KETO at TACO BELL | I Ordered Every Keto Taco Bell Menu Item & This Is What I Thought

keto at del taco
keto at del taco

Looking for keto at del taco ??

Watch the whole video review from the proof user who explains in detail below.

Today I’m showing you how to order KETO at Taco Bell, and what I think about their low carb keto options. It’s actually surprisingly easy to make Taco Bell Keto friendly, and I hope some of my tips in today’s will help you out!

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24 thoughts on “KETO at TACO BELL | I Ordered Every Keto Taco Bell Menu Item & This Is What I Thought”

  1. Duff I have ordered there chicken bowl with avocado. So good . Thank you for you sharing . It really helped

  2. Does anyone buy or make a pizza 🍕 on keto? Can I eat a pizza or has anyone eat a pizza on keto at Pizza Hut?

  3. I heard beans are important because they protein just like eggs. Chicken.salmon. Oatmeal protein plus healthy carbs.

  4. Dude thank you for doing this!! I loooove Taco Bell but haven’t had it in a bit, but now I think I can 😆😆

  5. When I saw that you did a keto video for Taco Bell, I had to watch it. I tried to do low-carb at Taco Bell and I did not like that they put rice in a lot of their menu items and when I ordered "no rice", I got very little food. You have convinced me to give them another try. I could also ask them to put extra lettuce in the food to make it a little bit more filling also. Thank you for this video. I love your videos.

  6. I just went to Taco Bell. No matter how clearly I said "No tortilla, no beans," I get the deer in headlights stare for what feels like an eternity. Why oh why, as long as the low carb diet has been around, is this so hard to comprehend. Painful. Just painful.

  7. Joe, I live in a foodie town, Buffalo, and your videos help a lot. When I go out with friends, it has become pretty easy to order keto-friendly after watching your videos. Lost 42 pounds in 2021 eating Keto and eating fresh. Never hungry, I recommend ppl watch your channel!! Thanks Brother

  8. This was such a helpful video ! Appreciate you spending all that money, and eating all that food for your viewers !

  9. I’m wondering how many carbs and protein is just one hard shell taco without the shell?

  10. I love it!!! Thanks so much for giving us some keto options for fast food!! Tacos? Yes please! 🤩👏👏👏

  11. I just ate Taco Bell 😂 I get sides of quesadilla chicken and taco beef and make my own tacos at home on low carb tortillas!!! It’s my favorite meal I’m pretty sure lol

  12. I just tried to do this in the drive through and both the person at the window and the manager told me no they can’t give me these items and tried to sell me Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes. So pissed. I drove away with nothing.

  13. Thank you so much for all this literally life saving tips . We trying to be healthy eating 🍽

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