Keto Bread from Wal*Mart Reviewed w/Glucose Testing

keto bread
keto bread

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Check the full video review from the experienced user who explains in detail below.

The keto breads that you find online tend to be pretty expensive, so naturally people are going to be curious about the less expensive breads at places like Wal*Mart. In this video, I review three different loaves: two from Lewis and one from Brownberry. I also do blood glucose testing to see what impact, if any, that they have.

0:00 – Intro
1:32 – Lewis white bread taste test
5:35 – Lewis white bread glucose test
7:06 – Lewis Hawaiian bread taste test
10:13 – Lewis Hawaiian bread glucose test
11:47 – Brownberry bread taste test
13:57 – Brownberry bread glucose test

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22 thoughts on “Keto Bread from Wal*Mart Reviewed w/Glucose Testing”

  1. If you notice the morning glucose spike on this video's thumbnail, that had an interesting cause. I was pulling on a t-shirt as I was walking out of my bedroom and hit my elbow on the doorframe hard enough to leave a mark. It definitely rated a 9 out of 10 on the pain scale and per the Levels software for my continuous glucose monitor, I had a 36 mg/dL spike in my glucose. Wild stuff…

    Also, the reason I do these glucose tests on some videos (even though I'm not diabetic) is that I feel that these tests are still relevant. First, if a product spikes my glucose as a non-diabetic, I think it would be concerning to a diabetic. Second, maintaining a level blood glucose is important to metabolic health whether your diabetic or not.

  2. That Brownberry Bread is the same bread sold at my local Price Chopper Supermarket, except for the name, that is. My local grocery store sells it as Oroweat Superior Keto Bread. I have bought it many times. I have also bought Walmart's Extraordinary Bites Keto Breads. They have 1 net carb white, 2 net carb wheat & even 1 net carb Texas Toast. I generally go for that one solely because of the net carbs. The bread is very soft. So soft that I strongly recommend not trying to pry the slices apart while still frozen or it will crumble into dust. I usually keep a sandwich bag in the fridge with 4 slices in it and keep the rest frozen (4 slices in individual baggies and put those back in the bread bag).

  3. I’m not keto but, I have always been sussed out by breads or tortillas that use a bunch of fiber to lower the carb count. My main issue with this bread is how expensive it is. However, it’s macros and calories seem to be somewhat accurate as I ate about 8 slices of that a day during a deficit and was able to lose body fat.

    Another thing is that they say it’s bread for a healthy heart but there is hydrogenated oil.. kind of strange

  4. When I eat any “keto” bread products, I get serious inflammation in my joints!! Sometimes it hurts for days!! I’m so glad to hear you say it happened to you. I thought I was crazy!! I figured it was the wheat products in it?

  5. How did you get CGM? I thought you needed a prescription in order to get one even if you have to pay for it.

  6. Soy protein isolate should be no go as well, so is the resistance starch thing, if you care about healthy keto, that's is concentrated pure soy protein and it damages ur liver for the long run, resistance starch spikes ur glucose.

  7. In the freezer section at Walmart there is a bread called 2grams net carbs in an orange package. It looks like whole wheat and I can eat it as a sandwich and toasted. It if fluffier than other bread but my kids even eat it. They won’t eat any of the others. It’s pretty awesome bread

  8. I really appreciate your doing these videos, showing how your glucose levels are affected. But the seed oils are a definite no-go for me, let alone the spikes each bread gave you.
    It's interesting seeing how the food industry is trying to respond to the ketogenic lifestyle, almost every hopeful-sounding product still has the once and/or twice rancid fats still in there. 🤮 Get a clue, most of us are avoiding that junk!

  9. GREAT sensible information, GREAT personality, GREAT non-irritating voice. What's not to like?

  10. wonder bread=white glue! lol! called it that way before I went keto and would not eat it!

  11. Steve, this is dangerous territory. Glucose is no indication of insulin levels, which are the real issue. Just like some dairy, proteins within the "food" stimulate insulin excretion without a glucose requirement.
    Please do some testing with this bread via a 5hr glucose tolerance test with congruent insulin to be certain of its effects.

  12. Thank you for this video. Have you tried the PSMF bread. I have a favorite personally (made by youtuber Indigo Nili), but since you like Hawaiian rolls she has a version of the PSMF Hawaiian rolls (she got it from elsewhere) but I generally like her tweeks. It might be worth trying.

  13. It was nice to write a review on something I can actually get you compare your taste and experience with my own.

    The first one is what I use, I almost never have it but it’s convenient and easy. I haven’t been able to find any other keto bread that I can just buy locally. I did notice what I’m guessing was a little insulin spike because I get hungry after I eat it so I put it on a list of cheat foods to have once in a great while.

    They also make hot dog and hamburger buns that come in four packs. They only have those at Kroger here.

  14. have you done a testing of thinslim bread/bagels/pizza crust? i'd love your take on that brand!

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