Keto Casserole Recipes! Easy Freezer Meal Prep!

Looking for low carb comfort food cookbook ??

Check the full video review from the proof user who explains in detail below.

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Simplify your keto dinner routine with easy keto casserole recipes that you can make ahead of time! These keto meal prep recipes are also keto FREEZER meals! My keto taco casserole, keto ground beef casserole modeled after a keto shepherds pie, and a keto breakfast casserole will keep your low carb lifestyle fun and versatile!

A HUGE thanks to Butcher Box for sponsoring these keto casserole recipes and providing the incredible, high-quality cuts of meat! I’ll give you my Butcher Box review in this video, and be sure to click the link above to get a special discount + FREE GROUND BEEF for life!

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  1. You should do a video on your hair color. Not that I didn't really enjoy this video:I did. I love finding new freezer meal ideas and recipes, it's just that I love the color of your hair and wondered how you got it.

  2. Hello. I’m new to keto and have heard a onions are bad for the keto diet, & when I put it in the carb manager app it says “keto grade: F (avoid)”. But a lot of recipes have onion in them so I’m really confused. Can we have onion or not? If someone can help me with this I would really appreciate. Thanks in advance.

  3. Hi Alyssia, can't wait to try the Shephard's pie casserole. I would love to bake the whole casserole day of, serve 1/2 and freeze the other half. How would you recommend I reheat it? Defrost over night then reheat in oven?

  4. Wow! Totally out of my budget…can get grass fed beef & organic chicken at Costco for about $7 or less per lb. Good idea though

  5. Can you make a better, healthier version of Haagen Daz chocolate chocolate chip ice cream?

  6. Huh I didn’t know people who take of cows are called shepherds.


  7. What! the cauliflower mash on the shepherds pie truly looks like potatoes…. Yum!!

  8. My mom lost weight really fast using some Keto diet she randomly stumbled upon. I think this is the right link if you're curious because it freakin' worked somehow lol @t
    Just thought some other people may like it

  9. Just FYI to everyone thinking about doing Butcher box, I did it. I opened my box today and it had no ice and it wasn’t packaged well. Guess what my meat was defrosted. I have never had problems ever with other food boxes having the food defrosted. Customer service stated the box was designed to let dry ice evaporate. So upset. I’ve been wanting to try this for long time so of course I used Alyssia link because I want to support her! Love this channel! But for me it was complete disappointment because meat was defrosted. Not to mention they do not ship correctly. I tracked the package it was to arrived at a Fedex 1hr from my town. My town has a fedex which they had to by pass my town to another town 45min to just transport it back to my town. Ridiculous. That was probably some of reason it defrosted. I would not recommend or try this product personally. Just wanted to let other people know that you are taking a 50/50 chance of getting defrosted meat. Hope everyone else’s was way better.

  10. Suggestions of veggies that everybody else is recommending to avoid, or use sparingly, is confusing… 🤔🤨

  11. How do we know how much to add of everything? I don’t see it in the description box or the links provided. Example, how much butter is added to the mash? How much celery is used ?

  12. Sry for the off topic. I don't know if it's a new thing or not. But your hair looks awesome ! 😅🙂

  13. OK ok you finally convinced me to give them a try. It can be tricky to find nitrate free meats (migraine sufferer here). I can't wait to get my box! Also, all three of these look fantastic and we aren't keto. I really want that shepherd's pie.

  14. I loved the video and your channel is awesome and I just want to say you are super amazing

  15. Thank you so much for this it was actually perfect haha my family and I have just decided to go keto but since we have such a big family of 6 it's hard to meal prep but I loved this it made the egg casserole and we had it today for breakfast it was soooo yummy ! tysm for these recipes !❤😘😊

  16. I just joined and ordered from Butcher Box using your link. Thank you! Willing to try and hope the meats are delicious.

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