Keto at Sonic Drive In… Delightful or Disaster?

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keto restaurants near me

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Check the full video review from the proof user who explains in detail below.

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Keto at Sonic Drive In… Delightful or Disaster?
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20 thoughts on “Keto at Sonic Drive In… Delightful or Disaster?”

  1. The coney here is one of my favs on keto. Order it no bun, well done, grilled onions, add bacon and mustard. Amazing

  2. I meet very few people who don’t like mayo, I never eat it. I had a nightmare about a layer cake with mayo for icing.

  3. OMG! Finally someone else that hates tots! They absolute worse form of "potato".

  4. This is definitely one the most opposite minded couples I’ve ever watched in my life! It’s true, opposites attract.😵‍💫

  5. All fast food restaurant places are fake processed food that’s y I never go to any of those places anymore it’s not for me. Am done with greasy

  6. I was kind of surprised you liked Hardee’s breakfast, I got some last week and the sausage was horrible the eggs were obviously cheap powdered eggs and the bacon was kind of horrible too. I don’t usually do breakfast so I’ve only been to Hardee’s and McDonald’s and McDonald’s was 10 times better the Hardee’s was edible but not much more, I wouldn’t Collett goodbye any means. I like RDs Food better in general but their sausage and eggs and bacon was pretty bad

  7. Sonic food is usually terrible. I don’t see how the chili cheese Coney can be keto unless you take all the chili off of it and the cheese will probably go with the chili and that leaves you a crummy hotdog. Lol. Even before going keto sonic food was horrible from what I remember, every few months I go there thinking it sounds good but it’s always a huge disappointment. If you can add chili and jalapeños to that double cheeseburger that might be OK but even their burgers were pretty disappointing

  8. The YouTube videos are good but DO NOT subscribe to The Curve! I've been paying for many many months and can't even access. Terrible support.

  9. That last time I ate at Sonic was 2013 before I gave up gluten, processed foods, etc. I LOVED their breaded, fried stuffed jalapenos and their cheese sticks. I hate all their other food, and even their drinks.

  10. The In-N-Out burger protein style provides the best hamburger experience. I pick it up with my hands like a bunned hamburger. So satisfying!!!

  11. I live in an area where there are Sonics everywhere. Most days I go there for drinks. With the app they are always half-price. In the mornings I get iced tea. I love to get a small or medium diet Cherry limeade and mix with a large cup of water. I used to like their burgers with bacon but haven’t had one in a long time. The breakfast bowl looked good.

  12. love their chili dogs, in n out better. also jack in the box lettuce wraps breakfast sandwiches on request

  13. Matt, dude!! Michigan coneys originated in Jackson and the sauce is a thick meat sauce, made from beef heart, with NO BEANS. Flint has the same style coney sauce and one ups everyone else by having Kogel's Vienna hotdogs. Detroit has a loose sauce with beans, SO they're Chili dogs not coneys.

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