Keto Carb Cycling Update #4 – LAST ONE – EXPERIMENT CANCELLED!

how to cancel keto order
how to cancel keto order

Looking for how to cancel keto order ??

Check the whole video from the proof user who explains in detail below.

We decided to cancel the experiment….we’ve both been super underwhelmed by our own response to being able to add in regular carbs once a week. Neither of us have experienced any overall weight gain or loss, we HAVE noticed a difference in our ketones and glucose, which we discuss in the video.
Mainly, we’ve come to the conclusion that after living Keto for almost three years, we’re able to have a “carb day” here and there with no adverse effects. We’ve also come to the conclusion that we prefer Keto friendly foods.

We’ll be researching the Protein Modified Sparing Fast that everyone has mentioned and will make that our next experiment. Let us know if you’ve tried it, or are currently trying it, or if there are any other experiments you think we should try!

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25 thoughts on “Keto Carb Cycling Update #4 – LAST ONE – EXPERIMENT CANCELLED!”

  1. New watcher. I am glad you gave up this experiment. If you can, I would suggest Alternate Day Fasting or in the Alternative, just fast 40 hours one day a week. I find ADF to really not mess around. I did Keto for a month and lost 7 lbs but then switched to ADF and got down 37 relatively quickly. My only suggestion is to take breaks so your body doesn't get yes to less calories but when you are dieting — you can be sure you will lose weight.

  2. Hey my Friends
    So good to see you looking so well
    I just returned from Germany and I’m dealing with lots of inflammation in my joints due to eating lots of carbs for the last month
    I’m afraid to even step on the scale
    For awhile I was trying to be really good but it was hard to resist all the wonderful breads and cakes and wines and everything else 🍾😢
    Carbs are not for me if I want to be healthy and free of pain
    So I’m doing 3 days of PSMF and 4 days of regular Keto every week
    I’ve done this for a month before I left for Germany and I had amazing results doing it
    I love you guys
    Thank you for being real with us

  3. Kzoo, you do you!😍 Thanks for sharing your journey with us. Have a blessed weekend!💜🙏✌🌞💐🎶

  4. I get my Bile salts from a place called let's truck. They have formulas for people who have or don't have their gallbladder. Freat source for keto stuff too

  5. PSMF has been a total game changer! I was stalled on keto for 3 years and then lost 18# on PSMF in 2 months. I have lupus with kidney involvement and have no problem with lean protein because you go by your lean body mass. My protein macros are very similar to keto days with Maria Emmerich’s macro calculator. The most important thing is to stay below 30g fat and 10g carbs with protein average 1g per pound of LBM so for me thsts 116 of protein a day. Totally fine for my lupus and I actually feel much better with doing this 3 times a week and then staying with your keto macros 3 days with one Refeeding day. Just higher keto macros. I’ve mastered the egg white protein bread tastes like real wonder bread! I make pizza, cinnamon rolls, angel food cake etc. all on Maria’s website. Good luck!

  6. I started watching your videos in January when I decided to go low-carb and I proudly say that I watched ALL your videos. Every single one taught me something new or gave me an idea about what to do. I love that you are sincere about what you like and dislike. I don't eat what you eat, I don't like all you folks like but your experience is what helped me to be successful in this journey. I lost 145 pounds already. I started keto or lowcarb what ever you want to call this way of eating at 399 pounds. I'm 255 now going for 221. Just wanted to thank you for sharing your journey, your adventures, your good and bad experiences! You are real and that has a tremendous value to me.

  7. So PSMF seems to be a mostly protein low calorie food day like under 1000 calories. An interesting diet plan that goes back years I am sure is the Dukan diet. If you read up on it Dr Dukan, a french doctor started this diet for obese people. So on maintenance he recommends to have at least one protein only day. Anyway it is an interesting food plan, wonder if years ago if it ever was popular maybe in Europe.

  8. Thank you guys look forward to seeing how things go for you on the new way of eating🦋💞🎈

  9. I think you wise. I couldn’t add a day of carbs, that would be it. I have increased my total carbs. Was doing 20 now up to 50. Will have to lower I’m sure. Be kind for sure.

  10. It was really good to see your thoughts on carb day. I applaud you for deciding it wasn’t right for you and pulling the plug early. Keto on!

  11. I think I may do PSMF once or twice a week, intermittent 15/8 2 to 3 times a week and then reg keto just to keep the body on their toes. Don’t know, got the experiment…may not do psmf yet utilize the egg white loaf and some recipes

  12. I’m doing PSMF and it gave me a kick start. I don’t have a gallbladder and it’s worked for me. I am doing less fat than what my macros say. I’ve had kidney stones hopefully this won’t be a problem.

  13. I love you guys and enjoyed the carb days videos. I can see how it would drive the keto police people nuts. I know people are going to be upset, but to me, the PSMF is just the new hot thing for people to try who aren't having weight loss success with Keto. Just like IF was all the rage for a while. Something else will come along. I'm beginning to wonder if Keto is really a food weight loss program if you have to combine it with some other program to have long-term success. Not saying keto is bad. It certainly works in the beginning but seems to lose its effectiveness over time. I wonder if all of the extreme stuff works at first and then kind of peters out. I look forward to whatever else you try and absolutely look forward to the peanut butter cookies.

  14. I know Greg does intermittent fasting but does Stacey? PSMF is protein sparing modified fasting.

  15. I did the PSMF and had great success. But now hitting my goal and not back to regular keto. Down 16lbs but its not easy as I do the PSMF is pretty restrictive, I have been doing it on Monday Wednesday and Friday and regular keto rest of the days. In October I will do it on Tuesday and Thursday and regular keto the other 5 days. Total carbs has always worked for me, the psmf was just step the weight loss

  16. I have had both kidney stones and no gallbladder and the protein sparing works great opens up a new world with Marie Emmericks recipes

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