Keto Chléb (recept)

keto chleba recept
keto chleba recept

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V dnešním videu Vám ukážeme recept na Keto Chléb.

Keto bread recipe
1 cup almond flour
3/4 cup blend seeds (of your own choice)
pinch of salt
1 tbs turmeric powder (sometimes I like to add other herbs like cumin, thyme, …)
1 tsp GF baking powder
1/2 tsp soda bicarbonate

(mix dry ingredience)

6 large free range eggs
1 tbs applecider vinegar
1 tbs of butter & 1 tbs of coconut oil (heated, not boiled, and cooled down)

(mix all ingredience)

Pour the mixture into greased form (of your choice) and bake at 180`for 60min (check the bread after 45-50min if additional 10min are needed). Enjoy!:)


Recept na Keto Chleba

1 salka mandlovej muky
3/4 salky pomletych semienok (podla vasho vyberu – chia, slnecnicove, tekvicove, lanove, borovicove…)
stipka soli
1 pl kurkumy (niekedy pre smenu chuti pridame aj kmin, tymian, …)
1 cl bezlepkoveho prasku do peciva
1/2 cl sody bikarbony

(zmiesat suche ingrediencie)

6 velkych vajicok
1 pl jablcneho octu
1 pl kokosovy olej a 1 pl maslo (roztopene a vychladene)

(zmiesame vsetky ingrediencie spolu)

vlejeme do vopred vymastenej formy (podla vasho vyberu) a pecieme pri 180`na 60min (staci skontrolovat po 45-50min ci je potrebne minuty pridat). Dobru chut!:)


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