Keto Carb Rebound | How to End Your Ketogenic Diet Without Weight Gain (Fat Loss Hacks)

how to cancel your keto diet
how to cancel your keto diet

Looking for how to cancel your keto diet ??

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Keto Carb Rebound | How to End Your Ketogenic Diet Without Weight Gain (Fat Loss Hacks)

All of the lean tissue in the body – everything that is not fat – is where most of the metabolism occurs (Lean mass doesn’t include just muscles but also organs such as the liver, kidneys and brain.)

Carbs: 5 to 15% of the calories are burned during digestion
Fats: A high end 5 to 15% of the calories are burned during digestion
Protein: 20 to 35% of the calories are burned during digestion

We can say that the specific dynamic action of proteins is roughly 30%. Researchers admitted 25 volunteers to a hospital ward for 12 weeks – they controlled everything they ate and did. But they made them all overeat about 1,000 calories a day. The only different was where the calories came from – protein or carbs. The low protein group (5% protein) lost 1.5 pounds of muscle, and gained 7.5 pounds of fat – the high protein group (25% protein) gained 6.3 pounds of metabolically active muscle. They also gained fat because they were being force fed. But even though they gained more total weight, they were LESS fat than the low protein group.

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HIIT places a greater demand on the anaerobic (oxygen lacking) pathway to produce ATP
Because of this, during the post-exercise recovery period the body will take in more oxygen for regenerative processes including the re-synthesis of muscle glycogen, production of ATP, and to help the body repair muscle tissue damage
*LISS burns a higher percentage of fat, but HIIT burns more fat calories overall*
This means that the cumulative EPOC effects of 3 HIIT workouts per week can add up to an additional 200+ calories burned

2 Ways to Utilize Carbs Better:
In the presence of insulin, the chromodulin molecule changes shape and location in the cell, triggering activation of a vital glucose transporter molecule called GLUT4. GLUT4 is found most abundantly in skeletal muscle and fat tissue, where most glucose metabolism takes place in the body. Once activated by chromium, GLUT4 shifts its location from deep within the cell’s internal matrix to a position on the cell membrane. GLUT4 then allows glucose to flow from high concentrations in the blood to lower concentrations in the cell, allowing the cell to safely metabolize sugar while lowering sugar levels in the blood at the same time. Chromium directly increases production of GLUT4 transporter molecules themselves, adding a second important mechanism of action that is independent of insulin (a vital effect in insulin-resistant tissue.)

Chromium regulates the genes for several intracellular signaling molecules, including GLUT4 – that effect increases the amount of GLUT4 available for moving glucose out of circulation. Soluble fiber dissolves in water but it does not break down completely – instead it attracts water and turns into a gel-like substance that slows digestion. Soluble fiber comes from the part of the plant that stores water – it can form a gel such as mucilage, gum, or pectin. Soluble fiber slows your digestion by making it harder for your body to break down carbs, convert them to glucose, and absorb glucose into your bloodstream. This helps prevent dramatic increases in blood sugar levels, which then helps insulin work better. Additionally, the gel that soluble fiber forms binds with cholesterol and bile acids in the small intestine and eliminates them from the body.

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Note on ALA:
ALA is a precursor to EPA and DHA, but the conversion rate in our bodies is extremely low – commonly estimated that 5% to 10% of ALA is converted to EPA, but less than 2% to 5% of it is converted to DHA. This lessens the impact of carbs, but also the targeting of visceral fat has an effect on metabolism, too.

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  1. Thomas I have a serious question. How can you legitimately train at 105% of a max of anything whether it's vo2 max or max heart rate. How is it possible to realistically exceed 100%

  2. I have two siblings with type 1 diabetes who would tell you as Diabetes 101 info that deliberately having ketones floating around your system is absolutely toxic. Prolonged high blood sugar in diabetics causes ketones, ketoacidosis, and long-term health conditions like diabetic neuropathy and retinal blindness. I am not at all convinced that non-diabetics can get some magic benefits from putting your system under prolonged acidic stress and adrenal overload. Before the keto fad was the paleo fad, the Atkins fad, and a dozen of other diet fads before it. The latest hype is always the "diet to end all diets," the Perfect One According To Science. I'm skeptical that this current one will age any better than all the rest.

  3. Hey, dude! Just wanted to let you know that you are my go to for keto and fasting info. I didn’t really realize that until I searched for this content and saw several options and disregarded the others when I saw your video lol! Thanks for all your info. You’ve made changing my life easy and not as confusing. Once you get these concepts down it’s fairly simple but the body is complex and so many little things can be done incorrectly without the proper knowledge. Anytime I have a question you have the answer. Thank you so, so much!

  4. Thank you for this! Everyone has told me you have to do it forever, but I'm switching to keto for a few months just to try it out while I fix my hunger cues and I love big salad and veggie plates too much to cut them out for good.

  5. I cannot understand how folks can do keto and IF. It seems like severe depravation. If you don't maintain it it is pretty hard to remain in your new physique. Anyhow I couldn't give up my apple pie, just can't do it but other than that I eat pretty healthy. I only eat half a meal at every meal and usually no more. I feel amazing and never have to shed lbs. I walk and do 5 flights of stairs a day. Reducing foods that are meant to be taken as a whole I don't think is a very good thing. That said I have some friends who do keto and they feel amazing and look amazing. A life changer for some of them.

  6. I was visiting my family last month. They are vegan, they eat a lot of carbs like bread and pasta, I went off my ketosis diet for 2 weeks,. I did IF almost every day for 16 hours and didn't gran back any weight but I didn't feel like eating too many carbs anymore and craving steak so much

  7. Yeah but to reach 2000 cals, how do you lower fats? Eating 60 g 140g f and 156 g protein, scared I'm doing it wrong.Ugh I'm having trouble redoing macros.

  8. I've lost 102 lbs. painlessly while doing the keto diet. I no longer NEED the keto diet, but I'm mostly staying because it's now a habit that I like, but want to get as much potassium as I can for other health concerns. So what I'm doing is drinking two glasses of tomato juice, spread out throughout the day, and occasionally eating a cup of lima beans. Still no grains or cereals, no potatoes (but they're very high in potassium) or other starches like rice or beans. I'm up to about 50 grams of carbs +/-.

  9. I’m down 65lbs and counting , feel great, have an occasional treat day with carbs, not interested in going off keto

  10. I got most my weight back. I thought i could control the carb cravings, but i was naive. I turned into a carb werewolf. I'll do better this time around.

  11. Last yr.I was 5 stone lighter…I really tried to stay low carb…but became less active due to painful complicated nerve damage to spine…
    Every lb has returned I feel like my body is in reverse keto ?? Storing every mouthful as FAT…I'm completley peed off…afraud to eat a carrot or an apple (Too many carbs) Wtf should I do ?
    I dont eat meat btw.

  12. Too much fast talking info with no actual protocol!!!
    Would have actually helped if you could have talked about macro ratios in actual percentages at the end of the day that is what i or anyone needs to work out.
    This makes me feel like im searching for Waldo.
    CAN you please just sum things up in a protocol Thomas instead of scatter guning information.
    I'm a subscriber and find a lot of your videos give a ton of info with no really how to part!!!!!!

  13. Iv been off keto for 2 weeks an was so surprised that I'm still losing. How is this possible.?

  14. Hi Thanos i love your videos can you please tell me what to eat after 2 years of coming out of keto I still have bo appitte so what shold i eat to get my appitte back

  15. This is one of the few of your videos I actually like. I think the keto diet is going to result in an early death. It makes sense and I want to transition off.

  16. I want to lose weight but I don’t want to be keto, I think I might have slipped into ketosis anyways though I’m eating a lot of fatty foods and I cut most of my carbs, I have not ran any numbers but I feel like dump I have no energy….
    I want to stay on the fatty‘s side of Paleo basically is that a good spot to lose some weight? Coming from pretty sad diet I would say that it would work how do I ride that border of ketosis just do some starchy vegetables with dinner or something?? I’m also doing about a five hour window so I don’t know if that’s also pushing me pretty close to ketosis as well. help!

  17. Every two weeks, I have treat days. My scales go up 3 to 5 pounds. I know it isn’t fat I’m gaining, but I am like wth. I usually go on a long fast after this happens. I’m going to run more too. Thanks for the video.

  18. I was on Keto to maintain my weight, reverse my pre-diabetic stage, and reduce my cholesterol. I went from 126 Lbs to 121 Lbs. (I started doing high impact aerobics and stopped due to weight loss)I don't want to continue with the Keto and would to be at 130Lbs. What can I do to gain weight the healthy way.

  19. What's your take on using cinnamon with chromium supplements instead of straight chromium?

  20. @thrive do you have a distributor in Australia. I want to buy products recommended by the biceps bloke. I'm exhausted doing the thinking myself.

  21. This is a more sensible video than the other one where you were supposed to cross seas and scale cliffs to go off keto.

  22. wait so does this mean you eat lean protein and fibre only? Can i do that without HIIT but just moderate training? Does the protein need to be lean? How about carbs and omega 3?

  23. We need a detailed video coverage from Thomas, that will discuss more on the diet plans when we come off Keto. How to maintain the macros, what should be the percentages, the list of foods, etc. Please, make a video on this. @Thomas DeLauer

  24. Hey Thomas if you come off keto I'm more concerned about ldl. At a recent test my ldl was quite high 4.2 (U.K). If I come off keto what can happen to the cholesterol, triglycerides and ldl? Will it come back down and if not will it be safe to return to balanced diet?

  25. Whenever I used to eat carbs I would never bloat, after doing keto and eating carbs again I started bloating

  26. I want to come off keto but I'm also worried. It would be nice to have a video like: How to take breaks on keto and get back on it for women. :/ Also how often to do these breaks because I'm not sure it's good if you're on it all the time. So far I've been on keto for 6 months, sometimes my ketones are high sometimes a bit low.

  27. keto trigger my apparent rare skin condition ( you made a video on it) the rash started on upper belly then slowly on my chest and around my lower to upper back… that i was fine with untill i get it on lower back neck and one night i felt the itch on the side of my face … i gotta call it quits then, no amount of fat lost are worth having these rash scars.. on the face no less. With that said i really enjoyed the three weeks of keto when it wasnt causing harm and do take note this is very rare skin condition and most people wont even have it or at the extream of mine ..ether way great video on how to come off it and transit me into intermitten fasting instead

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