Keto Day of Eating + Keto Food Shopping List

keto restaurants near me
keto restaurants near me

Looking for keto restaurants near me ??

Check the full video from the experienced user who explains in detail below.

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Keto Day of Eating + Keto Food Shopping List
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Keto Day of Eating + Keto Food Shopping List
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36 thoughts on “Keto Day of Eating + Keto Food Shopping List”

  1. asparagus grows wild around my yard here in Arco Idaho! I love it!!
    "Expectations are planned resentments"

  2. Love you guys, but tonight you're killin me!!! I say I'm busy all the time, but I really am. Before Covid I worked 3 jobs, during complete lockdown (I'm a tech/ call attendant at the hospital) I worked at yhe hospital & 1 of my other jobs (michael's truck) & now I'm still working those two & back on nursing school… the same sentence, I'm listening to ya'll talk about expectations. Wow hahaha!!!😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  3. I don't know why but I was hysterical laughing after the "catch a cow" statement. Great video!

  4. I just stumbled on your channel from looking at starting keto. First off I really love the videos I have seen so far, and both of your opinions on what the meals are for each of you. I am currently 100 pounds overweight and unfortunately am agoraphobic so exercise is very limited but I am really thinking about starting the keto diet, I just really love carbs so its gonna be hell for a week or 2. keep up the great content!

  5. I got the coconut butter today because I saw it and remembered this video. My thoughts are, its delicious and is in the same category as nut butters for sure. If you don't like coconut you won't like this. I dig it through

  6. Hi…..The coffee filter you use for your pour over looks great, what is the name of it? I’d love to switch from paper filters to that. Thanks!

  7. Awww… I just love you guys. Megan, you have such beautiful hair and you can just let it air dry!!! I'm praying for you and the baby. I enjoy "hanging out" with you two. You're so funNY!!! Thank you for the daily chat, sharing your dinner time with us, your totally relaxed personalities, and the shopping list and recipes!

  8. Praying for a quick delivery of your precious baby boy, easy as possible. Healthy sweet baby. I hope he comes soon. Last days of pregnancy are not at all comfortable. You guys are so likeable 😊

  9. I know it doesnt completely relate to keto but I would really love to hear about your rental industry plans! It's something my boyfriend and I are interested in learning more about, could you talk about it more in other videos?

  10. I love coconut butter. I melt it and put it in silicone Ice cube trays and freeze it. So good to snack on after a meal. ❤️

  11. Been on keto for a month now. Hunger almost goes completely away. I barely need fats to feel satiated. Is it healty to just eat protein and vegetables? Like steak or fish with broccoli for example.
    Thank you

  12. I suppose mushrooms aren’t technically a vegetable. This is a great question… it’s much easier to go fishing then it is to forage for greens.

  13. Can you explain if there is a reason you give Good Dees a pass on the IMO fiber?? Pleasssse?

  14. I forge wild huckleberries, Black berries, raspberries, and a few others. Also stinging nettle grows like crazy and taste like spinach when prepared but that's not for the faint of heart Lol. I also forge wild mushrooms🍄 mostly chantrelles, boletus, hedgehogs, Black trumpets, yellow feet and my new favorite pigs ears. (Imagine how long it would takes to gather wild grain on your own to make one loaf of bread!) Amaranth 🌾 grows wild in my yard but I don't eat it. There's some wild pusrlane in my veggie garden that I may just eat…
    The only thing I expect from others is for them not to expect anything from me ( 😉 just kidding) but I find not expecting much from a movie makes it way more enjoyable. Expectations aren't bad if they are reasonably based on your relationship but high expectations that are unreasonable will most likely set you up for disappointment which will cause discord in that relationship and often the other person won't even know why you are butt hurt because they were "your" expectations.
    Oh, philberts/ hazelnuts grow wild and I picked a bunch last year and ground them up into flour and made chocolate cookies ( not near as good as the nutty peanutbutter chocolate chunk cookies I just made!😋) I've been really busy ( not just saying that) so I haven't had time to watch your videos in a while so now I expect there will be a bunch of new videos for me to marathon lol BTW I love that you taught Julius "gentle" so many people don't and at my work dogs snatch cookies like the real treat is my fingers!

  15. I love you guys!
    I just wanted to note that this is the first time I've seen you guys eat before your food got cold!
    You should practice eating in front of the camera more often.

  16. Oh yeah.. I eat that coconut puree stright from the plastic it comes in. Its danger to have it in a i rarely make peanut butter recipes since being on keto. Chicken satay is one exception 😀

  17. Get plenty of rest and enjoy the last week or two with just the two of you. Your life is about to be a whirlwind of busyness with your little one.

  18. Check out my keto garden YouTube video from last year… Its a bit wild😱😂🤣 Love you guys! 💗

  19. Don't get me wrong, but almost every video you guys ARE in PJ Time, or the gym. I WORK outside 8 hours a day in the hottest State of Florida. I never have time to be in my Pj's. Or time to keep up with all you guys keep up with. But good for ypu that you can spend so much time in your house.

  20. Greater plasticity in the Dog's DNA. One of the most variable out there, yet they are all canines.

  21. I love it! "You know how you can tell someone's not busy? They tell you how busy they are!"🤣🤣🤣

  22. At first I wasn't that interested in this video then you discussed a few topics that really peaked my interest. Number 1, Expectations. I loved the way you two explained expectations. I totally and 100% agree with your thinking. Thank you for sharing this with others. People need to learn not to have expectations when not appropriate. Number 2, I really was challenged when Matt asked how many ingredients one eats in a day. Oh did I mention that I learned something about nut butters vs Coconut butter. I will try it because when I want something, I reach for the peanut butter and can't put it down. Keep up doing what you do. You do motivate because you are both real people. Thank you!!!

  23. I’m absolutely AMAZED at how fiber blunts the insulin response in your body, by like… LEAPS and bounds.

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