Keto Cooking: Keto Food List | What You Must Know!

keto foods list
keto foods list

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Keto Cooking: Keto Food List | What You Must Know! is a video that teaches on some details of keto cooking and the foods you must have.

The ketogenic diet food list is important to have when following the keto diet. When you start any diet the first thing that trips you up is what foods to eat, how to cook, what are you supposed to have for your meals. Any new diet leaves you with a lot of questions and that is the purpose of this video. To answer all you keto food questions.

Best foods to eat on keto are those of course that are going to be low in carbohydrates and those that are high in fat. When thinking about low carb foods we want to even choose low carb veggies. When it comes to fats we want to choose fats that are of good quality. Those who constantly eat bad fats while on keto follow a diet known as dirty keto which is very unhealthy. Be sure to eat only healthy fats and use the proper fats for cooking while on the ketogenic diet.

Now that we covered what to eat on keto diet, it is important to cover what to drink on the keto diet. I think that many people pull themselves out of ketosis by drinking fluids that are very high in sugar. These high sugar beverages cannot be sustained while on the keto diet and it is a must to make sure you are avoiding them altogether.

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How to start the keto diet first comes down to understanding the foods. When you understand the foods and understand how to cook with them, the keto diet, or any diet for that matter is easy to to follow. Enjoy this video and hopefully you find that it sets you up for success.


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39 thoughts on “Keto Cooking: Keto Food List | What You Must Know!”

  1. I totally agree and I appreciate the specifications you underlined in terms of fats.
    I'm pretty healthy but I have inherited from my father iper cholesterol ldl…. I wander if eggs are good or bad for me and how many eggs (organic of course) I can have a week……

  2. Don't forget to add lots of herbs and spices as they are full of antioxidants and support digestion

  3. Maybe you could do a video on vegan/plant based keto shopping list essentials. People forget you don't have to be animal heavy

  4. Hi from Tokyo, we have Corona Virus crazy around.All masks were sold by Chinese resellers qο½₯゚ο½₯(οΎ‰Π”`)ο½₯゚ο½₯q
    Thank you for Grate info about KETO diet to eat❀
    I thought our Japanese diet is healthy & good for me, until I got problems from taking Carb which I truly loved.Without rice, Sushi become Sashimi, I thought this is the end of my yummy life.
    Now I found out KETO diet, like you said "eat healthy ,like Hippy life!", Japanese said "You eat like a monk" (I was so surprised western people put Sugar in the green & Macha tea to drink!)

  5. But I thought it was suppose to be grass fed grass FINISHED? Not just grass fed .?

  6. How about scallops? Bought a pack of wild caught scallops yesterday and they are expensive.

  7. I would really like that see a video where you make a list of at least a 30 keto approved teas. There is thousands of teas in this world and keto videos always talking about green and black tea. What about rest of them. My friend is Chinese, he is now in China, and I would like that he brings me 10 the best ones. But idk which ones are best for keto … And he doesn't know what is keto πŸ˜‚

  8. I’ve started Keto this week excited to try some of these foods, another great video πŸ‘πŸ₯—

  9. Dr. Nick, what do you think about the natural flavors that are in alot of these drinks like sparkling water?

  10. Love your info on IF…Keto is fad…unsustainable and potentially dangerous long term…

  11. What about humus, beans, all potatoes, Quinoa, hemp seeds???? What do you think of those ?

  12. Doctor, what if any positives and negatives for cutting rice, flour and sugar from my diet?

  13. My favorite keto dish I call huevos a la bandera (it’s red, white and green , like the Mexican flag). On the bottom is a layer of chorizo. Next a layer of steamed chopped spinach, and on top, eggs over easy.

  14. Plz dont sip on apple cider vinegar. The high level of acid will knock the enamel off of your teeth and is really bad for your esophagus.

  15. i learned that maltdextrin that is in some supposed natural healthy foods is something that will actually raise your blood sugar, its in some of the stevia gotta read the labels.have used stevia for years and just found this out. so now use pyure and swerve and truvia.

  16. I can't think of anything on those lists that I don't like. πŸ€— And your right, you have to get creative with your cooking on Keto, & learn to Keto-FY things. Lol. It does become second nature. Thank you muchly for sharing this important information with us all, & take care of yourself too. β€πŸ™‚πŸΆ

  17. I haven't used much coconut oil. Can it be just regular coconut oil or does it need to be the extra virgin stuff?

  18. For sparkling water, I recommend Spindrift. It's the only sparkling water that I'm aware of that does not contain "natural flavors." Natural flavors are chemicals that are added to almost every processed foods, and you definitely want to avoid them.

  19. I can't afford organic stuff I've still been having loads of veggies , turkey mince cheese eggs etc

  20. I love to buy a fillet of β€œsushi grade” salmon and lightly pan fry it in butter, then throw in some dill and a squeeze of lemon and cracked salt.

  21. I would get rid of the O over your Dr. Z symbol. I know you want it to look like Dr. OZ but that guy is a scam artist. Nice video btw. I watch all of them

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