲得好,人也漂亮,还很会穿衣服,你可以另开一个频道讲穿着了

  3. I’ve been on strict healthy clean keto for the past two years. I exercise 3-8 hours per day. I am a strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer, nutritionist and crossfit trainer. I just had a blood test and my hdl was supposed to be 44 or greater. Mine was 9. Cholesterol was 247. Ldl was 214. Cant remember my triglycerides were. Wth is going on with my blood? I live the lifestyle of an elite professional athlete. Why is my blood all screwed up?

  4. I noticed when my doc put me on statins, my memory deteriorated. Had so much muscular pain that I couldnt run anymore. Since I stopped the statin, and started a high protein, keep my carbs under 12mg, and OMAD> My markers have improved greatly! Now Im back to walking/running 4 miles a day!

  5. Been on keto for 6 months and did my blood works and both my hdl and ldl was high, my doctor advised me to stop eating trans and saturated fats.

  6. Did keto religiously for a year and my LDL was high and total cholesterol through the roof. Triglycerides were high, too. Was very frustrated. I stayed below 30g of carbs for a year. My fasting blood sugar was 104, too, also very frustrating.

  7. My LDL is 4.61 & HDL is 1.64. How serious are these numbers. First time this happened was when I went on a keto diet…

  8. I have cholesterol on keto 4 times higher than normal. So why you lie about it…..

  9. If Keto is so healthy, why did the Ice Man "Otzi" who ate a keto diet have such terrible atherosclerosis at such a young age?

  10. My HDL is 80 my triglycerides 55 and my LDL is 151 and my total cholesterol is 237. Doing keto.

  11. Been on keto for 2 months. So I got my bloodwork done…and my cholesterol was surprisingly good (138) and my triglycerides was 123. My HDL was low though and 29. I have lost about 30 pounds in the span of 2 months…could this be why my HDL is lower? Haven't had this tested in over a decade….but am on it now. Any advice…besides exercise?

  12. My cholesterol rised …. but I lost 15lbs & I feel great. Should I be more concerned about my cholesterol????

  13. "But in fact, nothing could be further from the truth." That's because we have been lied to for years.

  14. my cholesterol rised a little since I've started keto, should I quit? I don't want to because I want the benefits from keto, what should I do?

  15. Where can I do a LDL-P test???? I've checked with many clinics and nobody is doing it? A search online doesn't give me any answers either. Any suggestions?

  16. The only problem I see and this is their meta-analysis which are I've in nature. I keep waiting to see a really good ketogenic blood work study. Instead of meta analysis.

  17. Triglycerides 163
    Cholesterol 376
    HdL 49
    LdL 294
    VLdL 163
    Cholesterol Hdl/cholesterol retio 7.7
    Is keto for me my age is 42, weight is 105 and height is 5.7

  18. I was on keto. Both cholesterols now went higher than accepted norm. Is it good or bad?

  19. I would like to see a study of reversal of coronary calcium using keto. Thus far, there are only studies, done by Ornish, et. al., of reversal using plant diet, excluding all animal, fat and dairy. When will we see such reversal using the opposite?

  20. To all you who had increase LDL and decrease of HDL on keto… I have to wonder what are the quality of the foods that you're eating? 🤔 I feel like a lot of people are jumping on keto bc they think you can just eat all kinds of greasy food – Which ain't what this is.

  21. My Dr. is having fits because my total cholesterol is 248- and the ldl is 134. He’s prescribed statins, I refuse to take them. I am diabetic, and got off all meds. But for some strange reason my blood glucose levels are rising. I believe it to be stress level, not diet induced. And also wants to add some new diabetic med back into my lifestyle. I’m so discouraged. I have worked so hard for two years. All because I moved across country? Is there much science about stress and blood glucose? Ideas?

  22. I've been on keto for the past two years. I lost 45lbs and have felt great. I'm 43 years old and haven't had blood work in 11 years. I just had blood work done last week and everything was nearly perfect. My total cholesterol is 133. After two years of fatty meats, cheese, butter and green veggies it's 133. So I'm convinced keto works. At least for me it does.

  23. My total cholesterol went from 144 to 247 from October 2018 to October 2019, did keto from april to October 2019. I had to stop this way of eating and am actually having to take meds for now as my LDL is extremely high and HDL is low 🙁 Not saying that this happens to everyone, one of my good friends actually had her cholesterol go down on keto, but I do think people should keep an eye on their levels just in case.

  24. Well my cholesterol was pretty normal a few months ago, but I decided I wanted to lose 15 lbs of fat quickly with keto from 185 to my goal of 170lbs. Losing 2 lbs per week now. Been on keto for 6 weeks. Doing 70% fat 25% protein and 5% carbs. NO SUGAR. Take a look at these disconcerting lipid test results:

    *Blood test 1 (non-NMR)* 4 weeks into keto

    * Cholesterol total: 238 mg/dL
    * Triglycerides: 236 mg/dL
    * HDL Cholesterol: 38 mg/dL
    * VLDL Cholesterol: 47 mg/dL
    * LDL Cholesterol: 153 mg/dL

    *Blood test 2 (NMR) almost 2 weeks later*

    * Cholesterol total: 234 mg/dL (minuscule decrease)
    * Triglycerides: 155 mg/dL (decrease of 81 mg/dL)
    * HDL-C: 40 mg/dL (increase of 2 mg/dL)
    * HDL-P Total: 26.4 umol/L
    * Small LDL-P: 1538 nmol/L
    * LDL Size: 20 nm (pattern b)
    * LDL-P: 2244 nmol/L
    * LDL-C: 164 mg/dL (increase of 11 mg/dL)

    I suspect it’s because I’m losing weight quickly. Thoughts?

  25. I had 2 issues with Keto which yeah conveniently I kinda forgot when I asked on college after a depresive episode (Both I do remember were recieved with negativity from teachers), one is adressed on this video about HDL found on unhealthy and often recomended food for Keto and the other is that the body produces toxins when burning fat for energy compared to the one carbohydrates process, this causes inflamation and can be really bad long term

  26. Thank you. But I thought that most fats in animal products were Saturated Fatty Acids, and these are said to be bad for the blood vessels, as they foster the formation of atheromes. Is that right? So when I see a piece of beef, i wonder… is that good? really?

  27. How to lower cholesterol: eat chicken, don't eat too much fried foods and crisps. Worked for me when i had 246 ldl, i got down to 215 after 6 months and the doctor says to continue doing the diet.

  28. My Cholesterol over all 12.77 and LDL + 10 mmol/L, have been on high fat diet organic for over 6 months and my doctor want's me to go on pill to lower Cholesterol. I fill great, but doctor scare me a lot, He thinks that I could end up with stroke or even dead. How can I know if, maybe eating too much high fat food. Thanks

  29. LDL cholesterol isn't bad, it's the SUGAR that damages LDL cholesterol and makes it bad.

  30. Get this… I eat a dozen eggs every day. 2 lbs of bacon a week. Steamed vegetables every day. I eat 10 bananas a day. I drink 1 gallon of water a day. I eat all of my calories in a 4 hour window. What I do not eat is sugar or processed foods. I take 1 ml of lugos iodine in the morning. I take 1/2 gram of boron, 1600mg of magnesium. 200mg of zinc and 50 mg of DHEA with dinner. I'm 49. Get told I look 30 ish. I'm 6ft 3in. 195 lbs. I have a body fat percentage of 18%. I lift weights 4 days a week. Oh and I'm a nurse.

  31. Just went to the doctor today my bad LDL cholesterol was up higher than before I went on the Keto diet, I was so excited to get my blood work readings but now I’m confused. It’s 5 points higher and she wanted to start me on cholesterol medicine 🥺 I said no I’ll work it out myself so I get blood work again in 6 months. Everything else in my blood work looked OK my total cholesterol was down two points, triglycerides were great and my good cholesterol was fine it hadn’t changed very much from the last time. But yeah like I said I’m confused the only thing I did different starting the keto diet is that I added fatty beef back into my diet which I haven’t been eating for like 20 years. I had to do something to help get my protein up higher…… maybe that wasn’t such a good idea🤔

  32. thanks so much for addressing this, it is indeed what most people get concerned when approaching keto. If in the future you can consider doing more science0y videos I'd love to get links to sources in the video description if possible? I know we can all reference each other but I get that from the outside-keto world hard unbiased data is ultimately the most valid, and thankfully there is plenty supporting the ketogenic lifestyle 🙂

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