Keto Bread Taste Off :: Aunt Millies vs Lewis Bakery

lewis keto hawaiian bread
lewis keto hawaiian bread

Looking for lewis keto hawaiian bread ??

Check the whole video from the proof user who explains in detail below.

Time to see how the new contender Lewis Bakery handles the already established Aunt Millies in a keto friendly bread taste off.




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33 thoughts on “Keto Bread Taste Off :: Aunt Millies vs Lewis Bakery”

  1. I'm sitting here with a loaf of Hawaiian on my counter. I'm terrified to smell it because that will destroy it for me. I'm a smell cook. Never taste food while cooking. The mission low carb tortillas are almost verboten to me because of the horrible smell. But they don't taste bad in recipes. I bought this to be able to eat tuna on a Friday. So……………yikes! 🙂

  2. I cannot get past the smell with the Lewis brand, even with their Hawaiian option. Like a strong chemical smell or fermentation smell 🤢

  3. I bought 2 loaves of the Hawaiian bread. Has a chemical smell when you open the package. Had an after taste that is probably from the Allulose. I toasted it and put some butter on it and I have to say it was the best keto bread I’ve tried. It’s pretty expensive but so is Jenny Craig and Nutrasystems. If this keeps me on a diet it’s worth it. I’m going to try the white bread next, though. I think the sweet after taste will be less. I’m going to give it 5 stars.

  4. I'd like to point out the extremely high protein content of the Lewis bread. I lift weights and am dieting. So the low calorie and high protein in that bread is phenomenal!

  5. The Lewis ones actually taste better to me than traditional wheat bread. Especially the cinnamon one with some peanut butter 🤤. And it’s got 6grams of protein for every 40 calories so that works out pretty well for getting shredded

  6. Samsclub has Millies low carb bread and I save $3 for 2 loaves over Walmart prices, so that is what I get.
    I would like to add that I like mine much better toasted, at least just a little, especially the Millies white, the 5 seed is my favorite and I have awesome bacon egg and cheese sandwiches for breakfast. Butter the bread and away I go.

  7. Never seen Aunt Millies here in Mississippi, but haven't known to look for it either. I like Lewis Bread. I did notice the "different" smell, and even more while in the toaster. But, it didn't turn me off. The taste was good. I had cheese burgers with Lewis, and they were good (I used the Bread toasted, not their buns, the buns are too small, I ate 2 large 7oz 93% burgers). I'll say this, if you just quit real bread, you may not like these breads because your sense of taste and likes are still fresh. But, if you have been off bread for awhile, and miss it, Lewis will not disappoint. Yes it is denser, kind of like a whole wheat type of bread would be, but this tastes like white bread not wheat. I still haven't tried a grilled cheese out of it yet. But, I have buttered toast, and that was tasty. If they will apply this to Tortillas, and make them 12" in diameter, that would be awesome!! Until then, I use the Ole Brand High Fiber smaller size Tortillas.

  8. I love the Lewis . I only use bread for sandwiches , peanut butter , etc so taste of just the plain bread means nothing to me. I just found the Lewis Keto bread at a little local market a couple days ago and have already chowed down roast turkey sandwich , bologna and mustard sandwich , cotto bologna and butter with lettuce sandwich and peanut butter bread. I am thrilled to have found this bread!

  9. I really like the Lewis Bakery buns. I smoke/grill a lot of meats, and they have allowed me to enjoy Brisket or pulled pork sandwiches again. They're even better toasted. Thanks for your review!


  10. I tried Lewis today and it is a game changer! I loved it! I cannot tell the difference between just regular white bread and Lewis. I have type 2 diabetes, and I haven't had a white bread like forever. I literally cried. I toast it with butter and add some peanut butter. So good!!

    I think the reason that Lewis bread is more denser is because Lewis bread is made with wheat starch. Mille bread is made with tapioca starch. That's my guess

  11. I hated the hot dog buns so I chopped them up and made a cinnamon almond bread pudding 😋

  12. Your cat was VERY interested in that Lewis keto bread. As soon as you opened it, that cat was like, "Woah! Can I try that??"

  13. I don’t really give a rip what they taste or look or how dense they are. All I wanted to know was does it spike your sugar? You look like you should be worrying about that as well.

  14. I love how the Aunt Millie's bread tastes but for grilled cheese sandwiches or french toast the Lewis is better. I definitely get a bitter aftertaste with the Lewis bread. Ok but seriously are these breads actually Keto???? I see hydrogenated oils and other questionable ingredients here.

  15. I tried this and "game changer" was what I thought…… but it seemed like it had some kind of effect on my metabolism similar to carbs.
    Have you specifically tested your glucose, etc. after eating this bread? Thanks!

  16. I just found your channel. Great content. The Lewis bread is a game changer for sure and it’s available in my small town. Having a grilled cheese sandwich with some keto soup or chili has made my winter.

  17. I didnt like the one from Aldi. Too bland and not even butter would make it better

  18. The Lewis Keto bread doesn’t taste so good by itself but it’s pretty good for sandwiches. I agree – this is a game changer for me.

  19. I’ve found the Lewis is a game changer I’ve tried very expensive ones. None were worth it plus you have shipping and they were very sponge like. The aldi one too , its a good one I always buy it but it takes some getting used to. But the Lewis I’ve eaten with out toasting. It’s very very good. And I can pick it up at Walmart. I hope we get the buns.

  20. I like Aunt Millies but best tasting keto bread is the "Extraordinary bites keto bread"

  21. I just tried Healthy Life Keto Bread today, its delicious, had it with a steak burger, but we don't have hamburger buns at Walmart just the regular bread

  22. Just bought the Lewis bread, and buns, best yet, and I like Lewis for toast too! bought at Walmart here in Fort Wayne

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