Keto diet burns more calories

What To Eat On Keto Diet
What To Eat On Keto Diet

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Do we burn more calories on a keto diet? A new study says, yes we do, but only after 2.5 weeks. This is an important study that helps clarify different results from clinical trials.

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18 thoughts on “Keto diet burns more calories”

  1. Hello Doctor

    If I am already on keto diet plus OMAD, would it help me to lose more weight quickly if I have only 500 calories or less every other day? Would it do any damages to my health?

    With many thanks


  2. here we go again :). Taubes was debunked on his own trial, on his own terms, patients in keto lost mostly water and muscles, but Hey, it was done for 2 weeks only. Now they came up with some new theories…Jesus

  3. Hello Doctor, my husband and I we are practicing cow carb life style /keto for a while back/ for 3 years, and we love it . In my case it took me 3 weeks when I reached ketosis , and started loosing weight, Some people getting discouraged after 1-2 weeks , saying this diet is not working, well it has to be long term not quick fix, thanks for you knowledge. Regards 😊😊

  4. Thanks for the information and such. Very much appreciated. πŸ‘πŸ‘‚πŸ‘€πŸ‘

  5. Anyone who thinks β€œa calorie is a calorie, we burn them the same” has never accidentally put diesel into a gasoline car! πŸ˜„

  6. for myself – after being on keto for most of the last 4 years, i have to say that the first year was the best. 25kg down to 100kg. diabetes gone, more energy etc.
    but after the second year things started to turn in the wrong direction. half of the weight came back. with my research, i found out that i am chronically high in cortisol. this is probably the reason why i got overweight and diabetic in the first place.
    now i try to fix that with tryptophan, tyrosine and walking and i hope that from now on things get in the right direction again. i already notice that my hunger is going down, that means my body burns more body fat because gluconeogenesis is not upregulated. that means cortisol already went down. and because the hormonal situation influences also the next day, i expect my situation getting better every day.

  7. Absolutely great stuff . I have been a fan of Keto for a long time .it’s a pity the FDA &NICE have not yet caught up πŸ‘ŒπŸ½

  8. Very interesting. Can some of this be contributed to the decoupling of brown fat cells?

  9. I lost over a hundred pounds doing Keto or the dirty keto like double cheeseburgers bacon I ate eggs for like every meal for like the first two months cholesterol went down I was taking Prilosec for 10yrs i don't take it anymore I had acne on my body cleared up not all calories are equal your body Burns carbohydrates first in stores the extra ones as fat if there's no carbohydrates your body has to burn fat I literally drank like four tablespoons of coconut oil in my coffee like every morning and my wife complains because I'm too skinny I went from 38 in is 32 in and for an extra large to small or medium depending. Now this is just one antidote but it's my experience. I sat at home and plays video games the whole time I'm not saying I'm proud of it but it worked this guy is saying is pretty right on for my experience. It also reversed my prediabetes and helps with my high blood pressure I had open heart surgery at 38 so the keto diet has helped me so much I'm getting out of breath I can run and play with my children and I feel better about myself

  10. 4 months after I began Keto I did a 3 day fast, lost an average of 0.7 lbs a day. Now, over 3 years of Keto I recently did another 3 day fast, lost an average of 1.2 lbs a day. So much for low carb slowing your metabolism.

  11. Our own experience has taught us this as well. Many of us spent years following calories in/calories out with at best short term limited success that is usually quickly reversed and then we can’t lose any more weight even though we’re exercising for an hour a day six days a week, and we switch to keto and intermittent fasting and we reach the greatest body composition of our entire lives while exercising even less (because I injured myself from overtraining in my case because I was trying to maximize calories out).

  12. It's only a controversial topic if you've never experienced low-carb diets or the low carb community (for more than 2.5 weeks) πŸ’œ

  13. i think another thing people always fail to realize, is that, when you eat protein and fat, your body uses those materials differently to repair the body, whereas carbohydrates can only be used for energy, so when you eat something high in protein, those calories are probably not going to be burned for energy as much as they're going to be sent to your muscles and your brain is mostly fat, so i'm sure at least some of the fat you eat will probably be used to maintain things up there as well as any other areas of the body that needs it. not to mention the way these foods mess with hormones that control fat gain

  14. I could listen to Brett daily. He really keeps me motivated when there are very few people to support me on this long journey to get back on track. Thank you!

  15. I so appreciate this podcast. I’ve gleaned so much from your insights and interviews. Thank you!

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